Scott Morrison Is Now Embroiled In The Trump Scandal, And He Doesn’t Deny It

It's just US-Australia relations at work, nothing to see here, folks.

Look, there’s way to spin the latest season of “Trump Administration Shenanigans” so let’s get straight to it: Donald Trump asked Scott Morrison to help dig up dirt on Robert Mueller’s investigation into the US Cheeto-in-Chief’s Russia ties.

According to a bombshell report by The New York Times, Trump phoned up Scotty and “pushed” our PM to call up US Attorney General William Barr to help gather information for a Justice Department investigation into the origins of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation in hopes of discrediting it.

It is reported that the White House restricted access to transcript of Trump’s and Scotty’s call, which took place “weeks” after the US Cheeto-in-Chief hit up Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden’s son, the fallout of which subsequently kicked off an impeachment probe.

To sum up, Trump wants to dig up dirt on his enemies because he’s a vindictive POS and is leaning on America’s closest allies to further his own interests, and now Scott Morrison is part of whatever this whole mess is.

This latest development brings everything back in an ironic full circle as Australia played a pivotal role in the eventual kicking off of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s Russia ties.

It all kicked off in 2016 at a London pub when Trump lackey George Papadopoulos drunkenly spilled the beans to Alexander Downer about having Russian dirt on Hilary Clinton.

Downer later alerted the FBI about this, which kicked off an investigation into Trump’s shady dealings and a whirlwind of scandalous events that would eventually lead to the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel.

So in essence, Trump is basically asking Australia to investigate itself because everything around him is slowly caving in and he’s getting desperate.

There may be bombshells dropping from Trump’s side but there’s no shortage of explosive reveals from Australia’s side either.

In response to this latest orange-coloured bombshell from the NYT, a Federal Government spokesperson has confirmed that Trump and ol’ mate Scotty did indeed have a chat over the phone about investigating Robert Mueller’s investigation:

“The Australian Government has always been ready to assist and cooperate with efforts that help shed further light on the matters under investigation.

“The PM confirmed this readiness once again in conversation with the President.”

According to the ABC, Australia and the US had communications about assisting the US Government’s probe into the origins of Robert Mueller’s investigation in the form of a letter dated May 28, 2019, in which Australia’s ambassador to the US, Joe Hockey, wrote to Barr confirming Australia’s assistance in the matter.

In conclusion, it seems like Scott Morrison and Australia is officially embroiled in whatever fustercluck scandal is going on with Donald Trump and America right now.

Stay tuned folks because at the way this latest season of “Trump Administration Shenanigans” is unfolding, the next season is going to be even more ridiculous.

The Transcript Of Trump's Cooked Ukraine Chat Reads Like A Mafia Film

An offer of covfefe he can't refuse.

Donald Trump isn’t having the best time of it on this season of “The Trump Admin Shenanigans,” is he? After the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formally announced an impeachment probe into the US Cheeto-in-Chief following his seedy Ukraine dealings which included a seriously troubling phone call back in July, the transcript of said phone call has been released and hoo boy is it something.

Just to quickly bring everyone up to speed, Trump had a chat with Ukraine’s president back in July and reportedly asked them to make up dig up dirt on his 2020 election challenger Joe Biden’s son. This alarmed some folks, one of whom blew the whistle and Congress reacted by forcing the White House to release the transcript of Trump’s chat with Ukraine.

Well folks, we have (some of) the transcript and it honestly reads like a C-grade mafia film that Trump himself wrote with gold sharpie.

Not only does the Ukrainian president speaks like a Trump clone – he says “drain the swamp” and kisses arse like what Trump does in the company of dictators like Kim Jong-un – but Trump even had the gall to say this:

“I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it.”

It’s definitely got this vibe going.

But the highlight of the entire thing is when Trump drops this little nugget about Biden:

“There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it. It sounds horrible to me.”

Trump’s mafia film The transcript is only five pages but the “dodgy stuff per page” ratio is off the scale on this thing and you can check it out here.

Now there are a few things to keep in mind about this transcript released by the White House. Firstly, it isn’t the complete transcript and is only part of the entire conversation Trump had with Ukraine’s president.

And secondly, the transcript technically isn’t even a transcript as it is a memorandum of the phone call and therefore may not even be 100 percent verbatim.

It’s almost like the White House has some skeletons to hide or something.

It remains to be seen how this dodgy transcript of Trump’s even dodgier phone call with Ukraine will affect the whole impeachment thing that’s going on but you can be sure the Trump Admin have got a plan to discredit everything related to it… which would’ve went okay (for them) had they decided to not accidentally send it to the Democrats.

Throw in the extra spicy detail that Ukraine definitely knew ahead of time that discussing Joe Biden was a condition for a chat with Trump and what you have is… well, it’s something bad for the orange-haired Combover Caligula

The impeachment season of “The Trump Admin Shenanigans” probe just got way more interesting.

The OG Masked Singer Is More Talent Than Kitsch, We Were Robbed

Having Lindsay Lohan on is a delight though.

A TV show featuring bunch of people with varying levels of singing ability hiding behind flashy costumes while a panel of judges consisting of Dannii Minogue, Jackie O, uh, Dave Hughes and… Lindsay Lohan (?) throw quips and jokes about every performance.

Yep, I’m definitely talking about The Masked Singer, Australia’s new favourite obsession.

There are plenty of good reasons why The Masked Singer is ridiculously hot right now. The performances vary wildly between campy and kitsch with hints of talent sprinkled through out but it is almost always entertaining.

Sure not every judge is qualified to really make any judgements about the singing ability of the contestants but any lack of proper music qualification is made up for the fact that Lindsay Lohan is on the panel and is having the time of her life despite looking utterly clueless most of the time.

The Masked Singer knows it’s turn-your-brain-off campy fun and smartly leans into it so it’s not too surprising why it’s such a big hit.

But for all the entertainment and kitsch The Masked Singer brings to the table, the Korean OG – titled King of Masked Singer – was something else altogether and you simply must check it out if you’re a fan of the Aussie version.

Whereas our local version is delightfully cheesy and all about the spectacle in the best way possible), the Korean version takes the actual singing part a bit more seriously.

Given the sheer number of talented singers produced by the South Korea’s K-pop machine compared to Australia’s comparatively miniscule music scene, it’s no surprise that King of Masked Singer is filled with people who could actually sing whereas The Masked Singer has folks like Brett Lee.

As a result, the show is stuffed with stunning vocal performances week in week out and there’s no need to rely on flashy costumes.

Almost every singer and K-pop idol who has been on the show – and they have ranged from BTS-levels of fame to indie artists – is stupidly talented and whoever couldn’t appear as a contestant will likely appear on the judging panel as a guest judge, which adds an extra layer of fun and credibility to the proceedings.

But it’s not quite a full on “serious” competition show either as King of Masked Singer also has its moments of dumb fun, such as when Ryan Reynolds rocked up in a unicorn outfit for laughs (and to promote Deadpool 2).

So if you’re a fan of the Aussie version of The Masked Singer, you’ll do well to check out the original Korean version because whatever that lacks in kitsch, it makes up for in vocal talent.

Having said that, nothing beats having Lindsay Lohan on a judging panel so Australia has that going for it.

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