Stranger Things' Dustin Is Getting His Own Reality Prank Show And It's Seriously Messed Up

To be fair, he's just doing what he's known for.

Hidden camera TV prank shows are kind of like the television of U2 these days: they lost that cool factor ages ago and yet they’re still hanging around.

That’s why we feel like it’s our responsibility to report to everyone that there’s a new hidden camera prank show is coming courtesy of Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Stranger Things resident prankster Dustin.

Deadline reports that Gaten will be executive producing and hosting a new eight-episode prank show, titled Pranked Encounters, for Netflix. Now prank shows are generally pretty harmless but this upcoming one is seriously twisted because its victims are all people just looking for a job.

What the hell, Dustin?

Not sure if that’s something to be smiling about…

Apparently the premise of this “terrifying and hilarious” new show involves having two different people who think they’re starting the first day of a new part-time job, only for their paths to collide and “these part-time jobs turn into full-time nightmares.

Sounds… hilarious?

Shows like Punk’d worked because they didn’t really hurt anyone or involved pranking celebrities who are well off and don’t need our sympathy. But when hard-working people just looking to make rent and put food on the table are involved, this whole idea is just twisted and mean.

Thanks, Lucas.

No idea when this show hits Netflix but at least they got the “terrifying” premise right. Having your livelihood threatened just for a prank is far scarier than any Demogorgon attack or exploration into the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Embraced The Pervy Cougar Mum Joke In S3 Instead Of Avoiding It And That's A Problem

There's 80's nostalgia and then there's...whatever this is.

From hinting at a massive rat infestation to the new monster being someone we knowStranger Things has been drip feeding information while leaving us completely in the dark.

As the marketing train ramps up, we’ve just been inundated with a new season three clip and, well, it’s another one of those teasing clips that tell us nothing as it’s just 100 seconds of a bunch of suburban mums (including Karen Wheeler) frothing over a shirtless Billy at the town pool.

While this seems amusing as it is a callback the little season two gag where Billy charms Karen into revealing Mike and co’s location, it’s also problematic on a bunch of levels.

Billy is a teenager on the show and having middle-aged mums lust over him isn’t that much different than having middle-aged men frothing over young girls. Given the recent climate surrounding inappropriate behaviour, it just seems wrong that we’re getting this sort of gag that’s been lifted from a lowbrow 80’s comedy.

I get the whole 80’s nostalgia schtick that Stranger Things likes to tap into and this sort of stuff was running rampant back then but films of that era haven’t exactly dated well. I mean, have you watched Porky’s lately? Sex pests aren’t any more hilarious than the casual racism and gay panic rhetoric that used to get trotted out.


And secondly, having middle-aged women put all this weird energy into a teenager and making them the butt of the joke is just unsavoury and lazy, especially given how much time has gone between season two and season three. Surely the writers could’ve came up with literally any other gag.

Season three of Stranger Things is still shaping up to be a hell of a ride but I expected something a more sophisticated than a lame horny cougar mum gag as the show is leaps and bounds better than that.

We won’t have long to find out just good season three is as it’ll be here on July 4. Hopefully this is just a little one-off and not something that’s recurring.

Stranger Things Season 3 Is The Ratatouille Prequel We Never Expected

Tiny furry visitors are coming to Hawkins, probably to cook for everyone.

It’s a little hard to believe but it’s been over a year and a half since season two of Stranger Things ended.

Season three is scheduled to drop on July 4 but so far we’ve had almost no info about the upcoming episodes to go on, other than the context-less episode titles and dad Steve Harrington working hard for the kids.

But it appears that the Stranger Things marketing machine is starting to awake because a new trailer has just been dropped and we have our first big look at what to expect for the upcoming eight-episode season.

And based on the brief 7-second clip, it looks like Stranger Things 3 is going to be a gritty prequel to Pixar’s Ratatouille of some sort. I mean, just look:

Joking aside though, this clip reveals very little and quite a bit at the same time.

We know that one of the upcoming episodes is titled “The Mall Rats”, seemingly in reference to these tiny four-legged visitors, and it is confirmed that season three will revolve around Hawkins’ Starcourt Mall. Combine that with the clip’s caption of “It’s almost feeding time”, it feels like something ominous will be descending upon the little Indiana town and its new mall.

Or it could just be Remy and his fellow cohort of rats moving into Hawkins to run the many restaurants in Starcourt Mall.

The service is going to be amazing at Starcourt Mall.

We’re still not sure how the Russians or the Upside Down fits in with all the rats but given how poor Will Byers copped a good share of unfortunate luck over the last two seasons, chances are that he’s in for a miserable and furry journey in season three.

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