You Totally Missed The Toy Story 4 Character That Stole The Show Without Saying A Word, He's Important

The backstory is beautiful.

My heart bust right out of my chest when Toy Story 4 was set to hit cinemas, 9 years after the release of Toy Story 3. It’s one of those film franchises that you hope never stop making sequels, because there’s always going to be more for the toys to do (in my mind, at least.)

Toy Story 4 has been well-received by the OG Toy Story fans who were raving about the story, even back when Bo Peep’s sheep looked like this:

Me after a few drinks | Toy Story | Disney

The newest instalment of the Toy Story franchise lets Woody explore the options for his future, which feels far too real for the people who have grown up with the series and are currently facing existential crises (or maybe that’s just me.)

I personally loved the film so much, and I had an eagle eye out for those Easter eggs that Pixar loves to hide. I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

Very early on in the film, the toys’ new owner, Bonnie, attended her first day of kindergarten and in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, a student walked into frame wearing a cochlear implant.

Pixar told GOAT that the student was a purposeful inclusion, and that the detail meant a lot to the simulation supervisor, whose son wears a cochlear implant.

One of the children in Bonnie’s class wears a hearing device—a detail that means a lot to simulation supervisor Henry Garcia, whose son is hard of hearing and wears a cochlear implant. Garcia and his team had to figure out how the device would properly interact with the student’s hair.


In an official quote from Pixar, the producers of Toy Story 4, Jonas Rivera and Mark Nielsen told GOAT that they strive to show inclusion and diversity in their stories.

We are thrilled to hear that audiences are seeing our deliberate effort to show the world, as it exists around us, in TOY STORY 4. This includes characters of varying races, family structures, and disabilities, including a child in Bonnie’s kindergarten class with a cochlear implant. At Pixar, we strive to show inclusion and diversity in our stories because representation matters.”

Jonas Rivera and Mark Nielsen, Pixar.

This step forward in accurate representation of the world around us means that more people are able to see themselves on the big screen.

You Can Get The Best Of Both Worlds By Purchasing Props From The Hannah Montana Set, For Real

There are at least 7 Things I'm going to bid on.

Disney fans and general 00s fashion stannies rejoice because one of the most iconic wardrobes from TV is going up for sale and it’s like, actually affordable.

Hannah Montana is going to auction for its 13th anniversary, selling off its iconic props and outfits to the public.

The collection includes “garments, customised shoes and jewellery from her debut concert tour “Best of Both Worlds”,  jewellery worn to Hollywood events, a bustier worn on the premiere episode of Hannah Montana, approximately 40 garments worn on Hannah Montana, many with the original costumer’s tag with wardrobe test shots, notes handwritten by the young teen idol, personal wardrobe and ephemera.”


Personal favourite in the collection is this single boot, that is signed by Miley herself, with silver marker “These boots are made for Rockin’ xoxo Miley”

Estimated worth at a cool $500 USD

The collection will be auctioned through Julien’s Auctions in New York, who specialise in pop culture and music auctions.

The proceeds of the collection will be going to Wilder Minds charity, aiding at-risk animals.

Register to bid and maybe you could be a rockstar.

The Jonas Brothers Time Travel Again For Their Latest Music Video But Not Quite As Far As The Year 3000

Year 3000 2.0

My heart broke into bits when The Jonas Brothers broke up in 2013, like full shatter, but has been repaired since the rebirth of the greatest boyband in history.

The Jonas Brothers released their first single in six years, Sucker, that became their first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song is a banger, the music video is a masterpiece and the brothers are literally hotter than ever. (insert Burnin’ Up reference)

With Sucker doing the rounds on commercial radio and the hype around their triumphant return in full swing, The Jonas Brothers aren’t wasting any time.

It seems that they’ve got more music to lay on us sooner than we think. Nick took to twitter recently to tease a new music video.

Joe Jonas posted a video to his Facebook page of the band dancing on a yacht in Miami and having a powerful karaoke moment with the sounds of yeehaw queen, Kacey Musgraves.

The Jonas Brothers’ style vibe since their comeback has been sexy and damn cool, tapping into the vintage and retro style of the 60s through to the 80s.

This mystery video they are filming seems to be in the same vein, with matching suits and bold colour-blocking and I literally couldn’t be more into it.

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