Conor McGregor Punched An Old Guy Over Whisky, Because Of Course He Did

Whisky-spiked punch.

If there is one thing Conor McGregor is really, really good at, it’s punching people. Case in point: this poor bloke enjoying a pint in a Dublin pub who became well-acquainted with McGregor’s fist after he refused a glass of his whisky.

Conor is the king of the big d*ck swinging. Credit: Giphy

Footage, obtained by TMZ, shows McGregor at the Marble Arch pub in April, excitedly pouring patrons glasses of his own brand of whisky. When an older man refuses, the 31-year-old MMA fighter launches at him, serving him a massive blow to the face. 

The victim appears relatively unaffected by the blow, but McGregor is quickly ushered away by his entourage.

According to The Sun, McGregor was reported to the police and while he spoke to detectives about the incident, he was never formally arrested.

In the footage, McGregor goes from happy Irishman to the Hulk in 0.03 seconds, but are we really that surprised?

Ok Conor. Credit: Giphy

In 2017, McGregor jumped into the cage during his teammate Charlie Ward’s fight against John Redmond before it was officially over. He ended up pushing the referee, and slapping the commissioner, ending the fight early. 

In 2018, the MMA fighter was charged with three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief after he attacked opponents in a bus. The same year, McGregor was fined and banned from fighting after a scuffle broke out during a fight at UFC 229.

Earlier this year, he was arrested and charged with strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief after he allegedly took a man’s phone and smashed it on the ground. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact he’s under investigation for sexual assault. 

Ughhhh. Credit: Giphy

After all of that, punching an old guy in an Irish pub seems like the least of McGregor’s worries. Conor – remember what they taught you at school – violence is not the answer…even if it is part of your job.

Was Mack Horton's Public Diss The Best Stance Against Cheating?

The snub seen all over the world.

Those watching the World Swimming Championships on Sunday watched an awkward moment play out when Australian swimmer Mack Horton refused to share the podium with Chinese rival Sun Yang, who won gold in the 400m freestyle. 

Not only did Horton refuse to stand on the podium with Yang, but he declined the offer to shake hands or pose in photos with him, reigniting an ongoing feud.

In 2014, Yang served a three-month suspension for testing positive for a banned drug he claimed was for a heart complaint. Fast-forward to the 2016 Rio Olympics and Horton accused Yang of deliberately splashing him during training. He later told the media, “He just kind of splashed me but I ignored him because I don’t have time or respect for drug cheats.”

It’s not the first time Yang has faced cheating allegations, either. Earlier this year, reports surfaced that the swimmer had smashed a vial of blood with a hammer during a doping test at his home in China. The 10-time world champ will face the Court of Arbitration for Sport at a hearing in September over the events, and faces a lifetime ban if he is found guilty.

Following Horton’s public snub on Sunday, Yang told reporters, “Disrespecting me was okay, but disrespecting China was unfortunate…I feel sorry about that.” Chinese swim team manager Xu Qi has since demanded an apology from Horton, claiming Mack Horton’s words “greatly hurt feelings between Chinese and Australian swimmers.” 

Despite the initial backlash, when Horton returned to the athletes village following the event he was reportedly met with a “thundering ovation,” and has also received plenty of support on social media from fellow swimmers and fans. 

There’s no denying that Horton’s diss was a bold and admirable statement against cheating, but it hasn’t come without criticism. Richard Ings, the CEO of Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority tweeted, “I am no fan of Sun Yang. But he has served his suspension for a doping violation and he has been cleared by a FINA panel of refusing to provide a sample. Innocent unless proven guilty. Not standing on the podium with him should attract a hefty penalty.”

A “hefty penalty” seems excessive, but with investigations into Yang’s cheating allegations in full swing, it’s a shame Horton was forced to make a statement deemed “disrespectful” by competitors.

Speaking to 3AW, Mack Horton’s father Andrew said his son was “frustrated and disappointed, as so many athletes are, that this issue has tagged along into world championships.”

“It’s not a commentary about China, we have huge respect for China,” Mr. Horton said. “This is about ensuring that there are systems and processes in the sport that keep the sport clean.” This is something we can all agree on.

Will justice prevail? We will just have to wait and see.

Shaquille O'Neal Moshing At Tomorrowland Is All You Need To See Today

Hobbies: basketball and headbanging.

It’s Monday, which means normal Monday things like morning commutes, meetings and painfully working your way through any residual hangover from the weekend. But it also means feasting your eyes on seven foot tall former pro basketballer Shaquille O’Neal moshing at Tomorrowland.

Yes, you read that right. Please, take a moment to kick back, relax and ease your Mondayitis with this video of Shaq absolutely losing it during Modestep’s set at the Belgium music festival over the weekend. 

At seven feet, Shaq’s giant frame not only towers over the fellow festivalgoers around him, but becomes somewhat of a ‘springboard’ for fans to bounce off, making for the funnest mosh we’ve ever seen. 

Now, you might be asking yourself, but why is Shaquille O’Neal at Tomorrowland? And tbh, it’s a valid question. Apparently, since retiring from basketball, Shaq has tried his hand at a variety of different hobbies, including DJ’ing under the very sexy pseudonym DJ Diesel.

DJ Diesel showed off his skills on the decks during a one-hour set at the festival and then spent the rest of the time lounging in the VIP area and evidently, headbanging in the front row with everyone else. 

Oh, and according to Shaquille, DJ Diesel is the real deal. In a 2018 interview with Ebro Darden on Beats 1, the former basketballer said, “I like doing festivals, but my set is more trap, hip-hop and dubstep. For me, it’s like…we have that adrenaline rush when it comes to rocking crowds.”

“When you go to festivals, they’re there to just see a great performance. I just give them great music, with the way I put my blends and mixes together, and a lot of people — because they haven’t seen me do it — I guess they think I’m a celebrity DJ, but I’ve been doing it since 1986. It’s about having fun and putting on a show for the people.”

Let this wholesome and truly joyful footage inspire you to live your Monday, and the rest of the week, with all the intensity and confidence of Shaq.

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