Move Over Henry Cavill, Michael B. Jordan Is The Superman We Want

Just do it, DC.

This Is What Henry Cavill And His Moustache Actually Looked Like On The Set Of Justice League

"Should have used a Snapchat filter."

Why Are Marvel The Only Studio To Remember That Superheroes Are Meant To Be Fun?

it's not that hard to make the fun thing fun, surely?

If You Hated Henry Cavill As Superman, He's Now Tackling Another Classic Crime Fighter

We'll watch anything with Henry Cavill in it...

Marvel And DC Are In The Same Universe And This Is Clearly A Sign Of The Apocalypse

Iron Man and Superman, together at last?

Henry Cavill Has Quit Being Superman So Now The Studio Wants Michael B. Jordan And They've Found My Kryptonite

Look up in the sky, it's a bird! It's a plane! It's another yet another DCEU recasting but hopefully for good!

God Of War Director Cory Balrog Has Perfect Idea For A Superman Game That Combines Everything We Love About The Man Of Steel

Because if the greatest heights the "Blue Boy Scout" can reach are Superman 64 then you aren't reaching high enough.

Our Favourite Reporter Who Couldn’t Look Past The Glasses, Margot Kidder Has Passed Away Aged 69

Although she also starred in the original Amityville Horror and Black Christmas, she will always be our Lois Lane.

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