This Sexy Handmaid’s Tale Halloween Costume Is Messed Up But So Is Society So Why Not Accept Your Dystopian Fate In Style This Year?

It’s like the costume is making a feminist statement on how society sexualises women considered ‘forbidden fruit’, completely by accident.

I think it’s safe to say that no one is particularly surprised that the uniform used to censor women and signify their oppression in the dystopian novel-turned-award-winning-series, Handmaid’s Tale, has been transformed into a sexy Halloween costume.

Online lingerie and costume store Yandy has you sorted with a white bonnet, red sleeveless cape and a sultry red body-con minidress that you can call your own for just AU$90. Fishnets and heels not included!

Yes, I can see that this is very messed up. In the dystopian world of the drama series the Handmaids are treated as property, banned from any expression of sexuality but sexualised by high-powered men and forced to have sex with them. It’s whack to turn it into a cute, sexy costume.

But society has us dealing with so much whack sh*t at once that I do not have the energy to be mad about this.

I can honestly only laugh at this, and it’s so fine if not everyone is with me because picking our battles and sharing the labour around is the only way to avoid burning out.

The only way I can cope with this sexy Handmaid costume is to treat it as black comedy. So I’m just going to pretend that this is a self-aware parody of the censorship and sexualisation of women’s bodies for my own sanity.

Sometimes after a long week you’ve just gotta lean into the nihilism and laugh at the bleak dystopian world that is, in fact, our reality. Trick or treat!

Rihanna Puts The Fashion Industry To Shame With Her Epic Lingerie Show That Makes Celebrating Diverse Bodies Look Easy

BadGalRiri closing New York Fashion Week with two pregnant women rocking her Savage X Fenty line is the biggest damn mood.

Generally it feels like no matter how vocally we call for more inclusive representation of different types of bodies on the runway, we pretty much just see one.

But Rihanna has shown the industry exactly how it’s done with her incredible Savage X Fenty lingerie show that closed New York Fashion week with a big, body-positive bang.

Classic RiRi.

The show was nearly 30 minutes of choreographed, inclusive brilliance that finished with all the models holding hands in a statement of solidarity.

On top of the diversity of beautiful women owning the runway, the Savage X Fenty 2018 collection is absolute fire. It goes from kinky to casual seamlessly just like its queen BadGalRiRi.

The new collection just dropped online with 25% everything for 24 hours so GO GO GO.

And if you want to watch the whole perfect Savage X Fenty show you can see it here if you skip forward to around 45 minutes.

Most designers still refuse to show any sign of body fat on their runways and Rihanna just championed different sizes, shapes and colours and brought down the damn house. Catch up people.

Somehow No One Saw A Problem With The Fact That There Are No Women In The Trailer For The Coen Brothers' Anticipated New Western Movie

While I do enjoy the Coen brothers, the trailer for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a slap in the face to the female audience.

The Coen brothers are back on the scene with another contribution to the Western genre. Their series-turned-anthology-movie, The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, is set to drop on Netflix on November 16 and they’ve just released the first trailer for the huge ensemble production.

There are a whole lot of characters in this Western, but judging by the trailer, all of them are men. We hear a lot of different voices, but none of them are women, and women are given about 0% screen time.

It’s just heaps and heaps of dudes. White dudes. For two minutes. Right on.

The movie is broken up into six different stories and reportedly Zoe Kazan and Tyne Daley have roles in the final two, but the film’s two female characters just didn’t make the cut for the trailer.

Oh wait! I eat my words. I’m 99% sure that this is Tyne Daley’s character that appears in almost complete darkness and says nothing in two clips so brief that if you blink you might miss them.

Gender diversity on point!

Such representation!

And for a fleeting moment, there is Zoe Kazan being shocked. Probably because she’s just watched this trailer and realised she looks like an extra.


But other than that, it’s just James Franco and an army of dudes as far as the eye can see.










It’s really disappointing to see a project by such widely beloved filmmakers get a trailer that dismisses both its female stars and audience in one fell swoop. I hope the movie can make up for the terrible edit of this trailer.

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