Toy Story 4 Gave Woody The Redemption Arc He Deserved After All This Time

It's taken 24 years and four movies but it was worth the wait.



After some worries that Toy Story 4 couldn’t possibly live up to the hype, especially after the seemingly perfect conclusion we got in Toy Story 3, I’m pleased – and relieved – to say that 4 is simply fantastic.

But perhaps the biggest surprise of the film was Woody‘s character arc. For all his positive qualities, he can a bit of a selfish jerk at times. It’s a testament to Tom Hanks‘ voice acting that he can somehow make a flawed character like Woody as likable as he is.

In a bit of a surprise move from Pixar, Toy Story 4 not only holds Woody accountable for being a jerk, it digs into just why he is one before giving him a big redemptive arc that’s been 24 years in the making.

Good stuff, cowboy.

Woody’s motivation for the entire series has always revolved around “being there for Andy/Bonnie” and it’s caused him to do some questionable stuff, like pushing Buzz out a window in Toy Story and tagging along with Bonnie to kindergarten after being told by everyone not to do it in Toy Story 4.

After spending a good chunk of 4 trying to recklessly get Forky back to Bonnie and causing some serious danger to his friends, Bo Peep finally does what some people have been waiting to do for years and calls Woody out on his behaviour.

But rather than shy away from the possibility of making their beloved protagonist unlikable, Pixar gives Woody a rare moment of painful self-realisation when he admits he acts the way he does because “being there for Andy/Bonnie” is the only purpose he has in life.

With that cathartic moment, Woody’s behaviour suddenly makes so much more sense. After all, haven’t we had moments where we do some questionable thing in an attempt to keep hold of something that makes us happy or gives our lives meaning?

All the cooked stuff he’s done remains unexcusable of course, but we finally get some understanding of why his jerkish side sometimes comes out. Who would’ve thought that toys could go through relatable existential crises like that?

And with that realisation, Woody earns his big redemptive arc at the climax: He manages to let go of his hang up over Andy/Bonnie by saying goodbye to Buzz and the rest of his gang so he can go be a free toy with Bo Peep.

Toy Story 4 represents something of a paradigm shift for the series but it is also something of a natural conclusion to Woody’s story. It remains to be seen whether or not we’ll get Toy Story 5 in 10 years time, but having Woody ride off in the sunset alongside Bo Beep after finally getting over Andy feels like a pretty damn perfect ending already.

There's A Very Disturbing Thirst Arising From Disney's Live-Action Lion King

Oh internet, you've done it again.

The internet can be a very weird place filled with some odd things, most of which involve people thirsting over the strangest things like sexy female Bowser and the first pic of a black hole.

Well folks, Disney’s upcoming hyper-realistic remake of The Lion King has officially become the latest thirst trap for some areas of the internet and the reactions have been pretty disturbing to say the least.

After a bunch of character posters were released of the main characters, people were impressed at how realistic all the animals were. But for some folks, they weren’t too keen on the new Lion King because real-looking lions just ain’t as bone-worthy as cartoon lions.

Here we are debating over whether Pumbaa looks awesome or the stuff of nightmares (i.e like a real warthog) and there’s the internet furry community having some serious talks over whether the new Lion King gets their juices flowing or not.

While some horny folks aren’t exactly enamoured with the new Nat Geo-chic look that Simba and his cohort are rocking, others are a bit more open-minded about it and are willing to take the plunge, so to speak.

I don’t exactly have a dog in this race of whether hyper-realistic or cartoon Scar gets the loins stirring so I’m in no position to comment or really judge but it is fascinating to see something like this come up from time to time.

One thing’s for sure, we can probably expect this argument over whether the animated animals or the realistic CGI animals are more bone-worthy to only escalate over the next few months in the lead up to The Lion King‘s July 19 release date. The internet is truly a fascinating place.

Shrek Is Over, Pixar's Onward Can Trample Your Fairytale Expectations Now

All it's missing is a Smash Mouth tune for its title song.

For the last couple of decades, the Shrek movies have been the benchmark when it comes to irreverent animated films that somehow manage to balance emotional stuff with ridiculous meta jokes. Well folks, it seems like we have a contender for that crown because Pixar’s upcoming film, Onward, appears to be this generation’s version of Shrek.

The movie is set in a world where all your usual fantasy and fairy tale tropes are every day things. Pet dragons that are scared of spray bottles? Yep. Centaurs, dwarves, and elves mingling with one another? Totally. Wild, bin-diving unicorns? Oh definitely.

As for the story, well this is where the emotional side of things come in as it tells the story of two elf brothers (played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt) go on a journey to see if there’s still magic in the world so they can spend one last day with their late father. Yep, that premise alone has sold me and the trailer below is just an extra cherry on top.

Yep, it seems like Onward will be stuffed to the brim with heart, dumb jokes, and complete deconstructions of all your favourite fairy tale tropes. I almost half expected “All Star” to start playing at some point.

Onward is scheduled to drop into cinemas on March 19, 2020, which gives Pixar more than enough time to get Smash Mouth onboard to write a banger for the movie.

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