Every Time You Share A 'Your Stripper Name' Viral Posts, You're Exposing Personal Info

Those posts don't even give you a good stripper name anyway.

If you’ve been on Facebook, chances are you’ve come across those viral social media post chains where it asks you to enter stuff like your first street name and your mother’s maiden name so you can find out what your stripper tag is and what not before telling you to share the post to 10 friends.

It’s all innocent fun, right? Well sure, if you want to pay for said innocent fun by having your personal info land in the hands of unsavoury internet strangers.

That’s because it is.

You see, the questions asked in those viral social media post chains, such as your pet’s first name, mum’s maiden name, your date of birth, and the street you grew up on, seem harmless, but that’s all personal info about you that you’re sharing publicly with strangers online.

More worryingly, those sorts questions are the more or less the exact same ones banking institutions and most things you have an account with use as security questions.

So while it may seem like you’re sharing innocent little deets about yourself with these viral social media post chains, you’re actually giving strangers a teasing look at how to access your bank and Netflix accounts.


Now that’s to say it’s all bad if you were one of the many folks who got duped into sharing some personal info in exchange for finding out what your stripper name is.

Would-be criminals trying to access your personal accounts will need a bit more info than what your first pet’s name was, such as your password and the like, but just be wary nonetheless because you never know what could happen and what you may have inadvertently let slip online.

So next time you come across one of those viral post chains asking for deets about yourself in order to make some funny answer, be on your guard and just make stuff up.

Chances are your stripper name will be funnier if you used made-up info than had you used your actual personal deets anyway.

Goodbye 'OK Boomer', Hello 'Karen Generation'

No generation is safe.

Baby boomers have been at the receiving end of an epic roasting thanks to Gen Z and millennials popularising the quip “OK boomer.” Having made boomers everywhere clutch at their pearls, it appears that the younger folks have turned their attention to Gen X (aka the forgotten generation between baby boomers and Gen Z).

In the same vein as using “OK boomer” to wave off baby boomers, Gen Z and millennials are now starting to call Gen X the “Karen Generation.”

A “Karen” refers to those privileged, middle-aged white mums who are always asking to see the manager whenever something doesn’t go their way. You know the ones we’re talking about.

Like how “OK boomer” began as a viral TikTok video, the “Karen generation” began when the topic of generational feuds came up in the comments section on TikTok and quickly snowballed when people pointed out how Gen X’ers aren’t entirely innocent either.

Generally speaking (via Buzzfeed News), those who fall in the “Karen Generation” are:

“Privileged from the system the boomers set up for them and [are] now acting entitled and working against Gen Z.

They’re usually racist, homophobic, and transphobic, don’t believe in vaccines or climate change, and are mostly also the parents of Gen Z children.”

When put like that, labelling Gen X’ers as the “Karen Generation”… actually makes a lot of sense. Yes, baby boomers shoulder a heap of the blame for a lot of the wrongs happening around the world right now, such as climate change.

But how else do we explain the worrying uptick in anti-vaxxers, close-minded views on racism and the LGBTQI+ community, the unearned air of superiority that surrounds them, and the tendency to paint themselves as the victim all the time?

This “Karen generation” label is of course yet another generational feud based on stereotypes, which has been going on since human beings came into existence so it’s not really that surprising, nor will the inevitable backlash this label will get from Gen X’ers.

As funny – and satisfying – as it is to have a label for problematic Gen X’ers, “Karen” does carry a gender bias as it is associated with the image of an obnoxious woman.

Whether the “Karen generation” will catch on like “OK boomer” remains to be seen, but we have a suggestion to fix the label’s gender bias problem: Have irritating Gen X women be called “Karen” and pain-in-the-arse Gen X men be called “Derek” because let’s face it, Dereks are the worst.

Gender Reveals Hit Horrific New Low As Woman Literally Farts Out The Big News

Just... why?

What the hell is going on with gender reveal parties lately? They used to be nothing more than fun gatherings celebrating the mum-to-be and the unborn bub. Now they’re the cause of plane crashes, slapslick-esque bodiy injuries, and in the most WTF example to come out so far, inappropriate use of farts and baby powder.

Same ay.

In a horrific new low for gender reveals, a woman known as Paige Gunn on Twitter decided to pull the curtain back on her baby’s gender by shoving some blue baby powder up her butt and farting it out.

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly but I’ll repeat it once again for clarity: a woman put some blue baby powder up her butt, she then pushes out a fart, and the blue powder comes out with a dramatic (and disgusting) poof.

But look, you do you, Paige. If you wanted to reveal the gender of your unborn kid using flatulence, then go nuts. And if the internet is disgusted by your video and decides to roast you for it, well, you kind of set yourself up for that.

For those who care about the baby’s gender, it’s a boy (hence the blue baby powder) but that’s perhaps the least important aspect of this gender reveal.

It’s difficult to process the amount of chaos and grossness in display here. There’s the baby powder visibly lingering in the air for everyone to smell and see (which is a dangerous recipe for pink eye if there ever was one), the woman’s friends cheering like maniacs over this horrendous display, and there’s a poor dog in the background that’s forced to put up with all this nonsense.

But the biggest victim of this shambolic farting saga is the poor unborn baby. One day they’re going to come across this gender reveal clip and their mum is going to have to awkwardly explain the reasoning behind shoving baby powder up her butt and farting it out, all for the sake of views on the internet.

Talk about being the butt of a joke.

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