This Is What Henry Cavill And His Moustache Actually Looked Like On The Set Of Justice League

"Should have used a Snapchat filter."

Justice League may have been the DCEU’s biggest disappointment, and I’m going to be honest, the only thing I really remember about it is the controversy surrounding Henry Cavill and his moustache.

Cavill had finished shooting for Justice League and had moved on to filming Mission: Impossible – Fallout for which he had to grow this magnificent moustache:

The only problem was that he was then called back for reshoots of Justice League, Paramount Pictures wouldn’t allow him to shave the moustache off for the Warner Bros. film as it would have cost them time and a cool $3 million according to the Telegraph.

This meant that the Justice League CGI team then had to get rid of the moustache and stubble, and also create a new top lip for the actor.

In case you need more examples of the terrible CGI, it looked a little something like this:

Credit: Warner Bros
Credit: Warner Bros
What is that face?! Credit: Warner Bros

Weird, right?

Now, one Reddit user has revealed what Cavill actually looked like on the set of Justice League with his moustache.

One user joked, “Should have used a Snapchat filter. A cat or bunny nose would cover his tache.”

Cavill was forced to return to the Justice League set while still filming Mission: Impossible for the reshoots after Zack Snyder left due to a personal tragedy and Joss Whedon took over from him.

The CGI was so bad that all the scenes that had to be shot after Snyder left the film were very noticeable.

Fans of the film were also left dissatisfied with how the villain Steppanwolf appeared on screen thanks to a last-minute change to the character’s appearance. He was originally meant to look more like an alien, but it was later decided to make him look more human.

Credit: Warner Bros

Because the film was getting behind schedule with the many bumps they faced, it’s unsurprising that there were mistakes in the film’s visuals.

Speaking with Empire Magazine while on the Mission: Impossible press circuit, Cavill revealed he didn’t expect the reshoots on Justice League to be so extensive.

“When we decided to go for the moustache, I certainly wasn’t expecting all the events to unfold as they were going to unfold.”

“I wasn’t expecting Justice League reshoots to be as extensive as they were. As you will see when [Mission] comes out, to have a fake moustache on would not have been a possibility. You’ll think, ‘Okay, yeah, a fake moustache would perhaps have been blown off in this situation.’ Unfortunately, it led to much dismay when Justice League came out, but that’s the nature of these things.

“You can’t win every time.”

When he was able to shave off the facial hair, Cavill poked fun at the whole CGI situation on Instagram:

If You Hated Henry Cavill As Superman, He's Now Tackling Another Classic Crime Fighter

We'll watch anything with Henry Cavill in it...

Look, let’s be honest, the only good movie to come out of the recent DC films has been Wonder Woman, so it shouldn’t come as much surprise that Henry Cavill is moving on from Superman and will star as another classic character.

This time, Cavill will be taking on the role of Sherlock Holmes according to The Hollywood Reporter. Yep, that’s right, we’ve only had about a million different versions of the character, but the Man of Steel actor will be the latest to star as the great detective.

You’re welcome… Credit: Warner Bros.

In recent years Robert Downey Jr, Sir Ian McKellen, Will Ferrell, Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller have all starred as the famous detective.

Cavill will star in Enola Holmes with Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the title character Enola, who is Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ younger sister. Enola is apparently a talented investigator as well.

Helena Bonham Carter is also attached to play the matriarch of the Holmes family and Fleabag’s Harry Bradbeer will direct.

Enola Holmes is based on the book series of the same name by author Nancy Springer and will be about a teenager who goes missing following the murder of their father.

Cavill’s last big screen role was opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. He also recently wrapped on The Witcher series for Netflix, which is based on the video game and novel of the same name.

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