What Exactly Is A ‘Success Coach’ And Where Do I Sign Up?

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Starting university can honestly be such a stressful time. 

I mean, you’ve just finished 13 years of high school and now it’s time to wave goodbye to a structured daily routine and start thinking about your career. Not only that, but you need to make the ultimate, life-changing decision of deciding what university and degree you’ll embark on. All of this, keeping in mind what you want to do in the future. Are you stressed yet? Honestly, me too.

Luckily, you can now hook yourself up with a “success coach”. The success coaches at Torrens University can guide you from before you even start uni, right until you graduate. Think of it like a buddy, but for your profession. They can help guide you to the right pathways that are best suited to your career, help with any anxiety you might have with making new friends, and even help you create that all-important work-study-balance.  

Me trying to balance work, studying and my social life like…”

Torrens Uni’s success coaches are handpicked from relevant industries and are able to give students an edge in their careers, which honestly, who doesn’t want that kind of a leg-up? 

And if your aspiring career happens to be in an industry where networking is vital – like graphic design and fashion – a success coach could be the extra touch to help you get your foot in the door and your new career started.

Honestly, starting university can be one of the most anxious experiences of your life – you’ve gone from being guided through every step in your journey to being thrown in the deep end. It can be really helpful to have someone helping you along the way, even just to help cheer you on.

You can jump on in and find out more about Torrens University’s success coach program right here.