TV Shows Benefit More From A Weekly Release Rather Than A Single Dump

It's called television for a reason.

Let me preface this whole thing by saying that I love a good Netflix binge as much as the next popcorn munching, content devourer and there’s no real right or wrong way to release a TV show for audiences. But as good as that model has been, TV shows arguably stand to benefit more on a weekly release model than the one-time dump.

Just hear me out first.

Now the one thing that the Netflix binging model has got going for it is the lack of waiting between episodes. Sometimes the weekly wait between TV show installments can be too much and the one-and-done model gets rid of any waiting.

However, this carries the double-edged sword of losing fanfare incredibly quickly. There’s a lot of build-up for popular TV shows like Stranger Things and The Crown, but almost all of the buzz disappears once the latest season has dropped.

By contrast, TV shows on a weekly release schedule feel like more of an event. You’ve spent an entire week dissecting, discussing and chatting about what unfolded, there’s more time for people to cobble together well thought out think pieces, and you’re more confident in knowing that everyone else is at roughly the same point of the show as opposed to something on Netflix.

Had something like Watchmen or The Mandalorian been released all at once, it’s more than likely that those shows would’ve dropped off the radar as opposed to remaining in the conversation every week.

Put it another way, it’s unlikely Baby Yoda and all those associated memes would’ve had such a large impact had we got all the Mandalorian episodes at once.

But arguably the biggest benefit of the weekly release model is how it helps the longevity of a show. There’s a lot of hype between seasons of Stranger Things, but this would be amplified by many times if it were a weekly show due to the culmination of the week-by-week anticipation.

It’s one of the reasons why TV shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones felt so big when they were still going and remain in the pop-culture sphere, and why The Mandalorian and Watchmen are shaping up to be the same as opposed to a lot of what’s on Netflix. They give us just enough to keep us wanting but not so much that we’re overwhelmed.

With both the weekly release and binging models having their respective pros and cons, perhaps this could give rise to some sort of in-between model where a couple of episodes of a TV show is released weekly. Binging a show is great and all, but sometimes a slower pace is better.

Never Forget When Mr Rogers Had A Beef With The KKK

Don't mess with Mr Rogers.

Fred Rogers – aka Mr Rogers – is revered as the nicest chap to have ever walked this green(ish) earth, so much so that the only person who is even remotely qualified to portray him in a biopic is the second nicest guy ever, Tom Hanks.

The thing with being a walking beacon of positivity is that your “niceness” may be taken advantage of by unscrupulous folks and that’s exactly what happened to Mr Rogers back in the early 1990s courtesy of the KKK (ugh).

Back in the late 80s and early 90s in the red-state of Missouri, the KKK were still a thing (sadly) and they thought the best way to spread their hateful rhetoric was to impersonate Mr Rogers over the phone and circulating the number among children. It must be incredibly jarring for unsuspecting kids to hear the reassuring voice of Mr Rogers sprouting hateful nonsense over the phone.

This impersonation schtick from the KKK ultimately caught wind among civil rights and religious groups and soon the real Mr Rogers found out about it and decided to take legal action against fraudsters.

It was always going to end badly for the KKK but since those idiots used actual recordings from Mr Rogers’ show, a copyright infringement claim was a guaranteed slam dunk against the Klan. According to The Los Angeles Times, a judge ruled against the KKK and the men responsible agreed to destroy all the recordings.

Now we don’t know what happened to the three men behind this scheme after the judge ruled against them, other than them claiming not to be Klansmen. Sure Jan.

It would be easy to wish ill upon these dudes, especially since they’re KKK, but Mr Rogers wouldn’t have liked that so we like to assume that he appealed to them to toss away the white robes and convinced them to be better.

If there was to be a second movie about Mr Rogers starring Tom Hanks, this little beef would be a good place to start in terms of material.

Today I Learned: Angelina Jolie Was Nearly Used As Bait To Catch A Brutal Dictator

Ah, the ol' "use a Hollywood star to lure in a criminal" trick.

Angelina Jolie made a name for herself in Hollywood for being not only a fantastic actress but also a pretty convincing action star in her own right. But for all the crazy movies she’s starred in, all of them pale in comparison to the time she was nearly used as bait to capture one of the world’s most notorious dictators, Joseph Kony.

For those who need a refresher on who the hell Kony is, he is a brutal dictator based in Uganda and is responsible for a series of atrocities ranging from kidnapping children to be child soldiers to war crimes that resulted in the death of thousands.

He was also the subject of that viral Kony 2012 video that circulated YouTube back in 2012 with a huge bang, only for the subsequent campaign to fall flat on its face.

Having a Ugandan warlord running around isn’t exactly a great thing and the International Criminal Court (ICC) thought it was perhaps best to lure Kony out of his hiding spot in the Central African Republic and into a pair of handcuffs.

According to a series of emails (via The Times) between former ICC chief prosecuter Luis Moreno Ocampo and the actress, this was the plan they ultimately came up with: get Angelina Jolie (and Brad Pitt) to lure Kony out and get him talking about Mr and Mrs Smith long enough for U.S. special forces soldiers to catch him.

So in short, the ICC wanted to use a very beautiful Hollywood star (and her then-husband) to bait out a dangerous warlord responsible for several crimes against humanity. If this highly-unrealistic plan seems a bit ridiculous, that’s because it was.


According to the emails, Angelina Jolie was actually pretty excited at the plan at first but quickly became apprehensive over being involved in a ruse more ridiculous than most Hollywood films. It also didn’t help that Ocampo also had a creepy obsession with her as he reportedly sent her an email that read, “Dear Angie, I hope you are well. I miss you.”

Jolie didn’t reply (obviously) and that prompted Ocampo to email her assistant saying “how much [he] loved her.” At this point, she essentially ghosted Ocampo and that was that for the ICC’s grand plan to capture Kony, who is still at large at the time of writing.

Oh well.

It was unlikely Angelina Jolie would’ve travelled to the Central African Republic to lure out Kony anyway because it’s just dangerously risky, but it seems like Ocampo’s creepy boner for her killed any small possibility of that plan actually happening.

Crazy to think that we were actually so close to having Angelina Jolie going into Africa undercover in order to seduce and capture a brutal dictator who was so awful he became the subject of a (flawed) internet viral campaign.

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