The Most Awkward Love Scenes You Can Watch With A Partner

Make. It. Stop.

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There’s nothing that can make a movie quite as memorable as a terribly awkward sex scene, right?

Actually, on second thought, being with your partner and hoping to set the mood while watching a terribly awkward sex scene, that can make it stick in your mind even more.

So, in an effort to prevent you from dumping a large bucket of cold water on your fire of desire, we’ve compiled a list of movies you should avoid watching with BAE.


As sexy as watching John Cena and Amy Schumer going at it sounds, things turn for the worst when he tries to talk dirty and ends up saying he’s going to put his “protein” in her. Ew, ew, ew. The rest of the movie is pretty funny, though!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

OK, we will admit, we love this movie but that montage of all the crazy positions Kristen Bell and Russell Brand get in to, could lead to injury if you’re game enough to give them a try.
Then there’s also the ‘sex off’ between them and Mila Kunis and Jason Segal.

Oh and the scene where Sarah breaks up with Peter is also pretty damn awkward.


If ever there was a way to make Jon Hamm look totally unsexy, it was with the sex scene between him and Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids. They were clearly on different rhythms and the whole scene between them is just bloody cringeworthy… Not going to help you get it on.

Bad Teacher

Justin Timberlake certainly didn’t bring sexy back with this weird dry humping scene… if you haven’t watched it before, we don’t recommend you do – unless of course you’re happy having JT ruined for you forever. Total cold shower.


Oh god, the sound Will Forte makes during sex is enough to make you celibate…

Knocked Up

Remember the scene in the movie where Katherine Heigl’s character is pregnant and she’s feeling really insecure and Seth Rogen’s worried he’s going to “poke the baby”? Yeah, not a great one…

Gone Girl

This one was super tough to watch, it’s one thing to watch a bad sex scene and another to watch a dude have his (SPOILER ALERT) throat slit while he’s in the middle of it…

Definitely wouldn’t recommend you watch this movie to get into the mood for many reasons…

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