The Stranger Things 3 Post-Credits Scene Is Important, Even If It's A Little Bit Of A Cop Out

Let Stranger Things 4 figure all this out.



Well Stranger Things 3 was quite the ride wasn’t it?

My big theory about Daddy Steve didn’t quite pan out the way I expected but we got a heap of gems to make up for it, like the surprisingly well written LGBTQI+ representation moments, and the latest Jim Hopper meme being his fascination with Hawaiian shirts.

But the biggest gut punch of the season wasn’t the many Steve copped when he was captured by the Russians. No, it would be Hopper’s sacrificing himself to shut down the big energy machine thingy that’s opening a portal to the Upside Down in the season finale.

At least the shirt looks good.

It was a huge moment that we weren’t quite expecting but Hopper’s sacrifice worked well on a thematic and emotional level. The scene during the finale’s epilogue where Eleven breaks down after reading a heartfelt speech her foster father wrote for her but never got to give was one of the highlights of an entertaining if uneven season.

The gate’s closed again, the gang remain tight but get physically separated as the Byers family and Eleven move away from Hawkins, and the future is a little downbeat but cautiously optimistic.

And then the post-credits scene rolled around.

One popular horror trope is no character is out of play until you see them actually dead and it seems like Stranger Things played that card with Hopper since we actually don’t his body after his apparent sacrifice.

During the post-credits scene, we’re taken to some prison facility in the snowy mountains of Russia. Two Russian soldiers walk past a cell door and one decides to open it, only for the other to say, “no, not the American.” The pair open the cell next door instead and drag the Russian prisoner inside to a caged area where he is devoured by a full sized Demogorgon.

This basically confirms two things:

  1. The Russians and the Upside Down are threats again for future Stranger Things seasons.
  2. Hopper may actually still be alive.

As tantalising as the tease is for the future of Stranger Things, I can’t help but think it’s a bit of a cop out.

Yup, you just undid all that great emotional work.

One big theme for Stranger Things 3 is the idea of growing up and moving on from the past no matter how difficult it is. By keeping Hopper around, not only does it undermine that powerful scene where Eleven finds Hopper’s note to her, it sort of goes against the thematic engine of this season.

But while the post-credits scene may be a little cheap, it does set up some important things for Stranger Things to explore in future seasons. The Duffer Brothers have previously said they know where they want the show to end up so perhaps I should give them the benefit of the doubt with what they’re trying to do with Hopper.

At the very least it means we’ll still be getting funny Jim Hopper memes with each remaining season of Stranger Things still to come.

Still the best one so far.

What To Expect From Aziz Ansari, Now That He's Been Welcomed Back To The Netflix Stage

It's been over a year since he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Aziz Ansari has kept an incredibly low profile since he was accused of sexual misconduct in 2018., but it appears Netflix is ready to welcome him back to the entertainment world (again).

In a bit of a surprise reveal, the streaming giant dropped a trailer for Ansari’s upcoming new stand-up comedy special, titled Aziz Ansari: Right Now.

Sorry folks, no word on Master of None season three.

This marks Ansari’s first appearance on TV screens – and screens of any kind – since his sexual misconduct accusation and it brings up a question of whether it’s time to welcome him back into the fold.

Save for a low key stand-up gig at the start of 2019 when he addressed it his misconduct onstage in a refreshingly, and surprisingly, thoughtful manner, he’s stayed silent on the matter so we don’t have a clear idea as to whether he’s accepted the responsibility of his actions and has grown as a person or whether he’s gone the way of Louis CK by playing the victim blaming card and shrugging everything off completely.

But based on that aforementioned stand up gig, his 2019 Road To Nowhere comedy tour, and a recent Melbourne show in which he once again tackled the accusation in a “practiced but sincere” way, it seems almost certain that we’ll get some part of Aziz’s stand up special dedicated to his #MeToo moment, which is the part most people are interested in hearing.

But don’t expect his entire special to be dedicated entirely to #MeToo though since an hour on the subject is perhaps a bit much for a stand-up comedy set, even for a comedian like Aziz. If his recent shows are any indication, it seems like his latest set will be heavy on themes like compassion and growth, which seems pretty fitting for someone trying to get his career back on track.

Whether or not Aziz is ready to be welcomed back remains up in the air, but we have a good idea on what he’s going to talk about on his big return. Will it be sincere or merely a means to an end?

Well we’ll find out soon enough whether Right Now is missing a question mark.

We Have A Big Theory About Stranger Things 3 And Sorry, But Daddy Steve Is Screwed

1985 isn't going to be kind to poor Steve.

We’re only a few weeks out before the third season of Stranger Things finally arrives on July 4 and Netflix has decided to get the hype train rolling by releasing one last action-packed trailer.

There’s so much to unpack so let’s just dive straight in with our tinfoil hats firmly on our heads, shall we?

The trailer basically confirms the theory that cougar mum eye candy, Billy, will be taken over by the gross new monster and essentially serve as its host. Secondly, the monster appears to arrive at Hawkins by possessing rats before he stumbles upon Billy.

But those facts pale in comparison to the massive theory we have for dad Steve based on the new snippets of footage we’ve seen. Best warm yourselves up because this is going to require a bit of stretching.

The new trailer shows Steve and Dustin stumbling across some weird green liquid:

Weird green liquid in a cannister? Must be bad.

We also get a glimpse of some mysterious government people doing some weird experiments with some crazy equipment, as well as this private investigator dude:

He looks like bad news.

In each of the released Stranger Things 3 trailers and clips, we see how the new Hawkins mall quickly goes from the new town hot spot to chaotic battle spot (there’s an episode titled ‘The Battle of Starcourt’) involvingEleven and the gang, the government and whatever popped out from the Upside Down.

Here’s where our theory comes in:

  • The Hawkins mall is a mere front for the government’s new experiment.
  • That green liquid Steve and Dustin discover is being used to control all who visit the mall as part of said experiment.
  • The green liquid sample in Steve and Dustin’s possession was lost by the government before the duo stumbled upon it and that mysterious investigator dude was sent to look for it.
  • But before Steve and Dustin can tell Hopper and the gang about the government’s plan, the investigator finds them.
  • They get caught after an almighty struggle and it leads to this needle-in-the-neck moment in the first Stranger Things 3 trailer:
That looks painful.

After getting Steve under their control using that green stuff, the government then use him to infiltrate the gang in order to stop them from interfering with whatever nefarious plan they’ve got going on.

Aaaaand end theory.

Poor Steve, he really doesn’t come out of this one well, if he comes out of it at all.

Now this could all be bollocks and is wildly off the mark, but hey, coming up with theories is part of the fun with Stranger Things. As long as they don’t kill Steve, then I’ll be cool with whatever the show has in store for us come July 4.


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