There Are Already Some Wild Theories Based On The Stranger Things 4 Teaser

We're not in Hawkins anymore.

SPOILERS AHEAD, you’ve been warned.

The best thing about Stranger Things announcements are, and always have been, the fan theories. Even after three seasons, there are still a tonne of unanswered questions about the Upside Down, and we’re all way too invested in the characters to let them go easily.

And now the official Stranger Things Twitter account has posted a 30-second teaser trailer for season 4 in the wee hours of the morning. Shockingly, people are freaking out.

The biggest frenzy has been stirred up by the tagline, “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.” It’s a homage to the famous line from The Wizard Of Oz of course, but it also indicates continuity from last season. The Byers family (plus the re-orphaned Eleven) were moving out of their home in Indiana the last time we saw them, but most people seem to think that the new mystery location will have a big impact on the plot.

A common theory is that the new story will take place – at least in part – in Soviet Russia. Given that the Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986, it could factor into the show’s lore. Others have suggested, based on the Season 4 teaser showing a clock while Big Ben’s chimes play, that the Byers could be heading as far as London.

Teaser screencap analysis by Friendly_Feedback on Reddit.

Stranger Things fans will stop at nothing for answers. That means playing the teaser frame by frame, backwards, audio boosted – the list goes on. The FBI should be recruiting these guys, honestly.

Kowalski, analysis.

And the fandom has most certainly not abandoned their beloved cranky sheriff in all the teaser craze. Spoilers here, but I don’t think anyone moved past the ‘denial’ stage of grief when Hopper ‘died’ in the last season. With the light in his cabin turned on in the Stranger Things 4 teaser, everyone is desperate to believe it’s a sign he’s still living there, in the Upside Down.

If that seems like a stretch to you, don’t worry, cause there is a time travel theory. There’s always a time travel theory. What a wonderful deus ex machina that could save Hop, and get El’s powers back! Why else would they put a clock in the teaser?

Let’s not forget that even the release date itself is still up for debate. There’s been no news whatsoever from Netflix on that front – we might even be waiting years if the filming is only just starting. Not that that’s stopped Reddit user Friendly_Feedback from trying to crack the code.

Redditors be like *math noises*

Might we be hyping this up a little too much? Worse case scenario, Stranger Things 4 will end up being *gasp* overrated. Season 3 got an A on its report card from Rotten Tomatoes, but we can’t glaze over the fact that the series’ score is slowly declining.

Asking the fandom to tone it down is a lost cause anyway. Because let’s be honest, without dissecting every tweet, and over-analysing David Harbour’s profile picture, how else will we all survive the hiatus?

The Queer Eye Guys Are Teasing A Guest Feature On Big Mouth Season 3

What is this, a crossover episode?

Big Mouth already boasts an impressive cast of A-list comedians, but they might just top that in the upcoming season by guest starring the cast of Queer Eye. Antoni, Bobby, JVN and Tan have all posted character sheets to Instagram, and the art style is unmistakable. The real question here is, who’s getting the makeover?

Plenty of the characters in Big Mouth could definitely use some sprucing up in the fashion department, and you could argue that all of them need a loving intervention from Queer Eye’s very own culture expert (because who doesn’t?). For now, it’s impossible to tell whether this is all for a visual gag, or if we’re going to getting a whole animated crossover, but we can certainly dream – and theorise.

Let’s rule out the kids first. It’s hard to imagine the show insinuating that twelve-year-olds need their appearance roasted beyond what they already cop from their peers. That pretty much just leaves the parents, the teachers, and the hormone monsters.

I would personally love to watch Antoni teach Maurice how to make guacamole and I have a rock solid theory that might even explain why we haven’t seen Karamo’s Big Mouth-sona yet. Andrew’s dad, Marty Glouberman, is going to be Queer Eye‘s latest success story.

It just makes sense. He has zero self-care, and definitely doesn’t appreciate his wife enough. Will Karamo revive their family dynamic with a tearful conversation and intense eye contact? If anyone can do it, it’s Karamo.

Some social media comments have already nominated Coach Steve as for a whole-of-life transformation, but he’s had his moment. Not even a trademark Jonathan Van Ness haircut could compare to finally getting “thick in the warm”.

While a whole episode dedicated to the Queer Eye cast doing their thing would obviously be the best case scenario, it’s far more likely to be a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo, a la ‘I’m Gay’. Not that I’d be complaining, a massive musical number filled with high notes and rainbows is nothing to be sneezed at.

All will be revealed when Season 3 of Big Mouth is released on Netflix on October 4.

Disney+ Could Signal The End Of Adults-Only Superheroes

Not safe for streaming.

Amidst the chaos of the D23 expo, only one man was brave enough to ask the tough questions – Eric Vespe, who tweeted out his startling findings at a Disney+ demo. The big revelation? All of the new streaming platform’s content will be kid-friendly.

It makes sense for the classic Disney image, all family fun and fairytales. But since Disney have acquired, well, pretty much everything, things get are bound to get a little more complicated.

So we know what we’re going to get on Disney+, so what are we going to miss out on, thanks to the platform’s censorship of adult themes? Well, a lot of the older movies released under Touchstone Pictures will be excluded, like Down and Out in Beverly Hills and Pretty Woman, animated shows like Family Guy or American Dad are out, and there are plenty of Marvel movies you’re not going to get either. That includes the Blade trilogy, Deadpool franchise, and Logan.

A more innocent time.

Here’s the ultimate punch in the gut: at least Americans have the alternative of enjoying all the blood and boobs on Hulu, but that’s not an option here in Aus. Honestly we should be used to disappointment by now, it’s not like this is the first time that we’ve missed out when it comes to entertainment.

There’s another reason why Marvel stans and movie geeks are a little worried by this news. If streaming is the future of TV and cinema, and Disney are really investing in Disney+, then what’s their incentive to write new stories with adult themes?

It probably means you’re less likely to see heroes like Deadpool on your screens, and the future of TV series is even more grim. If you had dreams of a gritty, Jessica Jones-esque plotline for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

And there’s certainly a precedent for franchises being shelved due to conflicting interests, so it’ll be interesting to see if the other streaming services use the content sanitisation on Disney+ as a point of competition.


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