The World Is Probs Going To End In 2030 So Let's Enjoy Lady Gaga As A Pokémon Before We Die

A blessing from the Internet.

For a reason that is yet to be made apparent, a Twitter user has inspired the internet to contrast pictures of Lady Gaga with various Pokémon creatures in this viral thread. It sounds a bit left-of-field but clearly this guy was onto something. A lot of Gaga’s outfits bare an uncanny resemblance to the characters from the video game.

It’s quite odd to come across a viral thread devoid of words. In fact, it seems people are taking it so seriously that no one has even stopped to admire the particularly funny contrasts, like this one:

What’s weirder, Gaga’s outfit or this thread?
Credit: Twitter

Or this:

Spot the difference.
Credit: Twitter

Perhaps the complete radio silence from the thread is actually due to the fact that no one is actually phased by the fact that Gaga has looked like Pokémon before.

In her documentary, Five Foot Two, Gaga asserted that her odd fashion choices were born out of a desire to hold onto her own autonomy in a manipulative and image-centred industry. But there’s no denying her “shock factor” fashion sense was also a strategic move to rise to fame.

I guess the irony in this thread is that no one is shocked anymore. Perhaps that’s why Gaga radically toned down her vibe for her most recent album, Joanne.

Thousands of Twitter users are either contributing to or encouraging the making of this glorious, communal meme. So without further ado, here are some of the best. As it turns out, Gaga has a lot more in common with these Pokémon than just their looks:

Gaga vs Oricorio. Credit: Twitter

Oricorio, the Pokémon, has the unique power to transform into various, brightly coloured bird forms. Just like Gaga, whose lewks rotate more than a revolving door.

Gaga vs Roserade. Credit: Twitter

The similarities between Gaga and this poison Pokémon are pretty clear: their style could be described as “extra” at the very least. Apparently, the Pokémon attacks with a dancer-like elegance and uses hidden whips covered in poisonous thorns. It’s basically what Gaga would be in Pokémon form. 

Gaga vs Karrablast. Credit: Twitter

I’ll be honest with you: it’s hard to find a connection between Gaga and this bug-type Pokémon. Apparently, it spews toxic acid when it senses danger: a typical response for anyone who’s glanced at Gaga’s hideous hat. Maybe that’s what she was going for.

Gaga vs Eevee. Credit: Twitter

Did Gaga steal Eevee’s entire vibe here? Eevee is one of Pokémon’s OG creatures. Apparently, it possesses a power that allows it to “sense” its opponent’s next move. It’s a bit like Gaga, who rose to fame by sensing what type of persona the world desperately craved: a bold, unapologetic woman. 

Gaga vs Jolteon. Credit: Twitter

Apparently, Gaga’s entire vibe is this electric pokemon. As we saw in her documentary Five Foot Two, Gaga is a self-led woman who basically calls the shots. Apparently, Jolteon’s “high-strung” nature makes it difficult to train. Sounds about right.

As a society, we’ve evolved since the early 2000s, when that picture of toasted bread resembling Jesus Christ went viral. But bless the Internet for churning out this content-even in the most dismal of times.

Yeet Yourself Into The Abyss Over These Influencers Hand-Feeding The Homeless

Hand-feeding a fully-grown man? Not ok.

Russian twin influencers, Adelya and Alina Fatkheev, have mortified just about everyone with a video they posted to Instagram. In which – brace yourselves – the women are shown hand-feeding sushi to a homeless man in a wheelchair.

Saddle up, cause it’s a wild ride.

Their video was apparently the influencers’ entry for a competition called “We Care”, hosted by the association Youth Of Tatarstan. It was the twins’ attempt at winning an iPhone. And if that doesn’t already send tingles to your moral compass, don’t worry, it gets worse.

From the competition’s name, we assume the aim for entrants was to demonstrate an act of kindness, however, it’s the twins’ interpretation of the word that’s under scrutiny.

The video features the glammed-up pair as they walk down a street where they happen to “stumble” across a homeless man in a wheelchair. Yes, it is as tragic as it sounds. You can watch for yourselves:

The over-dramatic piano track playing throughout is… a lot, but it’s the moment the twins spot the homeless man for the first time that sends the cringe levels through the roof. The pair turn to each other and, in downtrodden voices, call him a “poor thing” – in sync. At least, that’s what The Sun claims. But you really don’t need to understand Russian to pick up on the condescending vibe.

As the video progresses, the girls use a food app to order sushi which they then proceed to hand-feed to the fully-grown man, using chopsticks. Please, pause for a moment here to absorb all of this, there’s much to absorb.

Deep breaths.

The video ends with the man voicing his gratitude. According to he says: “Everyone knows that there are good people who can help.”

Understandably, many people were super peeved by the video. Some felt the women had no intention of genuinely helping the actually homeless man, Yuri Zasorin, who found himself in a wheelchair after experiencing frostbite to his legs. 

It’s all a bit suss that these two, very well-off women would enter a competition to win an iPhone. Some publications have even dubbed the whole thing a pure publicity stunt. 

The takeaway? Perhaps a ‘genuine’ act of kindness shouldn’t be motivated by anything other than a desire to be kind.

Kasey Musgraves Will Have You Racing To Find A One-Hour Photo Store With Her Retro Portraits

Heartstrings pulled.

American singer-songwriter Kasey Musgraves has executed the most wholesome celebrity act we’ve seen this year. She’s taken to Twitter and Instagram to promote a stranger’s small, retro photography business based in LA. The business owner told Musgraves that his place had been struggling since the digital wave.

Musgraves posted a series of nostalgic self-portraits which she took at the shop called Tom’s One Hour Photo. They were absolute fire. Apparently, the place opened all the way back in ’91 and Musgraves’ sister stumbled across it during a trip to Korea Town.

Perfectly retro. It’s a big yes.

When celebrities pull-off random acts of kindness we’re sometimes left feeling a little “off.” We’re stuck with a sense that we’re not quite sure whether they did the “thing” for media attention or whether it came from a genuine place. With Hollywood, it’s hard to ever really know.

This kind move, however, doesn’t feel staged. Musgraves and her sister even went to the trouble of setting up an Insta appreciation account for Tom’s business. It’s not flashy, nor does it contain many photos. It just gives off the impression that the celeb and her sis have made a legitimate grass-roots effort to do something nice. As if we didn’t already love Musgraves enough for producing basically the only country music we can enjoy.

What’s more is that since Musgraves posted her portraits on Twitter, plus the link to the appreciation account, Tom’s profile has garnered 31.6K followers. Something tells us his business is gonna be pumpin’ out pics in the next few days.

The shop owner’s son even reached out to Musgraves on social media to thank her for the whole thing and my word, its wholesome.

Credit: Twitter

Let us all hope that every LA hipster will now exclusively get their film developed at this homely spot. Even if all of this attention has only earned a short spike in clientele, there’s no doubt it’ll be a very sweet feeling.

Honestly, this guy could be anyone’s dad. We’re not crying, you are.

Tom appears as just a regular, hard-working guy, doing his thing. The clips of him on Insta show him going about his job with absolute professionalism. Plus his workplace is seriously decked out – there are so many cool retro knick-knacks sprawled across the walls of his shop.

Musgraves has uncovered a hidden gem for sure, but the best thing about the whole episode is that she made Tom’s One Hour Photo the true hero of this story.

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