A Crash Course In The Trainwreck That Is Caroline Calloway

She was once described as a "one woman Fyre Fest."

If you’ve been scrolling through your various social media feeds over the past 24 hours, there’s no doubt you would’ve come across the name Caroline Calloway.

The 27-year-old Instagram personality has found herself in the limelight once again after her frenemy and former ghostwriter Natalie Beach wrote an intense, emotional and at times downright savage tell-all about their relationship for New York Magazine’s The Cut

The essay dives headfirst into toxic female friendships, ego, addiction, and gives insight into the ruthless characters of Cambridge and New York City’s elite, and let me tell you – it’s one stinking hot mess.

So, for those of you who are TL;DR, here’s a crash course in the trainwreck that is Caroline Calloway.

As Beach writes for The Cut, Caroline “first became internet famous for diaristic captions chronicling her misadventures as an American undergrad at Cambridge University and was later known for the mysterious dissolution of her big book deal.”

It wasn’t just Calloway’s failed book deal that catapulted her into the headlines. Last year, she announced she’d be hosting a “creativity workshop,” which soon became a four-hour “seminar,” and later a tour of the US, UK and the rest of Europe. 

In her piece for The Cut, Beach explained the aim of the workshop was to “architect a life that feels really full and genuine and rich and beautiful,” and for the small ticket price of $165, punters could enjoy “orchid crowns, ‘cooked’ salad,” and Calloway’s pearls of wisdom.

Credit: Twitter

Sadly, the whole thing turned out to be an epic fail and was labelled a “one-woman Fyre Fest.” Not only did Calloway sell tickets and make promises before booking the venues (which fell through) but she “posted the whole fiasco in real time,” on her socials. Journalist Kayleigh Donaldson later dubbed Calloway “the empty mason jar of the influencer industry.” Yikes.

Credit: Twitter

Calloway’s Fyre Festival 2.0 is only half of the story. In her piece, Beach reveals what was really going on behind closed doors – that she was essentially being used to write the bulk of Calloway’s captions and book proposals, while the Instagrammer spent frivolously and waded her way through addiction and what sounds like quite serious mental health issues.

Since Beach’s piece on The Cut was published, Calloway’s Instagram has become a hodge podge of reposted articles and screenshots of her old social feed. Over the past 24 hours, the Internet has become addicted to watching the Calloway vs. Beach drama play out, as if it were a reality TV show.

Perhaps it’s because we all know a Calloway – the kind of friend who is driven by ego and success. Despite draining those around them, friends and followers crave their attention because of their ~effortless~ ability to make people flock, and big things ‘happen,’ which in reality is quite contrived.

*This* feeling. Credit: Giphy

Either way,  the whole thing is a confronting look at how female friendships can breakdown and how social media can magnify that fracture tenfold. Here’s hoping that some point, Calloway and Beach can sit down and have a heart-to-heart, away from the screens, keyboards, and social media feeds. 

Truth. Credit: Giphy

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Calloway still hasn’t written that book. 

Reality Star Kristin Cavallari's Tone Deaf 9/11 Post Will Live On Forever In Screenshots

The Internet never forgets.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from social media and the Internet, it’s that everything you post can be screenshotted and saved, to live forever in the fat book of cancelled behaviour. Just ask Kristin Cavallari.

That simple. Credit: Giphy

Yesterday, the Laguna Beach star got caught out for posting a rather insensitive 9/11 tribute to Instagram. The photo featured a very glamorous looking Cavallari posing on a NYC sidewalk with the caption “NYC for 24hrs. And what a time to be here…always remember.”


Credit: Twitter

Fans were quick to take to the comments section to call Cavallari out. One wrote “wrong picture for the sentiment in the post,” and another commented, “I love you and think you are generally spot on in the things that you choose to present, but this is just disrespectful and undermining to the magnitude of the events that occurred on that horrific day.”

Cavallari has since edited the caption to “NYC for 24hrs,” and according to sources, she’s “parted ways” with the employee who was responsible for the post.

Sources told PEOPLE, the image was “supposed to be posted” the day before the anniversary of 9/11 but “then an employee took it upon herself to post it Wednesday with her own caption.”

“Kristin feels bad about the situation,” the source added.

Awkward. Credit: Giphy

Sadly, it’s not the first time a celeb has landed in hot water for a tone deaf Instagram post. In 2016, The O.C. star Mischa Barton took to Instagram to respond to the murder of Alton Sterling, an innocent 27-year-old black man who was shot dead at close range by two Baton Rouge Police Officers.

While Barton’s caption described how “heartbroken” she was about the situation, the photo accompanying her words begged to differ. It showed the teen star looking solemn while holding a glass of wine on the back of a fancy yacht. 

Credit: Twitter

When the backlash began, Barton swiftly deleted the pic – it’s been three years since then and the screenshots continue to live on. As the old saying goes: think before you act…and post.

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