The Bottle Cap Challenge Proves Celebs Are Desperate For Attention Like The Rest Of Us

Karate kid, what’s good?

The internet is home to some pretty strange things. Over the years it has birthed obscure challenges like the Cinnamon Challenge, the Mannequin Challenge and the Ice Bucket Challenge. 

Some, like the latter, have been for good causes. But most spawned from stupidity and boredom. 

The latest challenge to hit the net is the Bottle Cap Challenge. I’m not gonna lie- I kinda get the appeal of this one because it’s pretty cool. 

Here’s how it works: a bottle cap is placed on top of the bottle but not twisted shut. The goal is to perform a roundhouse kick and untwist the cap without moving the bottle itself. The videos are shot in slow motion for maximum dramatic effect, of course. 

The Bottle Cap challenge originated in the world of MMA which makes sense, because they’re probably the only people in the world who can perform a roundhouse kick and not pull something. 

The Challenge Was Started by UFC Fighter Farabi Davletchin and, following him, UFC Featherweight Champion Max Hollway who made the challenge go viral by nominating other celebs to give it a crack. 

John Mayer certainly delivered: 

As did Jason Statham and Diplo: 

And Ellie Goulding interrupted the “sausage fest” to show that girls can do it just as good too: 

The challenge is slowly but surely taking over my newsfeed and while I am impressed I also can’t help but roll my eyes- it is the very embodiment of celebrity privilege. Not in the typical sense: I’m not talking about expensive handbags and designer endorsements. 

But only a celebrity would have enough time and patience to indulge such a trivial challenge. Also, it shows just how desperate celebs are for attention.

What started out as a test of sporting ability and skill in the MMA world has developed into a viral trend simply because celebs have to be included. 

It provides instant gratification to other ego- they post a video looking badass in slow motion and watch the excited comments roll in. 

We’ve all been there. Source: Giphy

I judge them but I also low-key want to give this challenge a crack. I’m coming for you, Ellie Goulding. 

We Can All Learn A Thing Or Two From Helen Mirren On Instagram

Watch and learn.

My mum*, Helen Mirren, is on Instagram and her feed is the definition of #inspo.

There’s no colour consistency, no photo theme, no perfectly posed glam picture and not a bikini in sight. Instead, it’s full of candid moments from Helen’s travels, encounters with friends, encounters with strangers and her every day life.

Including a series which she calls ‘quelques chapeaux de jazz fest’ or ‘Some Jazz Fest hats’.

Revolutionary work Helen.

You’re probably thinking ??? but stay with me here.

Helen’s feed is inspirational because it’s the perfect example of how we should all be using Instagram. Curated feeds might look pretty but they’re only good for wasting time.

Instead, we should be using The Gram authentically. Posting about the things we care about and the things that makes us smile and the things we feel passionate about.

There is no limit. And you needn’t look far for ideas because Helen’s got you covered.

You can post about crazy hats at the races:

Blurry graduation excitement:

A post-spa sleepy selfie:

Play a guessing game with your followers:

Be silly with mates:

Pose with some portraiture:

#nomakeup #nofilter

And take a selfie with Jason Momoa and a bunch of Oscar awards like the chill professional you are:

The next time you’re trying to get the perfect shot or are fiddling with filters before uploading a picture to Instagram just think “What Would Helen Do?” (WWHD).


*She’s not my actual mum but I wish she was. Sorry to my actual mum.

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