10 Years Since The Twilight Movie And The Fandom Is Reviving The Cult Hit For A Glorious Meme-Filled Renaissance

It’s cool to like Twilight now!

Cast your mind back to 2008, when the first film adaptation of the Twilight franchise was released and changed the world as we know it. It was one of the biggest pop culture moments of the year, perhaps of our entire lives, and ten years on, it’s making a comeback.

In honour of the anniversary of the film’s release (October 5), the fandom has come out of the woodwork and brought the film back into the internet spotlight. Welcome to the Twilight Renaissance. What a time to be alive.

Twilight-related content is all the rage across Tumblr and Twitter and spreading like wildfire across the internet, with a slew of entire new accounts being made in tribute to the resurgence.

It’s mostly an endless internet hole of glorious memes that you can easily fall into and waste hours/days as you please.

To get us all up to speed, here’s what you need to know about the Twilight Renaissance.

#1. We love it.

This is crucial.

#2. Pretty much all Twilight-related content is welcome.

Book, movie, fanfiction – anything goes.

#3. No Twilight fandom shaming allowed.

Back in the noughties the majority-young-female Twilight fandom was belittled for the silliness of our enthusiasm. I had a home-made Edward Cullen shirt I wore to two showings of the Twilight premiere on the opening day and I’m not ashamed to say that now. But in the aftermath of the initial hype, us Twi-hards were put down for our passion.

Well, to all the boys who protested that Twilight ruined Comic-Con“, your judgment is boring and conceited and so are you. Thank you and goodbye.

The Twilight Renaissance is an opportunity for those who felt shamed ten years ago, to unapologetically reclaim their infatuation with the Twilight franchise.

#4. Everyone agrees that Bella and Edward are categorically idiots.

#5. There’s a widely accepted fan theory that Bella Swan is gay.

#6. And/or that everyone is gay

#7. Or alternatively, Bella was so irrationally thirsty for Edward that it seriously clouded her judgment.

I feel you girl.

#8. Hard hitting fan theories, conspiracies, plot holes and the like are all welcome.

#9. Love is not blind

It’s important to note that this is not blind adoration for the film or book franchise. It is critical. We know the film is bad. We know the book is bad. No one is special or clever or superior for saying they are bad, that is news to literally no one.

But the Twilight fandom is a glorious fandom who has mastered the art of being critical without losing a sense of humour. You can have a little love for some nostalgic pop culture texts that you know have flaws, if you just acknowledge those and keep on keeping on.

#10. There are sub-communities of dedication to just about every character

Something for everyone!

#11. Except Jacob.

Jacob sucks.

So lean into the Twilight Renaissance and let your inner-2008-Fanpire out to play, because now is your time.

Our Sudden Love For Moth Memes Is A Phenomenon That Can Be Explained Through Clear-Cut Philosophical Reasoning

Behind every new meme, is a little piece of us.

So, moth memes, am I right guys?

It’s the classic fairytale that any meme hopes for – born on Reddit as merely a picture of a comedically large moth, followed by a slow burn of increased internet popularity, before reaching verified viral status in less than a year. A real Cinderella story.

Meme culture can feel so fast-paced that we rarely stop and reflect on why any particular meme earns our adoration. Moth memes may seem random at surface level, but random they are not.

On the contrary, they reveal our innermost insecurity.

The crux of the moth meme is that the moth loves lamp. Moth wants lamp, moth pursues lamp aggressively until meeting moth’s inevitable demise.

Moth has the kind of direction and purpose that we long to have, but most of us are just meandering around in the night without a bright light to thrash against.

So we live vicariously through the enviably resolute moth.

Imagine waking up every morning and knowing exactly what you want and what you need to do. We crave such an uncomplicated life – but can not possibly reach the sweet nirvana that moths have found in lamps.

Deep down we all feel like beings without direction, Gatsbys without a green light, moths without a lamp. Yes, having an ever-growing pool of interests, relationships, skills and career options is a blessing, but it’s also a curse.

We may never know the heavenly sense of clarity that the moth experiences every day.

Cue moth memes: an exercise in escapism that allows us to ponder the sublime simplicity of knowing what you want and being satiated by the mere pursuit of that singular thing.

By treating the moth as objectively ridiculous, we soothe our own pining for such an impossibly simple lifestyle. It is a classic case of meme culture as catharsis.

So we laugh at moth. We see the passion for lamp and we think how foolish moth truly is for living life with such tunnel vision. We devour moth memes under the impression that they make us feel superior to our silly moth friends.

But really we envy moth. We know we can love, but we can never know love as potent as moth’s love for lamp.

Swedish Court Rules The Distracted Boyfriend Meme Too Sexist For Advertising, Which Honestly Was Not The Hill We Needed To Die On

Am I desensitised by the casual sexism that permeates meme culture or right in saying that this meme is not a battle we needed to win?

Meme culture is rife with casual sexism, but I can honestly tell you that I’ve never found the Distracted Boyfriend meme particularly offensive. Maybe I’m a bad feminist, maybe I’m just tired, but this was never a battle I knew we needed to win!

Nevertheless, it’s a battle that Sweden’s advertising ombudsman decided to fight. After internet services provider Bahnhof used the iconic meme format for a recruitment ad on Facebook and received some complaints in the comments section, the Swedish ad court ruled that it’s too sexist for advertising use.

Which is…I mean…yea I don’t know a bit of a stretch I reckon.

På jakt efter ett nytt jobb? Just nu letar vi efter säljare, drifttekniker och en skillad webbdesigner. Kolla in vår sida med lediga tjänster här:

Posted by Bahnhof on Wednesday, 4 April 2018

“The advertisement objectifies women,” the ombudsman, RO, said.

“It presents women as interchangeable items and suggests only their appearance is interesting … It also shows degrading stereotypical gender roles of both men and women and gives the impression men can change female partners as they change jobs.”

So the official ruling is that the use of the meme is gender-discriminatory, though the ombudsman can only criticise and not actually impose sanctions.

The whole thing is coming as quite a shock because I didn’t even realise that the Distracted Boyfriend meme has been insulting my gender this whole time. I guess I was so caught up in all the other offensive content we run into on the internet and out in the world that makes its way into advertising all the damn time that this one managed to fly under the radar.

I honestly thought the meme was just a realistic impression of the fickleness of men – offensive to monogamy if anything – but OK if this is the hill Sweden is dying on then that is their prerogative. Their heart is in the right place.

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