Welp, Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Just Went And Eloped Because They DGAF

A big congrats to the newlyweds!

Of all the things that could’ve happened this week, the last thing we predicted was “Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas bailing on the Billboard Music Awards early to elope in Las Vegas with Diplo acting as their unofficial video person.”

And yet, that’s exactly what happened, folks.

That’s right, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are officially husband and wife. Okay, let’s quickly recap what happened.

Sophie and Joe were at the BBMAs in Las Vegas, where they presumably had a heap of fun rocking out to Drake and BTS. The couple then bailed on the event and headed straight for a local wedding chapel to get hitched in a shotgun wedding with an Elvis impersonator officiating the spontaneous ceremony.

Diplo was there in attendance with the bride and groom’s friends and family, and he decided to live-stream some of the ceremony on Instagram because why the hell not at this point.

You would’ve thought that after Priyanka and Nick’s massive wedding that Sophie and Joe would hold some lavish ceremony.

But exchanging vows and ring-pops in lieu of actual rings at a local Las Vegas chapel seems far more fitting for the couple given their DGAF attitude to pretty much everything these days. For what it’s worth, Sophie wore a white dress and Joe was in a suit so they had that also going for them.

A huge congrats to those two crazy kids, may this be the start of what appears to be an even crazier journey for them.

Arya's Fancy Moves On The Latest Game Of Thrones Has Inspired A New Viral Internet Challenge

What do we say to the god of the internet? Arya challenge!



If we’re being honest, the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones, “The Long Night“, didn’t exactly rank up there as one of its finest despite all the hype about it having the grandest battle sequence ever seen on TV and film.

That being said, there were enough moments to offset some of the episode’s big flaws (like how frigging dark everything was), such as Arya Stark’s fighting moves and her epic takedown of the Night King at the end.

Arya’s fancy knife skills certainly caught the eye of many viewers, so much so that it has inspired a new viral internet challenge.

Stick them with the pointy end.

This new challenge basically reenacts Arya’s fancy move that enabled her to kill the Night King: pretend to stab something up high with a knife/fork/carrot/hairbrush/whatever before dropping the weapon into your second hand, which is near your waist, and finishing the attack.

Look, that was very difficult to describe using words so it’s probably better that you watch all the videos of people attempting this fancy little challenge instead.

As far as internet challenges go, this one is pretty cool and is actually, you know, something of a challenge since you actually need some coordination to drop something from one hand to another at the right time. Given how the last 12 months have seen the birth of some truly stupid stunts, like the Tide Pod and Bird Box challenges, the Arya challenge is definitely a step up.

And the best part of this challenge? It actually makes for a decent dance move to add to your repertoire. The god of death is probably frowning at all this right now but hey, you know what we say to that? Not today.

The Cinematographer Of Game Of Thrones's Darkest Episode Says It's Your Fault You Couldn't See

Not sure if pinning the blame on your paying customers is the right way to go in this situation.



So the Battle of Winterfell on the latest episode of Game of Thrones was something, ay?

While Arya delivering the final blow on the Night King was the big highlight in “The Long Night”, it wasn’t enough to distract from the main episode’s main problem: everything was just too damn dark.

I watched it twice and could barely make out a single frigging thing. In fact, the only things I could properly see with some clarity was Bran doing his Bran thing and when Melisandre worked her crazy fire magic as it gave my eyes some blessed relief to all the darkness.

In response to the many, many gripes about the episode’s lack of lighting, the cinematographer has spoken up about it and boy did he give us all a piss poor explanation.

Gonna need a lot more wine to get through this.

In a chat with TMZGoT cinematographer Fabian Wagner says the reason y’all thought the episode was too dark is because everyone was watching on mobile devices and TVs while in a room that’s too bright instead of in a dark cinema as he intended.

In other words, if you thought “The Long Night” was too dark, you’re watching it wrong and its your fault you’re watching it on your plebby devices and TVs instead of your own private movie cinema.

Now Fabian doesn’t heap all the blame on the viewer’s shoulders as he also gives some to HBO for compressing the episode before airing, which resulted in lower quality than intended.

Okay, maybe the quality was impacted with HBO’s compression of the episode but surely there were talks behind the scenes on bringing having more light? Well actually no.

The cinematographer explains that “The Long Night” came out exactly as planned as the battle scenes were intended to be “intense, claustrophobic, and disorientating” before proudly claiming that he knows the episode wasn’t “too dark” because he “shot it”.

Your explanation disappoints your Khaleesi.

Bold strategy there from Fabian to pin the problem on the paying customers and his bosses rather than admit fault on his or the colourist’s behalf. Gotta also give him credit for the balls he had when he blew smoke up his own ass afterwards as well. Let’s see if this pays off for him.

With an explanation like that, it’s probably no coincidence that Fabian and his work wasn’t featured in the behind-the-scenes feature that was released shortly after “The Long Night” aired. They probably didn’t have a cinema-sized room big or dark enough for his ego to fit or they’re saving it as a DVD special once all this blows over.


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