The Children Of Antivaxers Are Now Online Asking How To Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

Some belief systems are just too stupid to be passed down.

The worst thing about antivaxers is that their ignorant choices mean consequences not just for themselves (which would low key be fine), but potentially for everyone. The people that suffer the most are the children of antivaxers, who have the vital safety precaution withheld from them without their own opportunity to know better.

This explains why there is actually a whole genre of Reddit posts from minors calling out for answers on how to get vaccinated without the consent or knowledge of their antivaxer parents or guardian.

Literally, you can find numerous posts on Reddit that are very serious requests for advice on how to slyly get vaccinated, and it’s quite uplifting to see that the ignorance is not always passed on to offspring. There is enough awareness being raised so that these young adults are having independent thought from what their parents have decided is right.

The initiative shown by these minors is extensive and their concern for their own health is just another reminder that opposition to vaccination only has negative consequences. This 15-year-old’s research into his legal rights, for example, is seriously impressive.

The good news is that there are equally a lot of people online giving these kids/young adults good advice that can actually help them. From warning of the dangers of faking a parent’s signature to suggesting where to go and who to talk to, crucial guidance is luckily being provided through these online forums.

The problem of course is that these unregulated forums like Reddit can not guarantee that the responses are helpful, or verified advice. It seems that there needs to be an official process for this situation, as there are clearly minors who want to protest the decisions of their antivaxer parents, and they should have that right.

If You Blow Your Money Like A Frivolous Rich Kid, Prepare To Feel Incredibly Seen By This Reddit Thread

This is an intervention.

One of life’s most cruel conundrum’s is that fun stuff costs money. Capitalism is clever and it has its claws in deep.

Which brings us to this Reddit thread, in which a self-confessed ‘rich kid’ pretty much admits they suck at being financially independent and so is asking for advice before things get too messy and debt-heavy.

How to break bad spending habits as a “rich kid”? from personalfinance

We must acknowledge that it is an absolute privilege to relate to these woes of spending money frivolously, as it’s not a luxury everyone can afford. That definitely intensifies the guilt felt for failing to budget even with an adequate access to funds.

So for financial hot tips, there is honestly a lot of really useful, valid advice on this thread. But if you’re a self-conscious silly spender, it’s pretty ruthless so prepare to feel absolutely seen.

Let’s start with Reddit user SoggyMcmufffinns, who has kindly pointed out that,

“The great news about finances is that isn’t necessarily complex just not always easy to maintain emotional self-control.”

User albl1122 highlights that,

“A lot of debt situations start out small and then just gets worse”

Admittedly, this advice is very true. But it is also a bit extreme I mean chill OUT Scotts_Tots88.

“Create a budget. You’re spending is out of control because you do not have a plan for your money.”

“Start planning how you are going to spend EVERY dollar. First pay your bills, then save, then the left over is for extras like breakfast at that coffee shop. If you don’t have a plan that will be lopsided and you will spend on the extras first. “

PissedTuna thinks they’ve got it all worked out and honestly, I don’t love their attitude.

“I track every dollar I spend. Once you have a spreadsheet setup and everything written out it takes about 20 minutes a week. Save your receipts and put them in a spreadsheet every Sunday night.”

SquirrelTale is basically suggesting you chew your food then spit it out.

“You really only need 3 pairs of jeans as well. For me, I find online shopping and just making wish lists (and not actually buying anything) helps.”

Draculopin is out here coming for our Sundays AND our indulgent number of meals eaten out.

“You can avoid lazy sundays by having meal prep Sunday, spend 2-4 hours making meals, put them in containers and take them with you or have them ready when you want to eat”

To sum up the world of budgeting, Hyperobjeckt is coming in hot with some rough advice.

“Pay yourself first: keep increasing the % that goes out of each paycheck into savings/investment accts until it starts to eat into the money you’re spending each day. Then you’ll start cutting back on spending out of necessity, in order to accommodate your new saving habit.”

It even comes with its own bleak-ass motto. Yay.

“Another way to phrase it: keep saving till it hurts. Works for me :)”

Basically, improving our spending habits requires admitting that we have very little self-control and a completely warped perception of what is necessary.

So if you’re spending money like a fool, that’s a good place to start.

Donald Glover Fans Have Hijacked A Pro-Trump Reddit Page To Reclaim ‘The Donald’

‘Make America Glover Again.’

If you are both anti-Donald Trump and pro-Donald Glover, then hello and welcome to the perfect intersection of your interests.

In a glorious act of politicised teamwork and stanning, Donald Glover fans have taken over what was once a subreddit for sharing news and memes of the pro-Trump variety. The page is now covered in pictures of “The One True Donald’s” extremely handsome face.

Until this week, the Reddit page r/thedonald was a place where over 17 thousand subscribers congregated to essentially celebrate Donald Trump. The subreddit’s original description, according to Noisey, instructed that this is “The place where we discuss in an unbiased manner Donald Trumps [sic] great contributions to modern society.”

Translation: alt-righters only please.

Pretty much.

Cue hordes of impassioned Donald Glover fans descending on the page to reclaim the title of ‘The Donald’.

One user posted this (beautiful) black and white headshot of Glover captioned “The One True Donald”, which was upvoted over 45 thousand times. The Childish Gambino fans have spoken.

Welcome to the Glover revolution.

While Donald Trump is busy trying to set the world down a path of self-destruction, Donald Glover is consistently dishing up genius, progressive content as both an acclaimed actor and recording artist – so we’re more than here for the ol’ switcheroo going down. Another meme emphasises the clear superiority of Glover to Trump, featuring a picture of Glover with the caption:

“Not a racist. Not a rapist. Can read. Was never bankrupt. Likes Mexicans. Talented. Pays his taxes. Handsome. Loves immigrants. Not a puppet for Russia. Doesn’t want to f*** his daughter. Must be the real one true Donald.”

All good points.

You can also find this “Donald For President” poster, which honestly seems like a pretty damn good idea at this point.

2020 concept art.

There has been some confusion from the pro-Trumpers, who are mourning their safe space to spew hate and what not, but the page’s mods have clearly thrown in the towel. The page description now reads “Do Whatever you want I don’t care”. Salty.

Darius’ DIY ‘u mad’ hat

Well done, Donald Glover fans, and a shout out to Donald Glover for being so damn great and well worth the title of “The Donald”.

Next stop, let’s tackle the infamous mega pro-Trump subreddit, The_Donald, which has over 600 thousand subscribers and is currently Reddit’s biggest Trump fan page. Drown them in the talent and wisdom of The One True Donald.


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