All Hail The Intern Who Snuck The Perfect Good Place Reference Into The Golden Globes Coverage

Tahani is not amused.

The awards ceremony hasn’t even started yet, but already, we have a winner: whoever is captioning the red carpet for E!.  Why is this unknown person a winner? Because of this brutal amount of shade thrown at Jameela Jamil, known for playing Tahani Al-Jamil on The Good Place:


In case your first thought is ‘that’s fake’, I applaud you for your commitment to calling out bad journalism when you see it. Fortunately, in this case, we have confirmation from the official The Good Place Twitter account, as well as Netflix.

In case this makes no sense to you, 1. watch The Good Place, and 2. it’s a reference to Tahani’s relationship with her sister, Kamilah – they’re constantly in competition, and Tahani always comes up short. She’s also regularly mistakenly called by her sister’s name, hence E‘s joke.

Whoever did this definitely deserves a spot in the Good Place.

Side note, but Jameela Jamil is apparently wearing jeggings at the awards tonight, because it’s cold (aka 14 degrees) in Los Angeles, apparently. Tahani would never.


Ellen Degeneres Thinks Kevin Hart Should Still Be Allowed To Host The Oscars

Contrary to popular belief, Ellen doesn't speak for the entire LGBT community.

Ellen Degeneres has decided to use her position as America’s favourite lesbian to exonerate Kevin Hart and announce that she’s “in his corner” and feels he should be given a second chance and allowed to host the 2019 Academy Awards.

In their chat, Hart explains his feelings during last month’s drama. He emphasises that he has previously apologised for his tweets, and explains that he didn’t want to address them again because doing so would only add fuel to the fire. He also says that he “doesn’t have a homophobic bone in his body”.

Frankly, it sounds like he’s yet again avoiding taking responsibility for his past views and opinions. If he doesn’t have a “homophobic bone in [his] body”, who wrote those jokes about AIDS and beating his son if he found him playing with dolls? Did a homophobic ghost possess him and force him to write those tweets?

I think it’s great if people can learn from their mistakes and grow as people. It’s not just great, it’s necessary. But Hart’s refusal to acknowledge the harm caused by his jokes, and insistence that he’s already apologised and therefore doesn’t need to do so ever again, doesn’t sound like the spiel of a man who’s learned and grown from his mistakes. It sounds like someone on a PR blitz to save face.

And Ellen’s only too happy to help him do it. She gives him over five minutes of her show to defend himself, and revealed that she called the Academy in an effort to get them to rehire Hart as host.

At this point, the saga is becoming more than a little ridiculous. Is there nobody else who can host the Oscars? Did every other comedian reject the gig? Is that why Ellen is so desperate for Kevin Hart to do it? The man is barely even funny. The majority of his jokes in the Jumanji remake were about his height. Groundbreaking.

I’m happy for Ellen that she’s so willing to play the role of ‘marginalised best friend who weaponises their identity to excuse bad behaviour’, but I don’t remember electing her spokeswoman of the LGBT community.

Part of her appeal for millions of Americans is that she isn’t one of ‘those’ gays, the ones who ‘get offended’ all the time over silly things like jokes about hitting your child and AIDS. Since she isn’t one of ‘those’ gays, why is she trying to speak for them?

Writing for OUTTre’vell Anderson explains that Hart needs to address the racial aspect of the conversation, and speak to the black queer community directly; something he can’t do in conversation with Ellen.

“Hart is one of the most recognizable Black faces in pop culture and that’s why he should especially seek forgiveness from Black queer folks in addition to his broader appeals, something DeGeneres can’t grant.”

Anderson also discusses Hart’s refusal to repeatedly apologise, and describes how many people feel about the situation: what’s the harm in apologising again?

Hart repeatedly states that he has already apologised and therefore shouldn’t be expected to do so again. That isn’t how making amends works – you don’t just get to dash off a one-size-fits-all apology and hope it reaches the right people. It’s an ongoing process. You might have to apologise more than once. Doing so shouldn’t be like pulling teeth.

According to Varietykey people involved in making the Oscars happen are open to letting Hart host if he signals he wants the job again. I would implore the Academy to find someone who is actually funny to host instead, but I’m not anywhere near as influential as Ellen, so I doubt they’ll listen to me. Maybe Holland Taylor or Lily Tomlin can have a word with them.

This Is Your First Look At DC's Upcoming Doom Patrol TV Show

It will premiere in February.

DC just released the first promotional images for its upcoming TV show, Doom Patrol, and they’ve got everyone pretty excited. The show will be released on DC’s streaming service, DC Universe, on February 15 next year.

The show stars Timothy Dalton, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby and Joivan Wade as The Chief, Negative Man, Robotman, Crazy Jane, Elastigirl and Cyborg respectively.

Some members of the Doom Patrol team first appeared in the ‘Doom Patrol’ episode of DC’s Titans TV show, which was released last month on DC Universe. That episode featured Rachel Roth meeting Elastigirl, Negative Man and Robotman.

The Doom Patrol team are described as a bunch of “super-powered misfits” whose powers have caused them alienation and trauma.

The teaser takes the form of a holiday card photo shoot, something even superheroes struggle with, and gives us a small taste of the characters and their personalities.

The cast is pretty exciting – Timothy Dalton is a legend, and it’s great to see Brendan Fraser back in Hollywood. Diane Guerrero is one of the highlights of Orange Is The New Black, so it’ll be interesting to see her in a completely different role. Joivan Wade was fantastic in his guest spot on Doctor Who, and while I’m not familiar with April Bowlby, she looks perfect as Elastigirl.

I haven’t seen many of the DC TV shows, but this cast is so interesting that it might just be enough to get me to watch.

Hopefully by the time the show premieres on DC Universe in February, the service will be available in Australia!

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