The Greatest Spider-Man Movie Ever Is Getting The Bonkers Sequel We All Want

Time for another re-watch.

The GOAT team have a soft spot for most of the Spider-Man films that come out (except for the Andrew Garfield ones) and while we dig what Tom Holland has done with the character, the greatest ever Spidey film is undoubtedly Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

It’s warm, emotional, the animation looks utterly brilliant, retells the old “great power comes great responsibility” Spider-Man story in a refreshing way and has one of the greatest movie soundtracks in recent memory. It even has Nic Cage in it for god’s sake.

That’s why it pleases me to no end to report that Into the Spider-Verse is getting the sequel it deserves. According to a tweet from the official Spider-Verse Twitter account, the sequel is going to drop on April 8, 2022, which is a bit of a wait but hey, I’ll gladly wait however long it takes for the film to be great.

Beyond that, we actually don’t know what’s in store for us with Into The Spider-Verse 2 other than it’ll pick up where the first film left off. Since no details have been confirmed, let’s indulge in some baseless speculation and question asking instead.

Will we see Spider-Gwen, fat Peter Parker and all the other Spidey counterparts meet up with Miles Morales again? Will there be other Spider-Man appearances from different universes? Is Tom Holland going to make an appearance of some sorts given the Marvel/Sony deal that’s going?

Are we going to get a pay-off for that great post-credits scene in the first film where we got introduced to Oscar Isaac’s Miguel O’Hara? Does the multiple flashes of the Miles Morales Spider-Man logo in the teaser clip suggest we’ll see different versions of himself this time around?

What’s the music going to be like? Is Post Malone going to write another banger on the level of ‘Sunflower’ for the sequel?

So many questions yet literally no answers.

With the April 8, 2022 release date set, we’ve got more than enough time to speculate. In the meantime, it just means we’re due for another rewatch of Into The Spider-Verse, not that you really need an excuse to watch it again anyway.

'Saw' Was Inspired By A Crippling Migraine And Mel Gibson's 'Mad Max'

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected, and occasionally painful, places.

When James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s horror masterpiece, Saw, was dropped upon us back in 2004, it was something of a revelation. Nothing pointed to the film being a success, let alone being an iconic entry into the horror movie lexicon due to its premise, the traps, iconic scenes like the leg sawing bit, and Jigsaw as the mastermind antagonist.

Yet Saw proved to be the little scary film that could, becoming one of the most successful horror movies ever, and it’s even more unbelievable when you consider that the movie only turned out the way it did because of a migraine and Mad Max.

When James Wan and Leigh Whannell were still in the writing stages of Saw, Whannell was suffering from migraines due to stress and unhappiness over working at a dead end job he hated.

Convinced his migraine was a brain tumour, he went to see a neurologist and while waiting in the waiting room, he had the thought, “What if you were given the news that you had a tumor and you were going to die soon? How would you react to that?”

After combining that admittedly dark thought with the idea of someone putting others into a literal version of a life or death situation with only a few minutes to choose their fate, the memorable character of Jigsaw was born.

As for how Mad Max came to influence Saw, it wasn’t Mel Gibson or the grim look that inspired Wan and Whannell. Rather, it was Mad Max‘s ending where Max gives a baddie – who is handcuffed to a burning car that’s about to explode – the choice to either saw (heh) off his own leg (which will be quicker) or sawing through the handcuffs (which will take longer).

This iconic scene more or less directly inspired the ending of Saw where Dr. Lawrence Gordon is basically given the same choice in order to escape death, except that the difference is the baddie dies whereas Lawrence ultimately ends up (improbably) surviving.

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected – and occasionally painful – places and it certainly was the case for James Wan and Leigh Whannell when it came to Saw, which is still as memorable today as it was back in 2004.

Ryan Reynolds Totally Isn't Salty Over 'Joker' Beating 'Deadpool' At The Box Office

Not one bit.

In case you haven’t heard, some little indie film called Joker has been killing it at the box-office ever since it was released. It seems like all that bad press has only contributed to its ridiculous box-office haul as it has now officially over Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool as the highest-grossing R-rated film ever.

Yes, well done.

Joker‘s achievement is definitely not something to scoff at. Deadpool not only managed to carve itself a place in the pop-culture lexicon as the leading purveyor of dick jokes, it earned nearly USD$800 million worldwide so the fact that some film about a clown managed to topple it is truly impressive.

Whether you liked Joker or not, this sort of record-breaking accomplishment definitely deserves some recognition and Ryan Reynolds was only too happy to congratulate the film on toppling Deadpool.

Taking to Twitter, the actor went full Wade Wilson and shared a congratulatory post in the only way he knows how: with pure, unadulterated vulgarity with a healthy helping of salt.

Kudos to Reynolds for also including a bunch of other R-rated films Joker toppled, such as The Matrix, It, and Logan. The fact that he included Hugh Jackman’s name in the “congratulatory” post without making fun of the Aussie actor speaks volumes on how he feels about some clown movie beating Deadpool.

Now that the gauntlet has been laid down, the only reasonable response in this dumb Hollywood game of “who can make the most money” is to try and beat Joker with the next Deadpool.

That may take a while given how the character is now under the Marvel/Disney banner now but let’s look at it another way: it just means the writers and Reynolds will have more time to perfect the inevitable wave of Joker jokes for Deadpool 3 or whatever it will be called.

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