Ho Boy, Ryan Reynolds Is Feuding With Paddington On Twitter And My Money Is On The Bear To Prevail With One Of His Hard Stares

If Hugh Jackman can somehow get in on this, this could be the greatest thing ever.

If there is one entertaining thing to come out of Hollywood besides movies, it’s the dumb beefs between celebrities. If it wasn’t for the city of mostly broken dreams, we wouldn’t have had stupid feuds like Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift, Donald Trump vs everyone, Joan Crawford vs Bette Davis, and of course, Kanye West vs Taylor Swift.

However, the latest beef to arise from Hollywood has the potential to be the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) feud.

That’s because it’s between Ryan “Deadpool” Reynolds and Paddington bear.

This whole spat began when the 2018 People’s Choice Award nominations were announced and Reynolds scored four noms for Deadpool 2. But shockingly, the ultra-violent film didn’t get a nomination in the Best Family Film category despite Deadpool making it abundantly clear at the start of Deadpool 2 that it is a “family” movie.

Understandably, Reynolds wasn’t particularly happy at the snub and decided to rage-tweet at his would-be family film competitor, Paddington.

Now Paddington may be a cute and cuddly bear who is as clumsy as he is friendly, but touch a nerve and he will mess you up with his plucky “hard stare”.

And ho boy did Reynolds touch a nerve because Paddington hit back with a short and simple tweet.

Shots fired.

Now I don’t how how Deadpool and his “maximum effort” mantra will strike back against Paddington and his hard stare, but if I were a betting man, I would put $10 on the bear to win this little spat.

But since it’s Deadpool and all, who freaking knows what he’s got up beneath that red mask of his.

One thing’s for sure, this Hollywood feud is already brilliant and the only thing that will elevate it into “forever legendary” territory is if Hugh Jackman somehow chimed in.

Ryan Reynolds Is So Desperate To Get Hugh Jackman For A Deadpool Movie That He's Willing To Let The Man Play Himself Instead Of Wolverine

And so are we, TBH.

It’s no secret that the first solo Wolverine movie sucked. It screwed up the character of Deadpool big-time and it completely ruined the first ever onscreen pairing of Wolverine and the Merc with the Mouth. My eye still twitches every time I think about that movie.

Since then, Ryan Reynolds has made it almost his life’s work to erase every bit of that mistake out of our collective memories through his awesome Deadpool movies. While he has been wildly successful in redeeming the red-suited chatterbox, getting Jackman onboard for a Deadpool movie has been a different story.

And it sounds like he’s getting increasingly desperate now.

Since Jackman retired from superheroism following his brilliant swansong Logan, getting Wolverine for a Deadpool movie is basically never gonna happen. However, this hasn’t deterred Reynolds from campaigning for Jackman’s return and he may have a solution that will make everyone happy.

During a Deadpool 2 interview with Buzzfeed, Reynolds reiterated his desire to get his grubby mitts on Jackman for a future Deadpool movie and he wants it so badly that he’s willing to have the man play himself instead of Wolverine.

Excuse me for a sec…

In one way, it’s a little sad that our dream Deadpool and Wolverine onscreen team up may never happen. On the other hand, having Jackman play “Hugh Jackman” in a Deadpool movie is the perfect way to sidestep around that little problem.

Given the fourth-wall-breaking nature of Deadpool, and how Wolverine and “Hugh Jackman” both exist in Deadpool‘s anything-goes movie universe, having Jackman rock up as some twisted version of himself would be just as good as Wolverine anyway.

We may never get another appearance of Jackman as Wolverine, but having the man play himself alongside Deadpool is not too shabby of a consolatory prize.

Besides, we never thought a good Deadpool movie would ever happen and we somehow got two of them, so anything is possible.

Ryan Reynolds Is Making A Stoner Reboot of Home Alone, Which Is The Best And Worst Movie Idea Ever

Deadpool stole that awesome movie idea you had while you were high and is about to rub your face in it.

Hollywood have been riding the reboot/remake train quite hard for several years now, and the results have been … mixed to put it quite nicely.

Well get ready for more questionable remakes because Home Alone is the latest classic movie from your childhood to get the reboot treatment.

Now I know what you’re thinking, this is a terrible idea that’s not gonna work because times have changed and technology has made it virtually impossible to “accidentally” leave your child behind at home.

It seems like the suits at Fox – home of the original Home Alone – had similar doubts which is why they decided to develop the remake into a crazy stoner comedy with Ryan “Deadpool” Reynolds attached as a producer.

Whoa, man.

The movie will be called Stoned Alone (I see what they did there) and revolves around a 20-something weed loving loser who misses the plane for his holiday ski trip. Since he’s got time to waste, he decides to get high but paranoia soon sets in as he believes someone is breaking into his house.

As it turns out thieves have indeed broken in, and the stoner (fueled by weed and paranoia) is forced to whip out his battle plan in an attempt to defend his home (alone).

I’m going to need some time to process this…

As it stands, Stoned Alone is shaping up to be the best – and worst – movie idea of all time.

Home Alone is a Christmas comedy magnum opus featuring a child acting masterclass from Macaulay Culkin. That is a hill I’m willing to die on and remaking the movie is a terrible idea that’s up there with casting Scarlett Johansson as a transexual man.

On the other hand, the movie will be gunning for an R-rating and will undoubtedly be littered with Reynolds’ crude Deadpool touch, which means there will be some laughs to be had at least.

Another interesting factor is the hiring of newcomer Augustine Frizzell to direct Stoned Alone. She isn’t a household name yet but has done some good work, such as directing the well-reviewed comedy-drama Never Goin’ Back and the upcoming HBO series Euphoria starring Zendaya.

We’ll just have to wait and see how Stoned Alone shapes up since there’s absolutely no info on how far along this project is, but if the final film involves a stoned Ryan Reynolds, Rube Goldberg-eqsue house traps, or dimwitted robbers who resemble Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci, then I’m all for it.

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