Sony Announces The Release Of A PlayStation 1 Mini-Console, Which Unashamedly Rips Off Nintendo But I Want One Anyway

There will be 20 games preloaded on it but I'll be spewing if Metal Gear Solid doesn't make the list.

Nintendo has been absolutely killing the video game console market over the past couple of years thanks to its Switch, mini NES Classic Edition, and mini SNES Classic Edition three-punch combo.

Having seen just how big the classic console pie is, Sony has decided to toss its spoon into the ring by announcing the upcoming release of its own mini classic console called the – wait for it – PlayStation Classic.

Blatantly and unashamedly ripping off Nintendo’s idea of re-releasing an old console to capitalise on the gaming community’s penchant for wistful nostalgia, the Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Classic is a basically a mini version of its mega-popular PS1 gaming system.

The thing comes with 20 games preloaded – which includes Final Fantasy VIITekken 3Wild ArmsRidge Racer Type 4, and Jumping Flash – as well as two classic PS1 controllers because who doesn’t miss the days of no joysticks and tripping over cables.

But as much as it sounds like I’m ragging on Sony for copying Nintendo’s idea – which I kinda am – I also really want one of these PlayStation Classics.

For all the dumb gripes I have about video game companies copying each other, it’s something that’s been happening for decades and it’s almost weird when copying doesn’t happen. Plus, with the very real risk of our favourite retro video games disappearing forever, it’s great that Sony are re-releasing its back catalogue of games for everyone to enjoy.

The PlayStation Classic will be released on December 3 and will retail at about $150, which means Santa Claus’ bag is going to be filled with these things.

Having said all that, if Metal Gear Solid isn’t one of the 20 games on the console, I will bloody riot.

There Are LGBTQI Pride Flags In The New Spider-Man Game And It's A Small But Super Important Message Of Inclusion

Swing too far and you'll miss it.

Having spent the a few joyful hours playing Sony’s new Spider-Man game, I can tell you that it is a goddamn delight.

The swinging mechanics are super fun, everything looks gorgeous, the classic Spidey snark is spot on, the Marvel references are great, and the game’s rendition of New York City is fantastic.

But one thing that may be easily missed while you’re swinging around from skyscraper to skyscraper is the presence of LGBTQI Pride flags waving around.

In addition to getting the all-important web-swinging physics just right for Spider-Man, the developers also deemed it just as important to have a message of inclusion in the game, no matter how small it is.

While the rainbow flag’s inclusion can be seen as the video game world finally catching up to real life, especially given how New York City has made strides in recent years in regards to LGBTQI inclusiveness (over 50,000 people took part in the 2018 NYC Pride Parade), small gestures like this are super important especially to those living in less LGBTQI-friendly communities.

Following the discovery of the rainbow flag in Spider-Man, gamers flocked to Twitter to share their excitement over its inclusion and how this much this small gesture means to them and the LGBTQI community.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get my Spider suit back on so I can find one of these flags and take a glorious selfie with it.

Henry Cavill Is Your New Geralt In Netflix's Witcher TV Series And I Don't Care What Anyone Says Because He's Goddamn Perfect For The Role

Cavill will be expanding his range from a buff action hero to a buff action hero with long hair and scars.

Amongst the many, many expensive projects Netflix is splashing money on over the next few years, one of the more interesting things in the works is a live-action TV adaptation of The Witcher.

With The Witcher having been already adapted into a couple of terrible TV shows and a trilogy of critically-acclaimed video games, Netflix’s Witcher series is already facing an uphill battle to bring something new to the table.

However, even if the whole thing ends up sucking, it certainly won’t have anything to do with the casting because Netflix has hired Henry Cavill to play the lead role of Geralt of Rivia.

The current face and body of Superman will be Geralt in Netflix’s planned eight-episode Witcher series, and it will mark his first TV role since The Tudors.

Now say what you will about Cavill, who can be a bit of a brainless idiot sometimes, but his casting in The Witcher is absolutely spot-on.

The bloke has made it no secret that he is a big fan of The Witcher series, having read all the novels. In fact, he’s publicly said on camera that his dream would be to play Geralt someday, so there’s no doubt about Cavill’s enthusiams and his knowledge of Witcher stuff.

More importantly, Cavill’s chiseled looks make him physically perfect as Geralt.

I mean, check out this little piece of fanart on what the guy would look like as the long-haired monster hunter. Provided that Netflix don’t do some weird CGI stuff for the beard and mustache, I think we have a winner here.

Now there’s still some time before we see any glimpse of what Netflix’s Witcher series would even look like, mainly because showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich only met with Cavill four months ago before any writers were hired or scripts were written.

But with an experiences showrunner who has worked on Daredevil and The Defenders at the helm, a Superman in the lead, and Netflix’s checkbook at the ready, all signs are looking positive for The Witcher series so far.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to see this particular scene lovingly recreated in real-life?

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