Apple Needs You To Return Your MacBook Pro ASAP Because It Might Catch Fire

Turning it off and on again won't fix this issue.

Love them or hate them, it’s hard to deny that Apple products are pretty damn good when it comes to build quality. When you’ve made Airpods poo-proof, you know you’re doing something right.

Yep, there’s no way an Apple product could possibly be faul- *checks notes* oh wait, your trusty MacBook Pro could possibly be faulty and catch fire.

In a press release from Apple, a “limited number” of older model 15-inch MacBook Pros have a slight overheating issue with the battery and could “pose a fire safety risk”.

As for what models have this possible lap-burning problem, Apple states that the affected units were “sold primarily between September 2015 and February 2017.”

Luckily for all those who might own a MacBook Pro that could spontaneously combust at any moment, Apple are offering to replace the battery free of charge. To check whether your MacBook Pro has the faulty battery fault, just pop the unit’s serial number into Apple’s handy little verification program right here.

Once you’ve checked your MacBook’s eligibility using the program, all you have to do is head over to an authorised Apple store and make an appointment for someone to fix your laptop, which will take around a week or so.

As for the chance that your laptop could be affected, well a year and a half is a long time but there shouldn’t be too many affected units as Apple only sold, uh, 40ish million Macs during that period.

Okay, that number is every kind of Apple Mac product sold so it’s not accurate. If we be conservative and divide that by 6 – which is the number of different Mac products on sale – then the potential number of affected MacBook Pros is only around… 6.6 million.

Righto, so um, best check your laptop ASAP. If your MacBook Pro is indeed affected, back up all your data, stop using it and keep it away from your lap just in case.

Instagram's Secret Setting Will Reveal Your Dark Past, So Heaven Help Us All

Welp, time to delete everything and go off the grid.

If you’ve been on Instagram since it became a thing in 2010, you’ve likely done some cringeworthy things on that app, such as stalking your crushes, having some embarrassing usernames, and coming up with some god awful bios when you went through that emo phase during high school.

Well folks, it seems like you can’t outrun your embarrassing Instagram past because there’s a secret setting that will reveal everything you’ve searched and changed on your profile, as well as private info you may have linked to it.

That’s right, the skeletons in your Insta closet are about to be unearthed.

If you go to Settings > Security > Account Data, you’ll see that Instagram has been hoarding a LOT of your information that includes:

  • Account privacy changes
  • Password changes
  • Former email addresses
  • Former phone numbers

But perhaps most worryingly for some people, Instagram also has a complete record of potentially scandalous things like:

  • Former user names
  • Former full names
  • Former bio texts
  • Former bio links
  • Current follow requests
  • Search history

In short, there’s a record of almost everything you have done or changed on your Instagram profile, with the exception of your photos and videos.

As someone once said in that excellent Facebook movie from 2010, the internet is indeed written in ink and not incredibly-difficult-to-erase pencil.

If you did the smart thing and didn’t get Instagram or haven’t bothered to use it, then you’re in the clear.

But if you’ve changed more things on your Insta profile than what George Lucas has done to Star Wars, your best bet would be to delete everything off your phone and going off the grid for a while.

You're Going To Get Screwed Over By AI On Dating Apps And Not In A Good Way

Instant unmatch.

It probably doesn’t need to be said that online dating isn’t easy and is quite a stressful thing we do in the name of meeting that someone special.

Well I’m sorry to bust all the single people folk on dating apps but finding someone online is about to be even more difficult thanks to a worrying rise of deep fakes.

That doesn’t sound good at all.

For those who are unaware, deep fakes are incredibly real-looking images or videos of people that are in actuality fake and were created using advancing AI technology.

In the context of online dating, there’s an increasing danger of deep fakes flooding dating apps, there’s a higher possibility of swiping right on fake profiles.

As if it wasn’t hard to have someone swipe right on your profile, it’s now even harder to find that special someone since more and more fake people are polluting the pool of real people and it’s incredibly difficult to tell the difference between the two.

This problem actually goes beyond dating as deep fakes has started coming up in actual news and causing genuine confusion, such as the deep fake of Mark Zuckerberg that circled the internet and the altered video of Nancy Pelosi seemingly appearing drunk. And of course there was that gender-swap filter on Snapchat that caused mass confusion on many levels among people of every gender.

Luckily for single people and those trying to debunk all the deep fakes out there, there are a few ways to identify what’s fake and real. AI-created faces have slight imperfections, such as weirdly-placed hair, facial asymmetry, and smudges on certain surfaces like jewellery and teeth, For videos, deep fakes generally blink far less frequently than real people so keep an eye on their eyes.

So next time you’re swiping and you’re wondering whether a certain person is real or not, your worries are definitely warranted. Be careful and safe swiping, everyone.

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