Vogue's Latest Cover Recognises The True Pop Diva, And It's Not Ariana Grande

thank u, next.

Ariana Grande is a certified q-u-e-e-n. 

Many things have helped her achieve queen status: she’s got a killer voice, a kind disposition and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. 

But above all of those achievements sits one thing that helped Ariana reach the highest level of queendom: she is the proud mum of Toulouse. 

Toulouse is Ari’s pet dog and is a Beagle-Chihuahua mix. Just look at his lil’ face: 

Toulouse isn’t just the the crown jewel of Ariana’s life, he’s the real superstar here. So much so, that he just got his own Vogue cover. Because Vogue is where all the biggest stars in life go to get immortalised and Toulouse is up there with them, obviously. 

Look at him, the poser. He works that camera better than Ariana.

His ears are perfectly in line. The slight slant of his head makes him seem mysterious – what is he thinking? What is he feeling? His eyes say “I see you but I’m also picturing you as a juicy bone.” 

Toulouse was made for the model life and finally he got the recognition he deserves. 

Next up a pop single called ‘No Sticks Left To Throw’. It’s a working title. 

Madame Tussauds Nailed Ariana Grande's Wax Figure And Here's Why

Will the real Ariana please stand up?

Last week, Madame Tussauds London unveiled the latest victim in their real life House of Horrors.

Sorry, I mean they unveiled the latest celebrity to get a wax figure: Ariana Grande.

But, I have a question: what is Ariana’s ‘usual’. Is the version of herself she presents to the world the real her or just the version we’re most accustomed to?

We’re used to seeing Ariana with fake tan and over-lined lips. It can be easy to forget that she has worked to CREATE that persona; she has CHOSEN to ‘gangsta-fy herself.

Ariana has appropriated Black culture to created a bad girl, bad ass image that is far removed from her Caucasian roots and her early beginnings as a sweet school girl on a Nickelodeon show.

The change isn’t just visual, you can also hear it in her music. Her vocals went from Streisand-esque to more Mariah Carey, and her songs have become more ‘urban’ than ‘pop’.

It’s been slow and subtle transition. It’s one of those things that you notice but not consciously. Then someone highlights it and you wonder how you missed it.

Wax figure Ari looks like the younger, paler version of herself before she discovered weaves and started twerking on stage and dating rappers.

This isn’t the first time an artist has adopted aspected of Black culture to shed the squeaky clean image of their early years. Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, and more have emulated Black artists to create an edgier, more adult persona.

But it’s just that; a persona.

Madame Tussauds have stripped it all away and presented the public with a wax figure of the real Ariana Grande: singer, performer and white girl.

This Pic From The Men’s Toilet At The Met Gala Is So Real It's Basically Art

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The Met Gala is one of the most over the top events of the year where both glitz and glam are at level 100. With all this glitz and glam it’s easy to forget that celebrities are just people.

Like normal people, they get a variety of urges. Sometimes they crave chocolate, sometimes they get horny and sometimes, believe it or not, they gotta pee.

We know the feeling.

Journalist, Derek Blasberg, reminded me of this reality with this very real shot of the men’s bathroom from The Met:

Is that Kanye?

I feel a little uncomfortable, not gonna lie.

First of all, the bathroom is private time. I don’t want to know or need to see what’s going on thank you very much.

But I also kinda love it because it completely shatters the magic of The Met Gala. The picture is completely real and the best reality check. It reminds us that no amount of money or big fancy outfit can stop the human body from doing its thing and we all have that in common.

Also, the picture could be literally anywhere.

An 80s high school prom? A themed 30th birthday party? Your sisters wedding? Point is, you can’t tell the picture was taken at THE Met Gala which just makes it even realer.

So, thank you Derek Blasberg for reminding us we are all one and the same (minus a few million dollars).

Our bladder sizes are not.

Reminder: ladies have to pee too.

Sophie Turner’s jumpsuit might have been beautiful but she DEFINITELY had to sit naked on a toilet at some stage last night. Ladies, you know the struggle.

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