Let’s Make A Pact To Normalise Platonic Flower-Giving In 2020

It'd be quite nice to receive flowers in a non-romantic way once in a while.

Let’s set the scene for this internet-inspired story: a woman’s best friend is going through a rough time after a break up and the woman’s boyfriend thought to cheer the best friend up by buying them some flowers.

Sweet gesture right? Not according to the internet.

This exact scenario unfolded in real life and got a lot of attention when it was shared on Twitter and subsequently went viral. However, jokes about the woman’s boyfriend cheating on her with her heartbroken best friend started coming up and became more viral than the original tweet.

Buying your girlfriend’s best friend flowers when they’re going through something is a pretty nice thing to do, particularly when said girlfriend knows about it and is cool with everything, but apparently it’s taboo according to incredibly insecure folk on the internet.

The only time this is weird is when the flower giver and receiver aren’t exactly close, which clearly isn’t the case in this story.

The response is genuinely baffling because it’s literally one person giving a friend something in an attempt to cheer them up. And yet because the “something” is flowers then it’s suddenly become something more than just a “kind gesture.”

Imagine the response had this exact same scenario unfolded but it was with chocolate instead of flowers. All those dumb “cheating” jokes would be replaced with sounds of silence.

This story has spawned a big question among the GOAT team: why are there rules about flower giving in the first place?

People give each other random trinkets and sweets all the time and yet people get so judgy when someone gives someone who isn’t their partner flowers. It would honestly be nice to give and receive a batch of roses in a non-platonic manner without folks whipping out the shaming hammer.

Flowers has been a symbol for romance (and hayfever) for ages but it’s perhaps time to shed that image because sometimes it’s just nice to receive some flowers as a nice gesture from time to time.

Even Lady Gaga Is Casting Shade On Her ARTPOP Album

This is going to go down well among Gaga fans.

Lady Gaga has had quite the storied career that’s been filled with crazy artistic concepts and headline-grabbing bangers. But perhaps the most controversial era of the singer’s career was her ARTPOP phase, which caused quite the divide among her fanbase at the time of its release in 2013. You either loved it or hated it and there’s almost no middle ground.

It’s been years since ARTPOP was dropped upon us and it seems like Lady Gaga doesn’t have fond memories of that era. To be specific, it seems like she has no memory of that period at all based on this tweet:

Whether Lady Gaga is merely stirring the pot and throwing shade at her album just for the sake of it (likely), has genuinely forgotten about ARTPOP (unlikely), or is celebrating the album’s six-year anniversary in a very weird way (who knows), we’ll never know.

What we do know is that Little Monsters aren’t too happy with this little tweet from Lady Gaga and decided to come out in droves on Twitter to defend ARTPOP and all its merits while slinging shade back at the singer.

Not to play Devil’s advocate or anything, but perhaps there’s a simple explanation as to why Lady Gaga tweeted what she did about ARTPOP.

With only diehard fans loving the heavily-layered, non-commericial nature of the project compared to the “meh” response of regular fans, critics not quite warming to what was being put out, and the album’s middling sales (relatively speaking) compared to previous efforts, perhaps Lady Gaga views ARTPOP as a period where the world turned its back on her and having the album’s sixth anniversary come along dug up some bad memories of that time.

Or perhaps Lady Gaga was feeling a bit nostalgic about ARTPOP and simply wanted to see what folks felt about the project six years since its release.

At the end of the day, there are a few takeaways from Lady Gaga’s simple tweet: there are fans who really, really love ARTPOP and the singer is either a social media genius or has a bad memory.

Don’t be surprised if all this was some sort of ARTPOP continuation or a trolling move from Lady Gaga. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s done something like this.

Who On Earth Thought Selling A 'Daddy's Little Slut' Children's T-Shirt Was A Good Idea?

Targeting a very small niche of bad parents there with this product.

Wearing a T-shirt with a funny caption is something that’s harmless and entertaining for both the wearer and onlookers. Having said that, there is a line where the caption stops becoming funny and it seems like we’ve tripped on it with the existence of “Daddy’s little slut” T-shirts.

Now the caption itself isn’t that bad per se and is certainly not the worst thing to stamp on a T-shirt, but it becomes exceedingly problematic when said T-shirt is for children.

You see, an online children’s apparel retailer called OnlyBabyCare thought it was a good idea to sell a kid’s T-shirt with the phrase “Daddy’s little slut” printed on it in big letters.

The shirt was originally sold on Amazon before the company realised that selling a “Daddy’s little slut” kid’s T-shirt isn’t a good look and promptly took it down. Not saying that correlation equals causation in every single instance but the negative buzz generated online by this T-shirt might have had something to do with Amazon’s swift move.

When asked for a comment about the shirt, an Amazon spokesperson told TMZ, “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The product in question is no longer available”.

For what it’s worth, the product description of the “Daddy’s little slut” shirt (before Amazon took it down) sounded pretty promising as it was touted as being “suitable” for a number of jolly occasions like playing outside, birthday party, baby shower, baptism, wedding, baby photography, daily wear, family day”.

Suitable probably isn’t the right word for those situations but sure.

At least you can’t accuse the seller of being sexist as the shirt was unisex and is suitable for “little girls and boys”. Not sure that’s the issue here but look, good on them for being inclusive.

At least some sort of effort was made.

Not entirely sure where this shirt exactly started but I’m going to randomly point the (completely unsubstantiated) finger at ridiculously overbearing father, T.I., for the existence of this ‘Daddy’s little slut” shirt.

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