Sophie Turner Shutting Down Nick Jonas’ Attempt At A Game Of Thrones Inside Joke Is Ruthless

He doesn't even go here!

Between chugging wine on a stadium screen and sharing the most accurate reaction videos to the adventures of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones’ final season, Sophie Turner has a reputation for being the sassiest boss of both the GoT and Jonas Brother family.

So of course, when Nick Jonas made a cheeky Game of Thrones joke about his Met Gala look, Sophie came through with the signature sass.

Nick was looking dapper on the pink carpet alongside Priyanka Chopra, but fans commented on the resemblance to GoT baddie Little Finger. Spot on to be honest.

Responding to Nick’s caption, “Sansa… We must protect the vale.” Sophie Turner replied with a harsh reminder that she killed off his manipulative ass in season seven. Get wrecked.

Nick Jonas Game of Thrones cosplay has nothing on Joe Jonas’ full Sansa Stark get up last Halloween.

But at the end of the day, all is fair in love and siblings-in-law.

A Disposable Coffee Cup Wasn’t The Only Mistake In Game Of Thrones' Latest Episode


Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4

Game of Thrones is being gently roasted for leaving a disposable coffee cup in the feast scene after spending years on this final season. Fair’s fair, and the show admitted that they f**ked up.

But arguably, there was another mistake in episode five. Or two really. The first is the fact that the Northern crew and Khaleesi’s people surely by now would have made some armour for the damn dragons???

They know these dragons are prime targets, they know the dragons can be taken down by puncture wounds, and yet, no one thought to build armour for these guys? Seems unlikely. The dragons were their greatest asset, and now they only have one.

But my biggest gripe with the narrative choices in episode five have to do with the major death at the end.

Sweet, kind Missandei. You did not deserve to die, but once captured, it was inevitable.

The mistake was that Tyrion thought he could get Cersei to surrender by asking nicely, and that he survived.

Tyrion was smarter than this for about six and a half seasons, and then suddenly he’s being written as a great big dummy???

He’s just like “Pretty please sister?” as if this woman didn’t blow up hundreds of people a hot minute ago.

I know that Tyrion seems to hit a nerve with Cersei and she’s been presented with the opportunity to kill him before and lacked follow through. But at this point, when Cersei is so close to either defeat or victory and her brother is standing in her way, I just don’t believe Cersei is having mercy???


Are You Even A Real Game Of Thrones Fan If You Don’t Remember The Show’s First Death?

Being the first to die on this show is an unexpectedly solid claim.

Game of Thrones has a well-earned reputation for killing off characters. Whether they’re seemingly crucial protagonists (Ned Stark) or mass amounts of extras (every battle scene ever), George R. R. Martin and show runners David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss have no qualms about spilling blood in the GoT universe.

But do you remember the first life lost in the eight-season-long Game of Thrones saga?

In true Game of Thrones style, the first casualty was actually in the first few minutes of the first episode.

His name was Waymar Royce, played by actor Rob Ostlere, and he seemed like a protagonist for a whole five minutes. Until he got sliced in half by a white walker.

Waymar Royce, whose father was Yohn of House Arryn, was a man of the Night’s Watch. He was riding through the Haunted Forest beyond the Wall with comrades Gared and Will, when they ran into a disturbing sight of slaughtered Wildlings.

Royce has attitude when the other men get freaked by the bloody scene and refuses to ride back to the wall. Regrets!

Him and his Night’s Watch buddies end up being ambushed by White Walkers – though at the time they are just unknown blue-eyed horrors to the audience – and Royce becomes the first on-screen death of Game of Thrones.

Speaking to i news, Ostlere said,

“One of the most interesting aspects of the show is how willing they are to kill off characters and catch you by surprise.”

“It felt like a short film because we were slightly separate from the Starks and everything going on in that area. The scene itself has its own beginning, middle and end and it almost comes across as a short horror film.”

It’s easy to forget that the White Walkers were introduced in the very first scene of the show, especially because this scene really was like a separate entity to the rest of the show.

As for Rob Ostlere, even though he auditioned for the parts of Jon Snow and Theon Greyjoy and all sorts of other main parts, he seems pretty stoked about his role as the first death on the show. His Twitter bio still boasts “First one to die in @GameOfThrones”, so he clearly sees it as a claim.

And you know what? Even though there have been hundreds of thousands of deaths in Game of Thrones, being the first is a claim.

*Season 8 episode 3 ‘Battle of Winterfell’ spoilers ahead*

Reflecting on this very first scene, it really highlights how the show set up the White Walker narrative as the ultimate story arc. That makes it all-the-more disappointing that that narrative wrapped up so abruptly in the Battle of Winterfell, without delving too deeply into the Night King’s back story.

But alas, this is how it is, and we’ll have to wait until the Game of Thrones prequels to potentially learn more about the White Walkers and their origin.

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