Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Is The Best Teen Romcom Of Our Generation And You Need To Watch It Immediately

It's like they've taken all the classic pieces of teen films we know and love, and left out the problematic things we know and don't love.

First of all, I promise not to include any spoilers for Netflix’s loveable new teen romcom, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but you need to watch it ASAP. Because it’s beautiful.

The film is an adaptation of Jenny Han’s best selling YA novel and since it debuted on Netflix on Friday it has a huge and immediately obsessed fanbase. Many, like me have watched the film multiple times already because that is what this movie does to you.

Lana Condor plays Lara Jean, a high school girl whose private love letters to all her crushes past and present get ‘mistakenly’ delivered, causing a classically unrealistic yet enchanting plot line to ensue.

It has all the charm of your favourite 90’s teen movies from She’s All That to 10 Things I Hate About You, but it’s revamped to suit the 21st century. To All The Boys is gleefully sweet and wholesome with characters that are interesting and kind to each other.

It is essentially guaranteed to make you feel good.

This film is also the first mainstream teen romance to have an Asian American actress play the lead, and the best part is that that is neither ignored nor the defining aspect of her character.

Author Jenny Han shared in a New York Times oped that only one of the production companies that approached her about the film adaptation was willing to keep Lara Jean Asian American.

“One producer said to me, as long as the actress captures the spirit of the character, age and race don’t matter,” Han wrote. “I said, well, her spirit is Asian-American. That was the end of that.”

As far as eye candy goes, there is plenty of beautiful people to look at in this film. Most notably, our leading hunk Peter Kavinski, played by Noah Centineo. I love him, and you will too. This boy has changed me.

You also get to enjoy seeing Aidan from Sex and the City (John Corbett) playing an OB-GYN and a adorable dorky dad to Lara Jean and her two sisters.

No spoilers, but one of the best moments in the film is the sly nod to the problematic Hollywood stereotypes that have tainted most classic teen movies – when our main characters bond over John Hughes’ Sixteen Candles.

Peter observes that the exchange student character portrayed by Japanese American actor Gedde Watanabe is “like, kind of racist.” To which Lara Jean responds, “Not kind of. Extremely racist.”

It’s a great way of highlighting how much we needed a teen heroine like Lara Jean, who transcends the racial and gendered stereotypes.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is breathing new life into the long-gone golden age of teen romance films, and showing how to do it better.

It’s the kind of lovely, easy-to-watch, teen film that is all fantasy and fun and absolutely 100% better get a sequel or there will be (more) tears. 

The Reviews Confirm Netflix’s Controversial Fat-Shaming Series Insatiable Is Even Worse Than Suspected So Save Yourself The Pain And Just Don’t Watch It

Unsurprisingly, there's nothing redeemable about the premise of this series.

Netflix’s Insatiable has been under fire since the trailer first dropped and people caught wind of the undeniably problematic concept of the new show.

It’s hard to defend a series that features a thin actress in a fat suit portraying a high schooler who is ridiculed for her weight until she has her jaw literally wired shut, loses weight and takes revenge on her bullies. It’s fat-shaming at best and encourages eating disorders at worst.

But defend it they did. In the face of the enraged backlash that included a petition to cancel the show with more than 200,000 signatures, the cast and crew of Insatiable insisted the dark comedy falls on the right side of the discourse if we just give it a chance and watch the series.

Well, the series has been released on Netflix and the reports are in: Insatiable is not as bad as we expected ! It’s worse! Much worse!

The reviews are piling in and they overwhelmingly back up all the accusations directed at the show, plus more.

On top of the inexcusable weight-loss premise, we’ve got shallow plot points that fail to properly represent the queer and racially diverse cast, tone-deaf punchlines about sexual harassment and enough other faults to ensure you should never give the show the time of day.

If you need any further convincing that Insatiable doesn’t deserve to be watched, we’ve got The New York Times‘ Eleanor Stanford commenting, “I totally agree that a show I was expecting — from the trailer — to be fatphobic turned out to be problematic in seemingly endless new ways. But I guess we should talk about how ‘Insatiable’ treats Patty’s binge-eating disorder — or fails to treat it in any meaningful way.”

“This fantasy is gross.” Vox’s Constance Grady weighs in. “It is born out of violent self-loathing, out of the desire to hurt and maim and punish a body that our culture has decided is unacceptable.”

The reviews from critics and the vast majority of Netflix viewers who have given Insatiable a crack tell much the same story – It’s bad. And we can confirm it is in fact bad, so the best thing to do is just avoid watching the series all together.

It’s not something you need to hate-watch, or check out just to be across why it’s wrong. Honestly you can just save yourself the pain and watch something better.

Cold Hard Proof That Shakespeare Ripped Off A Bunch Of Your Favourite Movies And We’re Not Letting Old Mate Get Away With It

Shakespeare's legacy is the biggest scam in literary history.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all familiar with William Shakespeare. He’s supposedly one of the greatest writers the world has ever seen and high school English is merely a succession of Shakespeare plays that we are forced to celebrate.

But upon closer inspection, it’s apparent that a lot of Shakespeare’s ‘greatest’ works are complete ripoffs of iconic movies that we know and love. His whole career is a lie!

I know it’s crazy – I’m as shocked as the next person. But the evidence speaks for itself and right now it’s shouting “SHAKESPEARE PLAGIARISED AN AMANDA BYNES TEEN ROMCOM” at the top of its lungs. Who are we not to listen?

So here they are – the cold, hard facts.

These are just some of the films that have fallen prey to Shakespeare’s roaming eyes and had their ingeniously unique plotlines appropriated into his plays.

It’s the scam to rule all scams, until now. We’re busting this thing wide open so watch your back Shakeyboy.

#1 Lion King

A word of advice: if you’re going to rip off someone else’s work maybe pick something that doesn’t already have mass-popularity and recognition. Absolute rookie move.

Shakespeare must have thought he was so clever taking the tale of a young lion prince whose father is murdered by an evil uncle after the crown, swapping Africa’s Pride Lands for Denmark, renaming the title character Hamlet and calling it a day. Nice try sweetie.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet is transparently a rip off of Disney’s animated musical movie down to the supporting characters Timon and Pumbaa who are merely rebranded as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. 

Except old mate is a total buzzkill and changed the ending to be morbid as hell. Should have just stuck with the original ending, Shakespeare. If you’re going to be a big copycat, commit

#2 She’s The Man

Twelfth Night is just She’s The Man with no Amanda Bynes and no shirtless Channing Tatum. So it’s worse, in every way.

Amidst all the confusion of the gender disguises and the love triangles I guess Shakespeare thought that he could get away with basically copying and pasting this iconic teen film into his playbook, but the jig is up buddy.

This movie is art. Show some respect.

#3 Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Ok admittedly I haven’t seen this movie and after looking at a few clips I’m not sure I want to??

But word on the street is that Shakespeare shamelessly based Julius Caesar off this film and with his track record I 100% back that accusation. Sometimes on a case this big you’ve just gotta trust your gut, ya know?

So that’s settled. Planet of the Apes is the genesis of Julius Caesar and you heard it here first.

#4 Romeo And Juliet

Can you imagine plagiarising Baz Luhrmann’s work word for word and then not even bothering to change the damn title I mean the audacity. This one is a new low even for Shakespeare.

#5 10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You is one of the best films of all time so honestly Shakespeare’s copycat version Taming of the Shrew is comparatively stale. He should have known better than to compete with young Heath Ledger dancing to Frankie Valli.

Rumour has it Katarina Stratford’s emotional poetry reading actually inspired Shakespeare to try his hand at poems. And yet, not so much as a thank you. Classic dudebro move.

#6 Get Over It

For anyone that hasn’t seen Get Over It featuring young Kirsten Dunst AND Mila Kunis, do yourself a favour and get onto that ASAP. Of course Shakespeare has clearly already been there, done that and usurped it for his own profit.

The movie actually features teens performing a play called A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Did Shakespeare not think it would perhaps be suspicious that he has a play named the exact same thing? Wild.

Why he would copy the play but ditch this musical number though I’ll never understand.

#7 Shakespeare In Love

Shakespeare in Love. This is where Will got really sloppy. It’s hard to imagine exactly how it all went down but it looks like he spotted something with the name ‘Shakespeare’ in the title and ego took over.

If you look over Shakespeare’s entire career, you can actually pinpoint all the times he ripped off this fantastic movie starring an effervescent Gwyneth Paltrow. He’s tried to be subtle by sprinkling pieces throughout his plays from Romeo and Juliet to Twelfth Night to As You Like it, but we see right through his flagrant theft.

This is not a conspiracy. This is a scam. Don’t be a victim to William Shakespeare’s con any longer.

Just open your eyes.

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