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Game Of Thrones Is The Most Dangerous Show On The Internet

Malware is coming.

Why Do The Women On The Walking Dead Have Perfect Eyebrows In The Middle Of The Zombie Apocalypse?

Women on TV who have just woken up, are getting out of the shower or are running from literal zombies are rocking on-point makeup, and it MAKES. NO. SENSE.

Armie Hammer Apologises After Criticising How People Grieved The Death Of Stan Lee, Admits He Was An ‘Asshat’ After Jeffrey Dean Morgan Calls Him Out

The Call Me By Your Name star says he will work on his "twitter impulse control".

Before You Get Too Excited About Telltale's Walking Dead Game Possibly Being Finished, Remember That People Make Games, Not Brands Or Logos

275 of those people were recently fired from Telltale without severance pay and yet all gamers can think about is when they're going to get their game.

Telltale Games, Creator Of Those Great Walking Dead Titles, Lays Off Almost All Staff And Cancels All Future Projects, Meaning That Stranger Things Game I Wanted Will Never Happen

Of the previous 250 employees, only 25 will remain onboard.

Andrew Lincoln Will Officially Leave The Walking Dead After Season 9 Even Though Most Fans Left After Season 2

Because even killing zombies for a living gets tedious...

As The Walking Dead Returns, How Much Longer Can AMC Reanimate A Corpse?

With declining audience numbers and a stretched narrative, how much longer can AMC keep flogging an undead horse?

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