Taika Waititi Shuts Down Martin Scorsese's Marvel Film Criticism In The Most Taika Waititi Way

This is perfection.

If you’re a comic book movie fan, there’s a solid chance you’re aware by now that iconic director Martin Scorsese isn’t too into Marvel films.

The Goodfellas director made headlines recently after suggesting productions like those from the MCU are “theme parks” rather than examples of cinema.

A wave of backlash hit the director almost immediately, but as The Guardian reports, Scorsese is standing his ground. Because, well… he’s Martin Scorsese and if anyone’s entitled to an opinion about the film industry (even if you don’t agree) it’s him.

During an appearance at the London film festival, at which he was promoting his upcoming film The Irishman (starring gangster trifecta Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci), the legendary director again stressed his point.

“The value of a film that’s like a theme park film, for example, the Marvel-type pictures, where the theatres become amusement parks, that’s a different experience,” Scorsese said.

“I was saying earlier, it’s not cinema, it’s something else.”

Naturally, a number of directors attached to Marvel have been quizzed on their thoughts about the Oscar-winner’s comments. And unsurprisingly, Taika Waititi’s response stands out as the most, well… direct.

Speaking with the Associated Press about his latest film Jojo Rabbit he said:

“Well, it’s too late for them to change the name to Marvel -attic Universe.”

“Of course it’s cinema!” He continued.

“It’s at the movies. It’s in cinemas. …Near you.”

And in case the point wasn’t driven home well enough already, he broke it down further.

“Marvel Cinema-tic Universe. Scene.”

While it’s all very on the nose, Waititi nails the simplicity of the argument, really. Giant film productions with huge budgets; beautiful movie stars, and CGI coming out if their ears are still examples of cinema.

It might not be the same experience, sure. And yes, there are loads of examples of comic films that have zero substance. His point stands, there. But it’s all still cinema.

In his original interview with Empire – the one that started all the controversy – Scorsese said Marvel films aren’t “the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.”

….Clearly he didn’t see that Spider-man and Tony Stark moment during the snap.

Hold On, Do We Need To Boycott Marvel Entertainment Now?

The world is garbage.

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a WIFI-free cave, chances are you’re aware that the biggest news story circulating the USA at the moment is one regarding the naming of Trump 2020 campaign donors.

This week it was brought to the attention of the masses that Stephen A. Ross, owner of fitness businesses Equinox and SoulCycle, was planning to host a fundraising event for Donald Trump’s 2020 Presidential Campaign.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the news resulted in some hefty backlash very quickly, with hoards of people vowing to boycott the businesses associated with Ross, and by extension: Trump and his policies.

On the backlash, Ross told The Washington Post that he is:

“an outspoken champion of racial equality, inclusion, diversity, public education and environmental sustainability, and I have and will continue to support leaders on both sides of the aisle to address these challenges.”

Equinox and SoulCycle also released statements stressing they “believe in tolerance and equality” and do not support Ross’ fundraiser. You can read that here.

This Saturday, however, we’ve had another Trump connection brought to our attention.

Actor Armie Hammer has taken to social media to call out the chairman of Marvel Entertainment, Isaac Perlmutter, for contributing to Trump.

HuffPost reports that Perlmutter and his wife have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

So, does that mean everyone should be boycotting Marvel films now? Even if Black Panther is one of the greatest superhero films, ever?!

Well, here’s what we know:

In 2015 Marvel’s cinematic team underwent a restructure that saw Perlmutter set aside from that side of the business. It’s been suggested that he and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige often butted heads about casting diversity and female-led productions.

Some have credited a push for less white, male leads in Marvel’s fourth phase of films to the internal change up.

So, as of the restructure, it’s said he has no involvement in Marvel’s film production.

With that said, however, Perlmutter does still sit as the chairman of Marvel Entertainment, Huffpost shares. So I guess, you can do with that information what you will…

Taika Waititi Is Addressing A Gaping Hole In Thor's Storyline With His Next Instalment

Colour me thunderstruck

In probably the best news we’ve heard all week, it was confirmed at Comic-Con today (July 22nd) that your imaginary best friend, Taika Waititi is giving us another Thor movie.

Please tell us Korg will be back!
Image: Marvel

The fourth Thor film, titled Thor: Love And Thunder was officially announced at Marvel’s Comic-Con panel on Sunday, and not only do we have a release date (November 5, 2021) but we were also gifted with a cast line up.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will be reprising their roles of Thor and Valkyrie for the project. But that’s not all, you guys!

One Natalie Portman is returning to the franchise.

Portman played Thor’s love interest Jane Foster in the first two films, only to disappear from the Marvel film universe after a “mutual dumping” – as the God of Thunder put it in Thor: Ragnarok.

It didn’t really feel as though that part of Thor’s story was properly addressed, and I’m not so convinced Jane would have just sat idly during the Thanos saga so, it’s nice to know we’ll get some closure in this next project.

Not only that, but we were told that Portman will be yielding a hammer, herself.

As Collider reports, Waititi told panel audiences:

“When we were shooting Ragnarok I was reading one storyline by Jason Aaron called The Mighty Thor and for those of you know how that story line it’s incredible it’s full of emotion and love and thunder and it introduces for the first-time female Thor. For us there’s only one person who could play that role… Natalie Portman.”

Portman, ever the poetic supplier of one-liners, responded with:

“Feels pretty good. I always had a little hammer envy.”

And that’s not where the exciting Asgardian news ends, either. Tessa Thompson offered a few quotes about what’s next for her character; the new king of Asgard.

“First of all, as a new king, she needs to find her queen. So that will be the first order of business.”

The announcement was a very clear indication that Valkyrie is going to be our first openly queer superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

To which we can only say: love it 3,000.

Bow down, folks.
Image: Marvel

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