Unbelievable Footage Reveals Harry And Meghan Being Treated To A Private Performance By Ja’mie King, Private School Girl

This is truly moving.

We thought that we saw every single moment of Harry and Meghan’s royal tour around Australia from the Taronga Zoo visit to the Bondi beach hippie circle, but alas, it looks like we missed something incredible.

The royal pair being treated to a private, and emotional, performance by the one and only Ja’mie King, Private School Girl??? It is truly unbelievable!?

Yes OK, it is unbelievable because it did not, in fact, happen.

The fanmade video looks gloriously real but it is unfortunately cut from Chris Lilley’s time playing Ja’mie and some other event that the Duke and Duchess were made to watch.

I’ll bet whatever they were actually watching was far less moving than this beautifully choreographed contemporary dance performance so I think this should take root in the cultural imaginary as a myth that may eventually blend into some form of deranged truth. ‘Straya, ammirite?


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