Shane Dawson Might Not Have Boned His Cat, But He's Done A Lot Worse

Let's also spare a thought for his poor cat, who is another innocent victim here.

Hoo boy, we’re in for a wild ride here, folks.

Prominent YouTuber personality/doco-maker/conspiracy theorist Shane Dawson has issued out a multi-tweet apology from absolutely nowhere for claiming that he boned and jizzed on his cat.

That is not a typo or misquote of any sort.

He claims that the whole boning and jizzing on his cat thing came out of a “dumb awful sketch idea” he had years ago and it was a “very very dumb” move on his part to talk about this idea on a podcast as if it was a real story before declaring that he intends on making it “right”.

For context, Dawson ran an episode of his Shane and Friends podcast back in 2015 in which he, without any prompting, tells an over-the-top story about, well, humping his cat and subsequently finishing on it.

I don’t know about you all but when an apology like Dawson’s comes completely out of the blue, it’s almost like he’s got something to hide. Plus his very descriptive telling of the story is something you only really get if you had actually done the deed.

Not suggesting that he did screw his cat, of course. Just something to ponder about.

Now we can’t really be sure if Dawson really boned his cat or not, but that’s not really the point here.

As funny and disturbing as this whole saga is, mixing bodily fluids with a house pet is, somehow, far from the worst thing Dawson has said and done since he joined YouTube in 2008.

The YouTuber has made a bunch of inappropriate pedophilia jokes in the recent past, which have resulted in controversy and subsequent grovelling apology videos.

Dig a little further back and you’ll discover that Dawson was a big fan of dishing out offensive racist “humour”, including using blackface to portray people like Wendy Williams and Raven Symone.

And most recently, Dawson copped flak for his doco-series on renowned moronic YouTuber Jake Paul for being too sympathetic towards the latter’s known racism scandals, as well as his making light about mental health issues by trying super hard to diagnose Paul as a sociopath.

So in short, don’t feel sorry for the guy at all, especially since he is still racking up millions of views and clicks from people who seemingly forget about his transgressions whenever he uploads a new conspiracy video.

The sad thing about this latest saga is there’s a good chance his cat boning apology tweetstorm may actually help boost his follower counts, essentially nullifying any motivation to actually “do better” as he promised in his apology videos.

And let’s spare a thought for his poor cat in this saga because it’s just become another innocent victim in the whirlwind of insanity that is Shane Dawson.

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