Why Are Americans Hellbent On Making Fallen Politicians Cute?

They shouldn't be allowed to get off Scott free with a bow in their (thinning) hair.

When a politician makes an absolute clot of themselves or does something so utterly immoral, you’d think there’d repercussions of the career-ending or prison kind. But if we’re to go by the troubling pattern that’s emerged from the Trump Administration over the last few years, it seems like that’s far from the case.

In fact, looking at the post-Trump Admin careers of dodgy folk like Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci, as well as the post-Presidency life of George W Bush, it seems like not only are fallen politicians in America getting off relatively consequence-free, they’re undeservedly getting an image rehabilitation.

Let’s take George W Bush as an example. During his presidency, Dubya’s actions resulted in the Iraq War and countless atrocities associated with the conflict, not to mention the regressive conservative policies he brought in. But rather than be put on the stand as war criminal, Dubya is now known as the goofy uncle who likes to paint and is friends with Hollywood elite like Ellen DeGeneres.

Then there’s Anthony Scaramucci, who holds the dubious honour of being the shortest-serving White House Director of Communications (six days officially) ever. But rather be taken to task for being a Trump supporter who supported the US Cheeto-in-Chief’s presidency, he is remembered as that funny bloke whose last name is affectionately used as a unit of measurement for the tenures of the ever-revolving door of Trump officials.

He may have seen the light now but there’s a strong whiff of self-serving insincerity as he only turned on Trump after Combover Caligula sent out a mean tweet about Scaramucci first. That can’t just be a coincidence.

But perhaps the most egregious example of turning a fallen politician into something cute is Trump’s first White House Director of Communications and Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. During his six-month tenure, he repeatedly lied, obfuscated and hit out at the free press, and enabled hatred on the behalf of Trump.

And yet after his sacking, he’s not only been on a redemption tour that’s changed his image from lying POS to goofy clown, but he’s managed to parley the attention into a book deal and an appearance on Dancing with the Stars, where he proceeded to ruin Toy Story for us all.

Sean Spicer should be on a public blacklist or in a jail cell somewhere, not doing the tango on network TV or appearing on late-night talk shows plugging his book. Hell, the same can be said about his Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has not only gotten away with repeatedly lying to the press but has managed to snagged a cushy gig on Fox News after leaving the Trump Admin.

All this once again begs the pressing question: why are Americans so hellbent on redeeming its fallen politicians as cute goofballs?

Very good question, Ross.

Perhaps there’s an argument that the US system isn’t simply equipped to handle this outrageous level of corruption, or maybe it might have something to do with people wanting to exhibit an Ellen DeGeneres-esque level of kindness rather than embracing the hate Trump has been plugging over the last few years.

Whatever the reasons are, there’s no denying that we could all do with a bit of kindness in the world given the dark times we’re living in. At the same time though, Americans should also hold people like Sean Spicer, Anthony Scaramucci and George W Bush accountable for what they’ve done.

Both things are aren’t mutually exclusive and if America keeps offering its fallen politicians the redemption arc they don’t deserve, then we might as well ruin Toy Story for future generations forever by putting on a Woody outfit and making an arse out of ourselves on TV.

Mark Ruffalo's Clapback On Ellen DeGeneres' Friendship With Dubya Is Spot On

He's angry and you'll like it.

After photos of Ellen DeGeneres rubbing shoulders with former US president George W Bush surfaced, people weren’t quite sure how to react to one of Hollywood‘s most likable celebs being mates with one of the most controversial US presidents in recent memory.

Ellen has since responded to critics by saying yes she and George W Bush are mates but it is possible for people with opposing views to be friends so let’s all just drop the hate and embrace some good ol’ fashioned kindness.

It’s a pretty standard Ellen DeGeneres response for a touchy subject that got some positive responses, particularly from her celebrity mates. But some folks are calling on her BS and one person who’s having none of it is none other than Mark Ruffalo.

The star took to Twitter and went to town on Ellen for her kindness stance by reminding everyone all the atrocities that occurred when George W Bush was US president.

Say what you will about Ellen and Dubya’s friendship but Mark’s tweet highlights a very good point about this whole saga.

Spreading kindness is one thing but painting George W Bush as a goofy granddad is dangerous as it not only normalises him but it brushes all the horrible stuff he’s done when he was in office – which Mark Ruffalo has summed up in one tweet far better than I could in an entire article – under the rug and reducing it to nothing more than a difference in opinion.

Yes it is possible for people to change for the better and it’s a good thing to be mates with others who have different views, but when the person in question hasn’t apologised or even acknowledged all the atrocities he’s had a hand in, it’s tough to buy into Ellen’s kindness schtick.

So hats off to Mark Ruffalo for calling this whole Ellen DeGeneres/George W Bush thing out as the debacle as it is. If it means he won’t be appearing on Ellen any more, well it’s a small price to pay.

Donald Trump Is Tweeting Nickelback Memes, Expect The Apocalypse Any Day Now

We're looking at the photograph and we ain't laughing.

With the way this season of “Trump Administration Shenanigans” has been unfolding, you’d think Donald Trump can’t really surprise us any more with the amount of crazy stuff he’s done and said. Well it appears I spoke too soon because in a wild flex that would baffle an Olympic gymnast, he’s started rage-tweeting Nickelback memes.

The US Cheeto-in-Chief is understandably under a heap of stress at the moment with the whole Ukraine/impeachment thing that’s looming over him and in an attempt to alleviate said stress – and divert attention away from the legal fustercluck that’s descending upon him and his administration – Trump decided to tweet about Joe Biden.

But rather than do his usual schtick of nonsensically ranting in all-caps, Orange Combover Caligula decided to tweet a Nickelback meme instead.

Specifically, Trump posted a short clip of the band’s ‘Photograph’ music video where the photo is replaced with a snap of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and someone labeled a “Ukraine oil exec.”

Never thought this was possible but I’m legitimately feeling sorry for Nickelback right now.

Not only do the band have to wrestle with hordes of people expressing their disgust over being reminded of their sub-par music, Trump – or more likely one of his aides – has decided to rope them into a massive scandal in the most cringeworthy way possible.

But hey, let’s try and look at this with a glass half-full perspective. If Trump revealing he’s a Nickelback fan ends up being the straw that breaks the impeachment camel’s back, then the band has finally managed to make up for the many albums of terrible music they’ve put out.

This season of “Trump Administration Shenanigans” has officially jumped the shark with this Nickeback meme episode and there’s no going back from this. At this point, we should just brace ourselves for the impending apocalypse that’s surely coming any day now.

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