You’re Literally Better Off Sleeping With The Dogs Than A Man And That’s Just Science

Are we surprised?

Do you struggle to get a good nights sleep?

Do you try to be in bed by 10pm but find yourself still scrolling through Instagram at 1.17am?

Do you struggle to remember what being well rested feels like?


But, sleep deprived friends, I have a solution for us all: dogs.

Such a good boi. Source: Giphy

Push your man off the bed and let your puppy sleep beside you instead because a new study has found that women sleep better next to a dog than they do with a human partner.

Because we needed a reason to love cute, furry things more (lol NOT).

LOOOOOK. Source: Giphy

Dr. Christy L. Hoffman, a professor at Canisius College, and a team of researchers sought to explore the impacts that pets have on human sleep quality.

The study surveyed 962 adult women in the United States. The majority of participants (57 percent) shared their mattress with a human partner, while 55 percent shared their bed with at least one dog and 31 percent with at least one cat.

The “findings did not show a strong relationship between pet ownership status or bedsharing conditions and sleep quality” overall, BUT – and this is important – it did find that women sleep better with their dog.

Apparently, dogs are less disruptive than human sleeping buddies and also help women feel more comfortable and secure.

Meanwhile, participants reported that cats are just as disruptive as human partners which confirms what we already know: dogs are superior.

A 2017 study conducted by the Mayo Clinic also found that people who sleep with a dog have better sleep, but Hoffman’s study recommends further research into the subject.

Honestly? This is all the evidence I need to kick my partner out of bed. Dogs > humans any day.

Food Made By Someone Else Tastes Better, Don’t Tell Me It Doesn’t

My scrambled eggs just aren't the same.

I love food. I take it very very seriously. And there’s been one food realisation that’s been haunting me for some time now: food tastes better when someone else makes it.

I could make the same sandwich with the same fillings and it will never taste as good as when my mum makes it for me.

I know I make a mean scrambled eggs but, despite using the same ingredients, my boyfriend’s always taste 100x better.

It’s beyond a joke – it’s stopping me from enjoying my food because it’s just never as good as I remember it.

What am I doing wrong? Surely I’m not that bad a chef? Are my tastebuds just cooked?

I feel ya. Source: Giphy

I know, I know, it’s the definition of a first world problem but, like I said, I take my food very seriously.

So I did what I always do when I have a question I need the answer to: I Googled it. And it turns out there’s a legitimate reason to why food tastes better when someone else cooks it up.

Some researchers at Carnegie Mellon University reckon that when we make our own meal, we gradually become less excited to eat the meal. This ultimately means we enjoy the food less when we finally take that first bite. When someone else makes food for us, we haven’t “pre-consumed” the food by watching it be made.

I personally reject this hypothesis because I am always excited to eat food no matter who’s made it.

Hey look, it’s me. Source: Giphy

However, there’s also another theory as to why food made my someone else tastes better: smell. Specifically, how our sense of smell is linked to our sense of taste.

Throughout the cooking process, we are constantly smelling and therefore tasting the food that we’re making. The repeat exposure to the smell changes the way that we taste the final product. We don’t get that clean, first-bite thrill and it’s always a little bit disappointing. It’s more of a confirmation than a discovery.

BUT when someone else makes food for us, the taste is more surprising and delicious because we haven’t spent ten minutes smelling all the ingredients.

Makes sense. Source: Giphy

So the next time someone insists the sandwich/scrambled eggs/filet mignon they made tastes different to yours, don’t call them a bad cook. Just blame their nostrils instead.

Study Says Labour Pain Is All In Our Head, I Say Go Get Stuffed

Clearly they've never been in labour.

As a woman, you don’t have to have experienced labour firsthand to know the pain of it.

We’ve all watched the sex-ed videos, heard the stories, and, the really luck amongst us, experience semi-labour pains once a month when we get our period. Mother Nature doesn’t know or care that we’re not actually birthing a child – we still get the same gnarly knife pain in our lower abdomen, back pain, hip pain, desire to throw up, and inability to stand let alone move.

It’s fun fun fun.

Passionately. Source: Giphy

So colour me peeved when I read the latest research that suggests labour pain is all in our head.

According to new research from La Trobe University in Melbourne, coping with childbirth is as simple as mind over matter. The study, which interviewed 40 Melbourne mothers, found that women can have a more positive experience by reframing their thoughts about the difficulties of labour.

Women who were able to remain “present” and consider normal labour pain as natural, functional pain were more likely to experience minimised pain and were less likely to need pain relief, epidurals and Caesareans.

“Women who couldn’t link their pain with having a purpose were perhaps less capable or willing to work with it,” Labour pain expert and physiotherapist Dr Laura Whitburn told the Herald Sun.

“My advice to women would be to take some time to think about labour pain as the body working at peak performance as opposed to something going wrong.”

To that I say: get stuffed.

No amount of mindfulness is going to magically fix the knife pains I feel in my uterus. No amount of meditation of weird yoga pose is going to make me feel less like screaming. And, dear researchers, if it is a choice between an epidural or hours of sustained death, I will be choosing the giant needle.

I feel very strongly about this. Source: Giphy

If you are one of the lucky women who can dull the pain just by practising mindfulness then I’m happy for you – really. Respect for having a mind stronger than your body.

But despite what the research might suggest, this^ is not the norm. The norm is excruciating and the normal woman cannot control her labour pain.

You think if I could I – or any woman – would willingly let myself writhe in pain during childbirth? Yeah, nah.

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