Sophie Turner Gave Us The Bizarrely Glam Tire Change How To Video We All Need

High fashion and highly practical.

Sophie Turner has successfully transcended her break-out role as Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones fame, and become one our very favourite famous people in her own right.

She chugs wine on stadium screens, she makes the perfect GoT reaction videos, she has boss spontaneous weddings with Joe Jonas, and she somehow manages to combine glamour and practicality in a way not many can achieve.

She showcased the latter quality in this video with Vogue, in which she wears evening gowns and a flawless face of makeup while teaching us how to change a tire.

What can we say except that we stan a queen who is out there getting things done herself. Get this woman on the Iron Throne.

I honestly had no idea how to change a tire until this glorious and legitimately helpful video. So cheers to Vogue and Sophie Turner for keeping it real and using pretty shiny things and celebrity clout to teach us all an important thing.

Victoria’s Secret Is Failing Because We Have A Problem With Poor Diversity, Not Network TV

There is no place for the parade of 'Angels' in 2019.

Victoria’s Secret used to be the lingerie brand to rule them all, but in recent years its stock has very literally plummeted as the company’s head decision-makers failed to keep up with the times.

The market share has been declining and so have the number of people tuning into the iconic annual fashion show. So now Victoria’s Secret L Brands CEO Les Wexner has let slip in a memo obtained by CNBC that they are going to ‘rethink’ the fashion show to evolve with the digital age.

The party line is that “going forward we don’t believe network television is the right fit,” which is basically blaming the poor ratings on the dwindling relevance of Network TV as opposed to the dwindling relevance of the brand itself.

But we all know that Victoria’s Secret and the annual fashion show has lost fans because the brand still reps a uniformed, unrealistic body-type that is no longer what we want to see.

Check out the body diversity at the 2017 VS Show!

Victoria’s Secret refuses to represent any women who are not very tall, very thin, and as far as body-types go, very similar. As a company, they are reinforcing the damaging message that women are only sexy, have the right to feel sexy, wear sexy outfits and express their sexuality, if they have zero per cent body fat.

It’s 2019, we want better, and they have failed to evolve. That is why Victoria’s Secret is failing.

The brand messaging is not accident, which was made clear by the Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek last year when he commented in a Vogue interview that Victoria’s Secret will not showcase plus-size or transgender women in their annual show.

Using the outdated and offensive term ‘transsexual’, Razek stated that trans and plus-size women do not exemplify the “fantasy” that Victoria’s Secret is selling.

His comments garnered the backlash they deserve, and Razek retracted them in a weak attempt to recover the brand.

The problem with Victoria’s Secret is that they are still selling underwear to women by appealing to men. If they paid attention to what we actually want, they would realise that it is not the male fantasy of female perfection that they’re stubbornly sticking to.

We want diverse bodies, diverse people, and diverse products that represent who the consumers are and what we need. At this point, VS is tragically far behind the body-positive movement and that is the company’s own fault.

Meanwhile, other lingerie brands are keeping up with the demand, like Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty line. Rihanna put Victoria’s Secret to shame with her epic lingerie fashion show at last year’s New York Fashion Week.

Rihanna demonstrated that diversity is not that hard to achieve if you just decide to do it. People loved the show, people love her brand, and people did not shy away from making savage comparisons with the outdated Victoria’s Secret show.

Victoria’s Secret’s problem is not Network TV, it’s that the company has refused to meet the demands of its consumers. That’s why we have lost interest.

Sophie Turner’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix Poster Is An Artistic Interpretation Made For The Wrong Time Period

Still keen though.

Dark Phoenix is the final movie in the X-Men franchise, and with Game of Throne’s Sophie Turner taking on the starring role it looks appropriately awesome.

It’s very clear that Sophie Turner’s talent extends far beyond what we’ve seen from her as Lady Sansa Stark. In this X-Men film, she plays Jean Grey as she transforms into the iconic Dark Phoenix the X-Men family and entire planet that she once loved.

Basically, she gets to be the Bad Guy, and the power suits her…Just saying #Sansa4Queen.

According to the X-Men timeline, the film is set in the 90s. Which is why this final release poster for Dark Phoenix doesn’t seem quite right.

Although it looks great, and Sophie Turner is slaying as the centrepiece, the poster is a distinctly 80s aesthetic. It throws back to that era of painted movie posters that were emblematic of films like E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, The Goonies and Back to the Future.

But for a film set in the 90s it just doesn’t make sense.

It’s also an odd choice considering the 80s painted poster angle has been recently revived by one of the biggest shows around: Stranger Things. 

Considering the high-profile popularity of Stranger Things and the fact that the poster aesthetic actually matches the period setting of the show, it seems an odd direction for X-Men to take. I have faith that Dark Phoenix will be an epic movie, but the target audience is attentive to the point of being picky, so it can’t afford too many choices that are interpreted as missteps.

Lucky for them the poster still looks great, and having Sophie Turner’s face on it makes it pretty impossible to dislike.

Dark Phoenix is set to be released on June 6 in Australia.

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