Shrek Retold Is Even Wilder Than Anticipated, Surprisingly Heartfelt, And A Must-Watch For Tim & Eric Fans

Absolutely cooked, and better than any "official" remakes will ever be.

Shrek Retold is the DIY remake of the most perfect movie in history, created by more than 200 videomakers, animators, and internet weirdos. After a tease a couple of weeks ago, it’s finally out, and it’s absolutely cooked.

I cannot recommend it enough, particularly if you can screen it for an unsuspecting friend or relative. The perfect holiday entertainment for the whole family!


Here are some of the finest, weirdest and sweetest moments. Your mileage may vary.


The whispered line “This is the part where you run away”? Genuinely scarier than the Babadook jumping out at you while you’re watching Hereditary.


Dance break! It’s “In the morning, I’m making waffles” – The Remix.


The fight in the arena becomes an absolutely wild anime-style battle, set to a grinding DJ Douggpound cover of ‘Bad Reputation’.

This honestly f**king rules.


It’s another remix! Robin Hood’s song gets a hip hop cover and it works. Plus they don’t cut away from the implied filthy bits, and the backing singers are doing the Shoot Dance in the background.


Were you wondering how they were going to handle the Hallelujah scene? In a stroke of genius, they assigned it to David Liebe Hart from Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job and a truly disturbing set of puppets. And by “stroke of genius” I  mean I can’t tell if it’s genius or I’m having a stroke.


The mesmerising, metastising linework here is weirdly beautiful and kind of soothing after all the spiky, poorly rendered and affectionately shithouse visuals.


A fainting Goku and also Naruto in the crowd at Fiona and Farquaad’s wedding, for some reason.


A genuinely gorgeous 80s-style cover of ‘I’m A Believer’ by a gentleman going by Hot Dad. It’s actually a wonderfully earnest ending that will make you think you just watched a John Hughes movie, not a two-hour meme on LSD.


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