Thinking Between The Thighs: The Sex Podcast That Answers All Your Awkward Questions

"Will my clit fall off if I use a vibrator every day?"

There’s no doubt that ‘sex is weird.’ That’s exactly why we’ve created a podcast that is fully dedicated to sex and the questions that no one answered for us during sex ed. Thinking Between The Thighs is a podcast that aims to fill in the blanks.

We enlisted the expertise of sexual health professionals and sex educators to share accurate information and teach us what we don’t know about our bodies.

Hands up if you had a teacher like this.

Thinking Between The Thighs covers six big questions over six short episodes. Host and producer of the podcast, Sophie Giles throws us a helping hand by asking experts all of the awkward sex questions we Google, but never ask out loud.

How Does The Concept Of Virginity Apply To Lesbian And Queer Sex?

Sex isn’t just the act of a penis going into a vagina. With that concept in mind, we need to educate ourselves on what ‘counts’ as sex when it comes to encounters in the LGBTQIA+ community.

The Bold Type | Freeform

Is Herpes As Big A Deal As You’ve Been Made To Believe?

Herpes is treated as the sexual health punchline in pop culture, film and television. This episode of Thinking Between The Thighs suggests that it’s time to rewrite the narrative surrounding herpes and get all the facts.

Pitch Perfect | Universal Pictures

How Can You Send Your Nude Pics Safely?

There’s no point in someone telling us ‘don’t send nudes’ because we’re going to do it anyway. Getting across some super basic safety precautions can make sure your pics aren’t seen by the wrong eyes.

Broad City | Comedy Central

Is Lube The Sex Toy You Need To Improve Your Sex Life?

The stigma that busting out a tube of lube in the bedroom is a sign that the sex you’re having is bad, is a flat out lie. Thinking Between The Thighs encourages you to silence the shady whispers and learn how lube can help.

Saturday Night Live | NBC

What Do Your Taboo Sexual Fantasies Say About You?

Look, it’s understandable why you’d want to keep your sexual fantasies private, but you have no reason to be ashamed- even if they’re a bit left of field. Understanding what those fantasies mean can be really empowering.

The Simpsons | FOX

Can Your Masturbation Be Too Hard, Too Often Or Too Reliant On Sex Toys?

The question on everyones lips: will your clit fall off if you use a vibrator every day? Short answer is no; long answer (amongst other masturbation questions) can be found in the Masturbation episode of Thinking Between The Thighs.

Sex and The City | HBO

All six episodes of Thinking Between The Thighs are now available on all podcast streaming platforms; Spotify, Apple Podcasts and ACast. Keep an eye out on our socials in the coming weeks for exclusive videos, eye-opening quizzes and stories that’ll make you blush.

Go forth, get educated. We’re not suggesting that you listen to this podcast WHILE you’re having sex but we’re also not, not saying it.

These Are The Game Of Thrones Characters Who Still Hold Their V Card, Just In Case You Were Curious About That

Purity rings for all!

Game of Thrones is the single biggest series in the world right now, and aside from being thrilling, beautifully shot and all-round iconic, it’s success can be dwindled down to the fact that we’re a bunch of horny morons who love when people have sex while impending doom is right outside the door.

It’s hot, it’s sexy and it’s left little to the imagination until you really dig deep into the things they neglect to show you on screen. My puny brain has decided to scope who in the show is still a pure virgin, for science.


The most obvious virgin is good fella Bran Stark.

He’s a sweet boy, with a cute boy face and stares way too hard at people, so it probably is a bit of a deterrent from courting a suitor.

Dolorous Edd is a straight-up virgin.

Joining the Night’s Watch at 15 years old, Eddy’s vowed to keep his Little Eddy to himself.

Brienne is a virgin but she’s probably going to get some before the end of Game of Thrones.

Now she’s a hella knight, she’s got time to get down and dirty. Fans predict she and Jamie Lannister will do the deed before the end of the series.

Robin Arryn is also a virgin.

Not only was he being breastfed until he was a preteen, he’s a total brat and that’s not attractive. He’s 16 now so maybe if puberty hits him, he might lose his v card.

The Night King gives off mega virgin vibes.

The Night King has no reason to bang, he doesn’t need to procreate. There’s no contraception available, so it’s not like he can stop it if someone gets impregnated. Also nobody wants to bang a frozen icy pole. Imagine the shrinkage. Or if someone got stuck.


This is a very small list in comparison to the actual cast list, but that just goes to show that the Game Of Thrones characters are getting their fix, even baby darling Arya Stark who gave up her virginity on her own terms in Season 8 like the iconic warrior princess badass that she is.

We’re Seriously Concerned About The Intimate Body Juices Soiling The Furniture On Bachelor In Paradise

Won't someone think of the cleaners?!

My, oh my – I bet this is something you never thought you’d be reading.

Let’s be real, the Bachelor In Paradise contestants are in Fiji, they’re drinking A LOT and they’re *coughs* quite stimulated – there’s every chance there’ll be a few spillages every now and then.


One twitter user shared concerns about the furniture, and the state of its cleanliness considering the contestants are wearing the literal tiniest bikini’s in the history of bikinis.

Now, a vagina is self-saucing and self-cleaning, so there’s always some kind of dampness going on downstairs. Without something to catch the drips, there’s literally no stopping the body juices from seeping onto bits of furniture, pillows etc.

There’s nothing wrong with your downstairs being a bit wet, it’s natural BUT, when you’re in a COMMUNAL SPACE, you’ve got to be mindful of where you’re plonking your nether-regions.


Nobody here is critiquing the girls’ choice to wear revealing swimwear, just concerned for the cleaners who have to mop up behind them.


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