Tom Holland Heard Our Prayers And Fought To Keep Spider-Man In The MCU

With great power comes great responsibility.

Imagining Spider-Man without Tom Holland is like imagining Thor without Mjolnir or Captain America without that arse: impossible.

Cap is not impressed. Source: Giphy

It was a bit touch and go for a while there but, thankfully, we no longer have to face a world where Tom Holland doesn’t play our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Over the weekend, Sony and Disney struck a deal where Tom’s Spidey gets to stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Turns out we weren’t the only one’s who felt panicked strongly about Spider-Man staying with Marvel. Apparently, Tom himself is responsible for keeping his Spider-Man within the MCU.

According to reports, Tom reached out to both Sony and Marvel in order to make a new deal happen.

Sources told THR that Tom “made multiple appeals to Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger and Sony film chairman Tom Rothman to reach a resolution, announced Sept. 27, for Marvel to produce a third Spider-Man movie for Sony, and for the character to appear in at least one additional Disney-Marvel film.”

Reports also state that Tom (the legend) also “leaned on Rothman to re-engage with Disney,” and mentioned the fan support for Spider-Man to remain in the MC when talking to both production companies.

So, basically, Tom knew what the people wanted and gave the people what they wanted.

Uncle Ben said it first and it’s never been truer:

Tom Holland’s GQ Photoshoot Is The Hogwarts Crossover Fan Fiction Dreams Are Made Of

Tom Holland And The Sorcerer’s Stone.

Tom Holland knows how to work a camera and I’m not just talking about his acting skills. 

The Spider-Man star just did a photoshoot with GQ Style and it’s giving me all kinds of feelings and hot flushes. 

While I was too busy getting distracted by Tom’s jawline and the whole business-chic vibe he has going on, Twitter user @iWatchiAm decided to use Tom as her personal muse. The photoshoot served as creative inspiration for a form of Harry Potter fan fiction and I am here for every word. 

I present you with the thread of all threads: 

Meanwhile, for @RachelLeishman, Tom’s photoshoot was serving “BIG HUGH GRANT ENERGY”.

Rachel cites some of Hugh’s biggest films including Notting Hill, Love Actually, and Four Weddings And A Funeral, with Tom Holland as the new leading star. And while I’m a firm believer that remakes always ruin the original, I’m actually not too opposed at the idea of Tom adding new life to some of these iconic movies. 

The takeaway message? Tom Holland is a heartthrob and should be starring in romantic comedies. That jawline is great for a Spider-Man mask and those biceps are great for fighting bad guys, but I would pay to watch them be put to ~other~ uses, if ya know what I mean. 

Heartbreaker. Source: Giphy

Tom Holland's IG Handle Used To Be BackFlipFrontFlipFacePlant And Now I'm Certain He's Psychic

Spidey senses and all that.

Tom Holland has lots of impressive talents. 

He can sing and dance (he used to be a musical theatre star), play guitar, do gymnastics and does all of his own stunts on Spider-Man. 

But there’s one talent of Tom’s that has flown under the radar until now. Thanks to my super advanced, totally legit sleuthing skills, I have discovered that Tom is also a psychic. 

The evidence: his old Instagram handle. 

Not only is @backflipfrontflipfaceplant the longest username I’ve ever seen, it also completely reflects his current reality and I am shook to my core. As a gymnast and as Spider-Man, Tom has done lots of back flips, front flips, and face plants. He’s no stranger to the world of flipping – he’s made a living off his ability to flip all kinds of ways. 

Young Tom totally predicted his own future. Of course, he didn’t want to spoil the fun for the rest of us so he just slyly put it into his Instagram handle. 

No one would think anything of a creative IG username like @backflipfrontflipfaceplant. Only Tom knew the truth.

Now the whole world knows the truth because Tom’s dreams of back flipping and front flipping and face planting have been realised thanks to Spider-Man. 

What a pro. Source: Giphy

Looking back, the signs of Tom’s psychic abilities are all there. His whole Instagram account (if you scroll back far enough) is full of pre-fame snaps that prove he has always been preparing for the role of Spider-Man. 

This playful handstand shot screams “Peter Parker”: 

Tom’s been learning how to fly too: 

And has long been practicing his acting: 

And also perfecting his suit game for all the press tours he would eventually need to do: 

Tom’s Spidey senses were spot on. I wonder if he’s up to predicting my own future? Like, will we be married in ten years time?

Yes, yes it is. Source: Giphy

While I’ve taken you down a Tom Holland OG Instagram rabbit hole, 

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