Hold Up: It Looks Like Stranger Things Accidentally Spilled Details On Season Three's Villain Online

We'll take all the vague spoilers we can get.

Waiting patiently for the next season of Netflix’s cult hit Stranger Things was never going to be anything other than desperately feeding off every scrap of information drip fed to us or clues left carelessly behind for us to find. We have no shame, and that’s OK. It’s a good show.

So that brings us to what looks like a slip-up on the part of some one or some ones involved with the show, which reveals something about what to expect next season.

Are the Russians coming to Hawkins Indiana?

Last month, a Reddit post highlighted that IMDb listed several Stranger Things season three cast members as ‘Russian Guard, Russian Soldier’ etc.

It didn’t take long for all those ‘Russian’ descriptors to be deleted from IMDb. although the Inverse spotted one left behind – Ryan Mari is listed on the show as a stunt performer playing a Russian Guard.

Now, seeing as editing IMDb is open to anyone (like Wikipedia), there’s obviously a chance that this is a red herring put in place by some oddly subtle randoms. But it’s actually not uncommon for this kind of accidental IMDb spoiler to go live when people with minor roles update their own IMDb page.

So my money is on Russians making an appearance next season.

Of course, now the theories are running rampant. Will next season’s antagonists be Soviet Russia? Slashfilm pointed out that that plotline would fit in with the shows aptitude for 80’s movie references, specifically echoing a trashy 1984 film Red Dawn in which Russians invade a small American town, forcing a crew of teens to fight back.

If the Russians do make an appearance, you can be pretty sure that they would only be the human element to the plot’s antagonist. Just like season one’s Demogorgon and season two’s Mind Flayer, we can expect there’s a scifi villain on the cards for next season.

Until we are blessed with new Stranger Things episodes, we’ll just have to take these scraps as they come and distract ourselves with the activity of rogue detective work.

The Gossip Girl Description On Netflix Is Brutally Accurate It's Unclear If Whoever Wrote It Loves Or Hates The Show

Wow, tell us what you really think.

During the years of 2007 to 2012, Gossip Girl reigned the teen tv genre. Gossip Girl was the show and we all either loved it or hated it, or loved to hate it.

It’s one of those shows that could only really exist in that time, because I think most of us like to think that the screen industry has progressed further than serving up the same old white twenty-something-year-old “teens” and their privileged storylines.

While there was (and still is) a lot of love for Gossip Girl, if you were to describe it, it would sound something like this:

“Rich, unreasonably attractive private school students do horrible, scandalous things to each other. Repeatedly.”

Comedian Lane Moore highlighted the Netflix description for GG, commenting that it sounds like they ordered someone who hates the show to write the description.

While she’s not wrong, people have responded with the counter-take, that it also sounds like it could have been written by someone who LOVES the show.

However the writer felt about the show, they really nailed the bio. This is the most concisely accurate way to describe Gossip Girl that it’s actually touching my heart.

RIP Gossip Girl. You were a wild ride and believe me when I say, we truly hope you never have a revival.

The Plot For The To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Sequel Is Actually A Pretty Distressing Topic

Can't they just make a second movie where Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky live happily ever after with zero obstacles?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before stole our hearts and made a name for itself as one of the best romcoms of a generation, so of course, it’s getting a sequel.

The news became official today and though I think most of us would have put money on it happening, it feels damn good to have assurance.

Now the only problem is what exactly is going to go down in the sequel, because based on the books and the basic structure of film franchises, it’s going to cause some distress.

Here’s the problem: The way things go down in the movie are a little different to Jenny Han’s book trilogy on which To All The Boys is based. The movie adaptation essentially pulled together certain parts of the first two books in order to create a perfectly tied together love story.

So the next movie could either try to pick up what was left out from the second book, or pick up with the narrative of the third book. Either way, there is going to be conflict in Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky’s relationship.

At the end of To All The Boys, John Ambrose McClaren shows up at Lara Jean’s doorstep with flowers and his love letter. It’s nothing more than a punchline, but if the sequel goes by the plot of the second book, that love triangle is going to come between Lara Jean and Peter.

The problem with that is that Peter Kavinsky is too damn perfect in the movie adaptation. He was designed for us to fall whole-heartedly in love with him and the relationship that blossoms between the two main characters.

With the more flawed version of Peter that exists in the book, it’s easier to be on board with John Ambrose as a potential alternative contender. But they made us fall in love with Peter Kavinsky and I don’t see any of us falling out of love any time soon, sorry Johnny boy.

So if they skip over the whole John Ambrose love triangle debacle – which is unlikely as it compromises the potential to milk at least three films out of this franchise – then we’re still going to see conflict.

There is no movie without conflict, and while I’m more than happy to watch two hours worth of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky happily living their lives together, that dream is DOA.

Things could possibly pick up where the third book begins, with the narrative built around Lara Jean and Peter’s senior year. They would be making college decisions and facing the same crossroads that Margot and Josh came to at the start of the first book and movie.

I’m personally stuck between being overwhelmingly keen for a sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Love Before, and wanting it to remain a perfect complete entity.

But Paramount Pictures is doing it and Netflix is bringing it to us, so let’s just pray they don’t break our Peter Kavinsky-loving hearts.


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