This Video Has Us Thinking Anakin Returns In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

The timing is super suss.

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the rumour mill has being going nuts about whether or not Hayden Christensen will make a surprise appearance as Anakin Skywalker.

A video of Hayden and his Star Wars co-star Ian McDiarmid is adding fuel to the fire after the pair was seen together in Salt Lake City visiting a children’s hospital while they were in the area for FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention.

Many fans believe Anakin will return because if Emperor Palpatine can bounce back from being thrown down a Death Star shaft in Return of the Jedi, why can’t he? Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t exactly be that strange if he did make a comeback.

Credit: LucasFilm

CinemaBlend reports that some fans believe the hospital visit was a marketing tactic, however, that idea doesn’t sound quite right considering Disney canceled their spotlight panel at the convention.

Now many people think the cancellation was to stop Christensen from maybe revealing his involvement in the film.

Surely Christensen and McDiarmid hanging out must mean something is going on, the timing just seems a little suss.

Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo recently teased that there are going to be multiple twists in the upcoming movie, so be prepared.

There’s certainly a lot of pressure on this film to wrap up the entire Star Wars franchise as we know it, so we hope it’s got a satisfying ending to go along with those surprises!

Elsa Doesn't Find A Girlfriend In Frozen 2, So That's Disappointing

"That's not a story that we wanted to tell at this point in time."

After years of hoping Elsa from Frozen would find herself a girlfriend, our hopes have been dashed.

More often than not, romance plays a large role in classic Disney princess stories and the lack of it in Elsa’s story made it quite unique. And it seems as though that theme will continue in Frozen II.

While some people celebrate the fact Elsa didn’t have a romantic storyline, others thought it might be because Disney was going to make her their first gay princess.

Because Elsa didn’t have a love story, there was nothing to show that she was straight so she could possibly find love with a woman.

Many fans thought the new character seen in the film’s trailer could have been Elsa’s potential girlfriend.

However, the film’s songwriter, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, has confirmed the sequel will not focus on Elsa’s romantic life at all.

Speaking with IGN, she said, “Like the first movie, Elsa is not just defined by a romantic interest. There’s so many movies that define a woman by her romantic interest.

“That’s not a story that we wanted to tell at this point in time. What we really wanted to tell was if you have these powers, how do you grow and change and find your place in the world and find answers that haven’t been found before?”

‘Let it Go’ from the first film became an anthem for coming out and embracing your true self, so it’s no surprise that fans are likely to be a little disappointed in this news.

However, if the topic doesn’t come up in Frozen II, it could still mean that Elsa isn’t straight, right?

The movie will see the Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven leave Arandelle to find out where Elsa’s powers came from. It’ll also involve Elsa and Anna’s parents.

Kristoff also tries to propose to Anna at the beginning of the movie but she doesn’t notice because she follows Elsa who has run away, so that will likely be a big storyline of the film as well.

Lizzo Wants A Cameo In The Lizzie McGuire Reboot And Hilary Duff Is Totally On Board

This is what dreams are made of!

We were recently gifted with the best news of 2019 – Lizzie McGuire is getting a reboot, but it somehow got even better because it looks like Lizzo is going to have a cameo in the show.

Lizzo is apparently a huge fan of Lizzie McGuire and took to Twitter to respond to The Hollywood Reporter sharing the news that Hilary Duff will be starring in a reboot of the classic Disney Channel sitcom.

She wrote, “Lemme get a cameo.”

Hilary soon responded, writing, “Ummmmm duh! Hired! Animated Lizzie might explode!”

Lizzo added, “It’s official #LizzoMcGuire,” and if we weren’t excited enough about the reboot, we are seriously over the moon right now.

Credit: Atlantic Records

THR reported the reboot “will revolve around Lizzie as a 30-year-old millennial navigating life in New York City”. It sounds like a PG version of Younger (which Duff will continue to work on while she makes Lizzie McGuire), and I am so keen.

Credit: Disney Channel

It’s not clear whether Lalaine, Adam Lamberg, Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd and Robert Carradine will return for the Disney+ series at this stage.

In an interview with Buzzfeed in 2014, Hilary revealed what she thought Lizzie would be up to at the time and it sounds like it could be the perfect jumping-off point for the reboot!

“I don’t think she’d be married to Gordo. I don’t know, I think she’d go off to college and potentially become a little cooler than she was, but still not bitchy at all. I think she’s just the biggest-hearted girl ever.

Credit: Disney Channel

“Maybe she’d move to New York for a while, and her parents would probably follow her and rent an apartment secretly. I think she’s pretty smart. I can imagine her being on a path to something really special and great, but I feel like she’d still be working her way through the office grind and she’d probably constantly embarrass herself — mishaps in the office all the time.

“And she’d probably still be wearing butterfly clips, bringing it back!”

Sounds perfect!

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