Smash Mouth's Cover Of 'Don't You Forget About Me' Will Be The Best/Worst Thing You'll Hear Today

Shrekfest Club.

Californian rock band Smash Mouth have had a fantastic career of having their music used in or tied to movies.

Whether it was the underrated superhero flick Mystery Men, BASEketball or the default ‘90s classic, Can’t Hardly Wait.

What a concept!

And not to mention Shrek, the green giant that cemented All Star as one of the greatest songs in history, as rated, by me.

In the key on Don, in other words…DONKEY!

But in the dear old year of 2012, they covered Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget About Me, memorably from The Breakfast Club soundtrack on their album ‘Magic’.

And what more can I say?

It definitely sounds like Smash Mouth covering the song and by that I mean it sounds GLORIOUS and now, more than ever they have solidified their place as the greatest band of all time.


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