Here's A Definitive List Of The Best Guest Stars On The Simpsons

Dohn’t Tell Us Otherwise!

A Queensland Politician Had Another Fight With A Simpsons Meme Page After He Invented A Kool New Nickname For Himself

You… you know you don't get to invent your own nickname, right?

At Least One Positive Thing Has Come Out Of This Spill: Delicious, Delicious Simpsons Memes

It's only a small win, but in this climate - we'll take what we can get.

Guy Sebastian Covers Iconic Simpsons Tune We Put The Spring In Springfield For Dan Cribbs’ Epic Tribute Album To The Show’s Best Bangers

It's the 25th song to make it on the pop-punk tribute album of classic Simpsons musical numbers, and my god it's an absolute jam.

The Simpsons Might Have Predicted The World Cup Final Draw So I Guess We Really Do Live In A Simulation

Another day, another world event predicted by an episode of The Simpsons that came out 20 years ago.

Hank Azaria Has Addressed The Apu Controversy In Probably The Best Way He Can After Only... One Year

Even if Apu isn’t on the show, the guy voices 30+ other characters so it’s not like he's out of a job.

22 Short Films About Springfield Turns 22 And It's The Reason We Have Steamed Hams So Show Some Respect

Because The Simpsons ages like a fine wine, it takes a while to truly appreciate... except anything after season 11, that has no place in our house.

The Simpsons Have Addressed The Apu Racism Controversy And Made Sure To Bring Lisa Down With Them

Not only do they still not understand the issues with Apu, they've gone and tarnished the one character that was meant to keep us all morally, socially, and ethically accountable.

The Simpsons Have Responded To The Apu Controversy In The Worst Possible Way

So it turns out The Simpsons really didn’t understand the point of the documentary The Problem With Apu and went for the good old, “WE AREN'T THE PROBLEM, YOU ARE!”.

Married At First Simpsons: Tracey's Over-Needed Soul-Rewarding Totally-Awesome Dumping of Dean on Sunday Made MAFS So Much Better And Here's Why

"You can actually pinpoint the second he realises he shouldn't have gone on that date with Davina..."

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