After Throwing Cheese At Babies For Some Reason, People Are Now Throwing Cheese At Dogs

Turns out throwing cheese at babies and dogs is a thing now. What a world we live in.

The internet has really stepped up the weird stuff lately. People kept throwing their Vans sneakers around, others threw their Crocs around, and then there’s the messed up thing where an Aussie teen munched on a live possum like a burger.

Well time to add another one to the list as the latest weird viral thing is called the #Cheesed challenge.

It all began when some bloke threw a slice of cheese at a baby’s face and shared the video on Twitter. Pretty soon people also began throwing slices of cheese at babies and next thing we know a new viral trend was born.

Look, I don’t know how this became a thing but it did and I’m on the fence on this one to be frank with you all. On one hand, you’re traumatising a poor baby and breaking their trust in you by throwing a slice of cheese at them.

On the other hand, it’s pretty damn funny.

Since the internet is, you know, the internet, people couldn’t stop at throwing cheese at babies and soon the #Cheesed challenge expanded to throwing cheese slices at dogs.

But whereas babies were either baffled, surprised, traumatised, or confused, dogs were a bit more clued in on what was going on and soon Twitter was inundated with videos of doggos outwitting their owners by simply catching the slices of cheese being lobbed at them.

Some attempts didn’t go as expected.

And other attempts were just plain mean.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

We’re living in an age where all the information you could ever want is at your fingertips and yet all people want to do is throw slices of cheese at babies and dogs.

Ah, the internet. I wonder what you will spit out next.

The Internet Is Fascinated With Vans Sneakers Always Landing Right Side Up But There's An Easy Answer Why

But don't let that stop you from throwing your Vans around.

There are times when the internet is nothing but a cesspool filled with darkness and it’s best to steer clear. But then there are other times when it produces some magic that puts a smile on your face.

The latest viral sensation is firmly the latter category.

People of the internet are currently obsessed with filming themselves throwing their Vans sneakers around and sharing them on all the social medias.

Now this sounds pretty dumb but the catch is that Vans sneakers seemingly always land face-up no matter how many times them and this is blowing everyone’s mind.

Since this is the internet we’re talking about here, things quickly escalated and soon we were inundated with videos of people throwing their many pairs of Vans shoes around and people fulfilling the required joke quota for viral things like this.

Okay, maybe not every pair of Vans lands right way up but hey, 99 out of 100 ain’t bad.

Now while everyone is getting their minds blown over their seemingly magical Vans shoes, there’s actually a very simple explanation as to why these sneakers (mostly) always land right way up.

Vans sneakers are skate shoes and these are designed specifically with a weight imbalance, as well as specialised rubber, to help skaters land on their feet as much as possible.

Sorry to burst the bubble, internet.

Don’t let that revelation burst your bubble though, Van owners. There can never be enough joy in the world so keep filming yourselves throwing Vans sneakers for as long as you want (or until the next viral sensation arrives).

Before you do that though, spare a thought for those poor folk who don’t own a pair of Vans and can’t join in on the fun.

Stop Texting And Put Your Goddamn Phone Away When Your Dog Is Around Because You're Making Them Sad, You Monster

If your dog wants attention, give it to them and don't be a jerk.

There’s a reason why dogs are considered our best friend. They’re cute, they’ll stick by you through thick and thin, they’re always energetic, and they’ll never judge you for all the horrible stuff you say or do.

But as it turns out, even our canine companions have a breaking point and it has everything to do with our relationship with phones.

According to the Metro, spending too much time on your phone is actually making your dog sad.

Oh god, don’t look at me like that…

Veterinary surgeon Iain Booth says that when you’re busy looking at memes you’re also damaging your emotional bond with your dog because they feel isolated and lonely by the lack of attention.

The reason for this stems from a dog’s biological and evolutionary hard wiring. Doggos are pack animals and look to humans for leadership and constant feedback. But by spending all your time on a phone rather than giving your dog some attention, you’re essentially leaving them rudderless and confused.

How this manifests depends on the dog. Some might put up with your nonsense and wait until you’re done Instagramming. Others might act out, become aggressive, or cause absolute havoc to get your attention. In fact, it can get so bad for some dogs that they may end up requiring antidepressants in order to get through your lack of attention to them (you jerk).

This whole thing with the phones also affects cats but nowhere near as much because they’re good at being independent and are too cool to let you know how they feel.

Being on your phone all the time may not be harming just your relationship with your pets either. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, people who use antidepressants may find that their drugs will become ineffective when in the presence of artificial light at night, such as the light from a phone screen.

So put that goddamn phone away and spend some quality time with your dog/cat because you’re only hurting them and yourself with all that texting and Redditing you do, you monsters.

Scrolling through GOAT is the exception though. That’s just fine and I’m sure your pets will want you to do that.

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