Tom Holland Thinks Spider-Man: Far From Home Was 'Clearly A Risk' And He's Not Wrong

"I love the fact that Jon Watts and Marvel and Sony were bold enough to make that choice."

The next Spider-Man movie will likely be a very different kind of Spidey story thanks to the way Far From From Home ended with Peter Parker’s identity being revealed. And it could prove to be quite a risky move for the film.

However, Tom Holland isn’t that worried because he believes Far From Home was already pretty risky.

Credit: Sony Pictures

CinemaBlend reports that in a bonus feature on the new Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-Ray, Holland says he thinks everyone involved in the film was “bold” due to the inclusion of Mysterio as their villain.

“Mysterio is clearly a risk. If you even just look at him in the illustrations, it’s not an easy character to bring to life and it’s quite easy to see why, in the movies prior, no one took on the challenge of Mysterio.

“And I love the fact that Jon Watts and Marvel and Sony were bold enough to make that choice,” he added.

While Mysterio is quite a popular Spider-Man villain, it’s not difficult to see why it’s a bit of a risk bringing him to the big screen considering he wears green spandex with a purple cape and a fishbowl on his head. Honestly, who in their right mind would wear that?

Credit: Sony Pictures

Quentin Beck’s original storyline saw him as a movie stuntman and special effects wizard who went bad, and it probably makes more sense in a 1964 comic than it does in a movie today.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a Spidey villain but the filmmakers chose to take the difficult route and use Mysterio. No doubt, casting Jake Gyllenhaal in the role and the link to Tony Stark played a huge factor in the character working on screen.

At the end of the movie, we’re left wondering if Beck is still alive and if Peter’s identity reveal was actually another huge illusion?

After making Mysterio work so well, the bar has certainly been raised for the third film!

The next Spidey film is set for release in July 2021.

Natalie Portman Has A Super Simple Reason For Why She Wasn't In Thor: Ragnarok

Hadn't really thought of that...

It was quite possibly one of the biggest surprises to come out of Comic-Con – Natalie Portman would be returning to the Thor franchise as Mighty Thor in the fourth movie in the series.

The star had been notably absent in Thor: Ragnarok with many believing this was to do with a falling out with Marvel after they fired Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins from Thor: The Dark World.

Credit: Marvel

Portman even refused to come back for reshoots, forcing production to use Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky as a stand-in for her.

Now, the actress has finally addressed the reason she didn’t make it into Ragnarok, telling ET, “They came to me. Obviously I wasn’t written into the third Thor because of where it took place.

“It wasn’t really on Earth and my character was on Earth. And then they came to me with the fourth idea and said, you know, ‘We have this idea, that was a storyline in some of the comics, where Jane becomes Lady Thor.’ And I was like, this is very exciting.

“And also of course with Taika [Waititi], and I love Tessa [Thompson] and Chris [Hemsworth] so much. So it’s exciting to get to work with them again. And yeah, I’m very excited to wield the hammer.”

Credit: Marvel

It actually makes a lot of sense, I guess Thor didn’t have much reason to see Jane during the third film, so it didn’t make a lot of sense for her to be involved.

In fact, all the human characters from Thor were absent during Ragnarok. Darcy and Dr Selvig weren’t involved at all.

In the movie it was revealed that Jane had broken up with Thor and then she briefly appeared in Avengers: Endgame with co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo using old footage of her to make the scene work.

Waititi, who is directing Thor: Love and Thunder, explained to Variety how he got Portman to return to the series, saying he pitched it to her as something totally different to what she’d previously been doing.

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“I just said to her ‘Are you interested in coming back to this thing, but doing something really different?’”

“No one wants to keep repeating themselves, and no one wants to play the same characters all the time. And I think for her, just coming back, reprising that character in a whole fresh new way was really what would interest anyone.

“Especially in most of these films, if you’re not a superhero… do you really wanna keep doing that? I mean, I wouldn’t. I’d want to come back and change things up.”

We’ve got a while to wait before finding out exactly how Jane becomes Mighty Thor as the movie is set for release on November 5, 2021.

Spider-Man's Daily Bugle Website Totally Challenges Kevin Feige's Comments On The Blip In Endgame

Well, this is awkward.

The release of Spider-Man: Far From Home marked the ending of Phase Three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it looks like Sony is changing Kevin Feige’s version of what happened after The Blip with their new Daily Bugle website.

The end of Far From Home brought back J.K. Simmons as a new version of J. Jonah Jameson and this time they’ve given The Daily Bugle its own in-universe website and it’s challenging one of Feige’s previous comments about The Blip in Avengers: Endgame.

The Blip is the name given to the moment all the dusted characters from Avengers: Infinity War returned as a result of Hulk’s snap in Endgame. Spider-Man: Far From Home used the fact that half of the population suddenly returned as comedy for their film by showing how high school was affected.

After Endgame’s release, Feige revealed that everyone who was dusted mid-flight or in a precarious position weren’t hurt.

He spoke to Empire following a lot of fan concern, saying those who could have died in accidents were put back in a safe place when they were snapped back.

“If people were in an airplane when they were dusted, they didn’t return at 35,000 feet. They didn’t fall to their deaths because Smart Hulk is smart, and when he snapped… You can wish for whatever you want and you can wish for everyone to come back safely. Done.”

Credit: Marvel

However, The Daily Bugle tells another story with a ‘testimonial’ from a man named Jack Triconi who returned in The Blip.

“My crew and I were working the new Extreme Measures movie. I was right in the middle of a leap off a sixty-story building – the fallpad was below me and everything – and then I blipped. I guess they didn’t leave the pad there for five years, cuz I’ve been in the hospital ever since,” it reads.

However, it now features an update that reads, “Update: After further investigation it’s been discovered that Jack Triconi never blipped away at all and was faking his situation as a way to claim insurance money. His name was posted on the local docket this week after being arrested for insurance fraud and sentenced to months in prison.”

Credit: Sony Pictures

So has Sony taken a few liberties with the story? Or is it purposefully bending the truth given this new version of Jameson seems to be the host of a conspiracy theory series rather than a newspaper editor?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the third Spider-Man film before we know what’s happening there…

Spider-Man: Far From Home is out on Blu-Ray from October 1.


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