'90s Cartoon 'Recess' Is Getting A Live-Action Remake Which You Can Help Fund

The gang is all grown up.

Prepare to feel really, really old, because the animated TV series Recess is 22 years old. TWENTY-TWO!! The show, which first aired on ABC but was eventually picked up by Disney, followed six fourth-graders who make it their mission to protect the playground against the rule of King Bob and his minions. 

So many beautiful memories. Credit: Giphy

Recess was an iconic show that captured the reality of being a school kid, and the good news is, it’s coming back as a live-action film! A group of independent filmmakers from Vancouver are remaking the TV show as a non-profit fan film which will follow the cast as highschoolers figuring out everything from peer pressure to social media and their identities. 

The Ashleys, IRL. Credit: Noah Asanias

“Picture 10-year-old you, sitting in front of the TV, watching TJ, Spinelli, Gretchen, Vince, Mikey, Gus, Randall, the Ashleys and the rest of the colourful cast at 3rd Elementary School getting up to their usual hijinks.”

“You lay your head to rest that night and dream about being part of this group and then wake 20 years later and think: ‘Hey, I wonder what happened to the Recess gang when they went to high school?’ Well, YOU’RE WELCOME, because we’re here to answer that for you.”

All grown up. Credit: Noah Asanias

The cast of the live-action Recess remake includes To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before actress Emilija Baranac, who plays one of the Ashleys, Benjamin Wadsworth from Deadly Class as TJ, Louriza Tronco from The Order as Spinelli and other actors who are involved in the film purely out of love for the show. 

The filmmakers behind the remake have launched an IndieGoGo page to raise production money, all of which will go directly into the making of the film. In a disclaimer, the filmmakers state that Recess won’t be submitted to film festivals but will be released online in August for everyone to enjoy for free!

It really doesn’t get much better than that. 

Dreamboat Dacre Montgomery's Confession About His Acting Journey Is Giving Us All Hope

This is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Before he was making us swooooon on Stranger Things, Dacre Montgomery was an Aussie school kid with a big dream he was told “wasn’t achievable.”

Dacre is drreeeammmmyyy. Credit: Giphy

In a recent social media post, Montgomery revealed his struggles growing up, including failing at school, being fired from his job, and being told he needed to “lose weight.”

“I had a really tough time in school. I was a big kid who loved drama,” Montgomery explained. “I never got passing grades, I wasn’t popular or a gifted sports player.”

“I suffered from anxiety from a young age. I was distracted and I wasn’t focused. But I had a dream, I was lucky – I knew what I wanted to do. And every night I went home and focused on THAT,” he wrote. 

Montgomery went on to highlight the hurdles he had to overcome. “When I was 15 I failed my high school drama exams. When I was 16 I was told I needed to lose weight. When I was 17 I was told I should go to drama school and train. When I was 18 I was fired from my job. When I was in drama school I was told to leave. When I had a DREAM – I was told it wasn’t achievable.”

He said, he lost the weight, went to drama school, and “never stopped being curious.”

“I never let the failures get me down. Because I believed in myself and I never let anyone tell me otherwise.”

This has me like. Credit: Giphy

The 24-year-old Perth-born actor has gone to become a star on Stranger Things, but has also appeared in a string of other films and TV shows, and been nominated for a bunch of pretty impressive awards. Not to mention the fact that wherever Montgomery goes, a string of thirsty and devoted fans follow him. 

This post is the Wednesday motivation the world needs. Bless you, Dacre Montgomery.

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