Conan O'Brien's Hilarious And Petty Response To A Movie Star Standing Him Up Last Minute Is All Too Relatable

Nothing like a dash of petty improvisation to get over the pain.

Getting stood up by anyone for anything is never a good feeling. You’re left humiliated and forced to pick up the shattered pieces of your ego from the floor.

Whereas some people would either shrug it off or go drink/eat/gym it all away, Conan O’Brien’s response to someone bailing on him is all too relatable and something we all want to do but really shouldn’t: petty, petty revenge.

Kumail Nanjiani was supposed to be a guest on Conan’s show but had to literally pull out 30 minutes before he was scheduled to appear. Now it’s not ideal for this to happen to a late night talk show, especially since Conan’s show is a shorter “one guest only show” these days.

So with all plans ruined, what do you do? Well if you’re Conan, you just wing everything. You explain the entire situation to everyone like it’s a stand up routine and you bring up a random dude from the audience just so you can make jokes about them looking like a weed dealer.

But Conan saved his best material for Kumail as he unloaded on Nanjiani with a barrage of what’s best described as petty comedic vengeance. After comparing the absent star to other “troublesome divas” like Liza Minnelli, Conan noted that since Kumail wasn’t there to promote his new movie, Stuber, the late night host decided to show a clip from a tiny competing indie movie called The Lion King instead.

As Conan’s sidekick, Andy Richter, says, “You gotta show up to get the cookie”.

This whole bit wasn’t just confined to the hilarious opening monologue. Since Conan had no guest, he decided to get his long-time assistant, Sona Movsesian, to come up on the stage and shoot the s**t with him for a few minutes.

Now Kumail is a funny dude on talk shows but if I’m really honest, he would’ve been an inferior guest compared to Sona. Not only did Conan throw to clips of The Lion King throughout the interview to twist the metaphoric knife just some more, the level of passive-aggressive sniping between Conan and Sona is pure comedic gold.

So how did Kumail feel about this whole thing since Conan essentially turned it into a 30 minute roast? Well, he took it pretty well actually.

Maybe more movie stars should cancel on the show more often because petty avenging Conan O’Brien is the best – and most entertaining – kind of Conan.

Millie Bobby Brown Took The Cringiest Part Of Stranger Things 3 And Turned It Into Your Next Internet Challenge

Please don't turn around and don't look at what you see.



After a long-than-expected wait, Stranger Things 3 turned out to be quite the entertaining if somewhat predictable ride. There were some great bits like Robin and Steve‘s dynamic and the emotional ending, as well as some not so great bits like some of Hopper’s storyline and his Hawaiian shirts.

But the cringiest part of season three for me has to be that NeverEnding Story scene between Dustin and his actually-for-real long distance girlfriend, Suzie.

What was meant to be an incredibly tense and time-sensitive moment in the finale gets jarringly disrupted by this scene and it completely ruins the flow of what was shaping up to be a great climax. Honestly, this admittedly hilarious scene would be great during any other moment but the finale.

The reason I bring this up is because Millie Bobby Brown decided that this cringeworthy scene needed more loving and so she shared a video to Instagram that shows her singing and dancing to the scene.

She then challenges her fans to do the same by writing in the caption, “I nominate YOU to do the #NeverEndingChallenge.”

Normally I don’t condone this or any dumb internet challenge, especially since this one is based on my least favourite scene from Stranger Things 3, but goddamn this one looks like fun.

And it seems like it’s catching on with fans as MBB’s video has nearly 5 million likes and 8,000 uses of the #NeverEndingChallenge hashtag. I’m still not sure how I feel about this whole thing. On one hand, it looks like fun. But on the other, I hate the sequence which it is based on.

But hey, at least the #NeverEndingChallenge is easier to do and a lot more fun than the ridiculous Bottle Cap Challenge.

This Is The Greatest Ad You'll Ever See And $1,000 Says You'll Never Guess What Brand Made It

It's beautiful, disturbing, and far too high brow to be used as a mere ad.

Companies have really stepped up their commercial film game in recent years. Gillette has put out powerful ads that tackled toxic masculinity and starred transgender men, while Nike has done some great stuff to empower women.

But those ads pale in comparison to this little gem that’s basically a sequel to Richard Linklater’s 2014 masterpiece, Boyhood.

Produced by Stink Productions, the film is a beautifully shot two-minute epic that covers the life of a young man from his birth to his 20s. As beautiful as the film is, it is ultimately an ad and I’m willing to bet $1,000 that you will never guess what brand it is for.

Let’s start from the top and see if you can piece it together. First we see the birth of the film’s protagonist:

Then we see his first birthday:

Next is his, uh, first public urination offence?

That kicks off his delinquent primary school years, which involves getting up to shenanigans and fights:

He eventually grows out of that, hits puberty and falls in love for the first time:

Followed by his first heartbreak and subsequent rebellious adolescent phase:

Next comes his “finding himself while backpacking in some random country” phase:

Reality then hits and he’s having to make it out on his own as a young man in his 20s:

But there’s no better way to quell any millennial existential doubt than getting lunch from…Subway?

That’s right, this Oscar-worthy short film is nothing but an ad for Subway, the sandwich pushing fast food restaurant you probably walk by every day.

Video director Ryan Simmons shared this ad on Twitter along with a short FAQ revealing that it is called “Timeline”, it is indeed real, and was produced for Subway Brazil in 2016. While the clip drew little attention back then, its resurfacing has drawn an overwhelming response from the internet, most of which can be summed up as, “Wait WHAT?! That was an ad for Subway?!?”

The whole thing may be an ad – and one that has virtually nothing to do with the product its meant to be plugging – but it is probably the best goddamn ad you’ll ever see.

Check it out in its full glory right here. Don’t worry if you get a hankering for a foot-long meatball sub at the end, that’s natural.

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