Stranger Things Season 3 Is The Ratatouille Prequel We Never Expected

Tiny furry visitors are coming to Hawkins, probably to cook for everyone.

It’s a little hard to believe but it’s been over a year and a half since season two of Stranger Things ended.

Season three is scheduled to drop on July 4 but so far we’ve had almost no info about the upcoming episodes to go on, other than the context-less episode titles and dad Steve Harrington working hard for the kids.

But it appears that the Stranger Things marketing machine is starting to awake because a new trailer has just been dropped and we have our first big look at what to expect for the upcoming eight-episode season.

And based on the brief 7-second clip, it looks like Stranger Things 3 is going to be a gritty prequel to Pixar’s Ratatouille of some sort. I mean, just look:

Joking aside though, this clip reveals very little and quite a bit at the same time.

We know that one of the upcoming episodes is titled “The Mall Rats”, seemingly in reference to these tiny four-legged visitors, and it is confirmed that season three will revolve around Hawkins’ Starcourt Mall. Combine that with the clip’s caption of “It’s almost feeding time”, it feels like something ominous will be descending upon the little Indiana town and its new mall.

Or it could just be Remy and his fellow cohort of rats moving into Hawkins to run the many restaurants in Starcourt Mall.

The service is going to be amazing at Starcourt Mall.

We’re still not sure how the Russians or the Upside Down fits in with all the rats but given how poor Will Byers copped a good share of unfortunate luck over the last two seasons, chances are that he’s in for a miserable and furry journey in season three.

Netflix Will Soon Let You Control Where Bear Grylls Goes Adventuring And When He Drinks His Own Urine

They know what we really want when it comes to Bear Grylls content.

Netflix broke new ground when it comes to interactive movie experiences in January when it released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

And now the streaming giant has revealed its next big interactive project with the release of a new trailer for a new adventure program titled You Vs. Wild, which stars Man Vs. Wild host and renowned bug and bodily fluid devourer Bear Grylls.

In what may be the first ever Choose-Your-Own-Documentary-Series, You Vs. Wild allows viewers to direct Gyrlls where ever they want him to go as he explores the wilderness, whether it’s head-first into an icy lake or right into a pack of hungry wolves.

As a neat little teaser, the YouTube trailer itself is also playable so check it out here:

This will be the first dollop of interactive content from Netflix since Bandersnatch and it will be very interesting to see how it unfolds as You Vs. Wild is an unscripted documentary series compared to the former’s meticulously scripted format.

But let’s be truly honest here, we’re all going to check this out just to see if there’s an option to make Grylls drink his own pee.

With all the number-crunching Netflix does to work out what we want, surely they would’ve concluded that giving viewers the power to make Grylls sip on a drink bottle filled with his own wee is a surefire way to boost its subscriber base.

Soon you can make him do this over and over and over again. Maybe.

With eight episodes of You Vs. Wild to binge, the chances of making Grylls neck a drink bottle of Satan’s lemonade is quite high and we won’t have long to wait before Grylls is at the mercy of Netflix’s viewers as You Vs. Wild will drop on April 10.

Should sculling down human goon not be an option – which will be a massive disappointment – I’ll settle for making Grylls eat random creepy crawlies or take on a pack of wild boars because, again let’s be honest here, we just want to put him through hell because it’ll be entertaining.

Netflix Claps Back At Steven Spielberg's Entitled Complaints About Streaming Movies

Not everyone has the clout by being the most commercially successful director ever, Steven.

There’s no denying that Steven Spielberg is probably the most influential filmmaker working today, but even someone like him is not immune to saying some truly dumb stuff, particularly when it comes to Netflix.

Spielberg has had a hate boner for Netflix and its “streaming movies at home” thing for quite a while now, and this past weekend saw him escalate his complaints to new levels of entitlement when it was reported that he plans on lobbying the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to not award any more Oscars to movies released on streaming services because it all diminishes the so-called “theatrical experience”.

After catching wind of Spielberg’s whinging, Netflix has responded with a simple tweet that cuts right through the heart of the director’s ridiculous argument like a hot knife through butter.

The best part about Netflix’s response is that Spielberg’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere but we all totally know who this tweet is directed at.

While parts of Spielberg’s argument has merit (his issue about Netflix keeping streaming and box office numbers is pretty valid), it appears that decades of being Hollywood’s most powerful filmmaker has spoiled him into thinking that everyone can get a movie made without relying on streaming services or alternative outlets.

Acclaimed directors such as Ava DuVernay and Alfonso Cuarón, both of whom have had successful partnerships with Netflix, have voiced their approval of streaming services while low-key slinging shade at Spielberg.

Besides providing filmmakers with a platform for their art that the traditional Hollywood system doesn’t offer, Netflix also provides access to people who may not live five minutes away from a big cinema.

My hometown is located in the middle of nowhere and the nearest decent cinema is two hours away. If it weren’t for Netflix, the chances of seeing a film like Roma would be literally zero.

Speaking of Roma, Spielberg seems to have conveniently forgotten that the Netflix film actually did get a theatrical release and that qualified it for the Oscars (where it deservedly won a bunch including Best Cinematography and Best Foreign Picture). But what do I know, I’m just a writer who watches, reads about,  and writes about movies nearly every day.

Having said all that, let’s not let Spielberg’s dumb comments cloud his achievements as a filmmaker. Sure he may be as stubborn as a bull but his work speaks for itself.

Here’s hoping that he comes around at some point. If someone like revered director Martin Scorsese has no problem partnering up with Netflix to make his next film, the crime epic The Irishman, maybe Spielberg will see the light soon enough.


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