The Four Weddings Mini-Sequel For Red Nose Day Has The Best Twist Possible

We ship it.

Red Nose Day is a huge deal in the UK, to the point where its charitable magnetism can draw together the entire cast of your mum’s favourite British romcoms for a blockbuster reunion.

A few years ago, we got a Love Actually short, where we found out what happened to so many of our favourite characters and their super-quirky romances.

This year’s saw a star-studded reunion of the cast of Four Weddings & A Funeral, featuring the return of most of the cast of wacky characters, plus a new one: The Gay Agenda.

As Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell’s daughter, played by Lily James, walks down the aisle at her own wedding, it’s revealed she’s walking towards the actual dream:

Alicia Vikander in a suit.

It’s all very adorable, and the couple are awfully good-natured as they put up with Rowan Atkinson’s priest Mr Beaning his way through the extremely heteronormative service, tease their parents about being “emotionally repressed” in their vows (power move tbh) and reveal the simple, lovely story of how they fell in love.

It also comes out that Grant and MacDowell’s characters never actually got married themselves – another 2019 twist for a mini-sequel to a film about a lot of super-traditional weddings.

It aired on Friday night in the UK, as part of the Red Nose Day telethon that raised over £63 million for Comic Relief.

The only complaint? It’s actually too short.

Once writer-director Richard Curtis is done with Yesterday, he needs to write the super mainstream gay wedding romcom we can take our mums to. After cutting the lesbian love story from Love Actually, it’s the least he can do.

A Christmas Prince 3 Is Really Happening, And Yes, The Plot Is Exactly What You Think It Is

First comes love, then comes marriage, then...

The best thing about Christmas used to be presents, time off work, seeing family, eating yourself into a coma.

That was before.

Now, the best thing about Christmas is Netflix’s endless stream of festive-themed budget romcoms.

And the best of these – fight me, Princess Switch fans – is the A Christmas Prince series, which has gone from a cult hit to a full-blown franchise.


The story of Amber, the quintessential Romcom Journalist who gets assigned to profile the prince of a tiny European country and (MASSIVE SPOILER, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED, DON’T READ ON IF YOU’VE LITERALLY NEVER SEEN ANY ROMCOM EVER) falls in love with him, is the kind of formulaic brain-Cheezel fodder that may actually have been written by accident in one of those million-typing-monkeys situations.

It’s Peak Trash, and it’s incredible. (And star Rose McIver, a totally chill Kiwi, knows it.)

Anyway, it got a sequel in time for Christmas last year, where Amber and Prince Whoever Von WhereAreHis-ActualEyebrows got married even though it meant Amber would have to give up her blog – coincidentally, just a few months after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married IRL and Meghan had to give up her blog.

And now Netflix has just announced that A Christmas Prince 3: The Royal Baby is coming in, oh, maybe eight and a half months or so?

Now, this might seem a little premature, but in a shocking coincidence, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have an actual royal baby due next month.

So weird, right?

Also weird: the baby is wearing a crown in this ultrasound? Is it actually growing a crown inside Amber’s uterus? Is the crown made of its bones? Is this series going to take a turn into full-on Twilight: Breaking Dawn level childbirth-themed body horror?

We’ll bring you all the news on the most anticipated royal baby of 2019 – the fictional heir to Aldovia – as details come to hand throughout the year.

Because like Amber, we are Extremely Good And Dedicated Journalists.

Ian McKellen Shared An Extremely Bad Take And An Extremely Good Apology For It

A proper apology is a rare thing.

Sir Ian McKellen, a beloved fictional wizard and acting veteran, said some incredibly dumb stuff at a live podcast taping last week.

Specifically, he implied that some famous men who are accused of sexual abuse and assault may have done those things because of the pressure and secrecy of being closeted gay men.

McKellen was the guest on podcast #QueerAF, which is run by the UK’s National Student Pride. The wide-ranging discussion turned to Kevin Spacey and other Hollywood figures who have been the subject of recent reports as part of the #MeToo movement.

“With the couple of names that you’ve mentioned, people I’ve worked with, both of them were in the closet,” McKellen told guest host Evan Davis. “Hence, all their problems as people and their relationships with other people.”

“If they had been able to be open about themselves and their desires, they wouldn’t have started abusing people in the way they’ve been accused.”

There are definitely discussions to be had about the harm caused by environments and attitude that encourage (or force) even very powerful people to stay closeted.

But a quote that looks like McKellen’s drawing a direct line between not being out and choosing to abuse people is, to say the least, not great. 

The podcast episode isn’t out yet, but the taping video was released on February 25, and it made a lot of people pretty angry.

In response to the anger from many people in the LGBTQ+ community, McKellen issued an apology that actually takes responsibility for what he said, how he expressed it, what it implied, and who that might hurt.

In the year 2019 there are a lot of people saying and doing wrong and bad things, and a lot of people calling for them to apologise.

The thing is, while almost all of the dumb or nasty stuff people keep saying and doing is worth apologising for, people aren’t very good at apologies.

It’s hard to acknowledge that you’ve messed up, or that you were wrong about something. (And sometimes there are also legal implications, but that’s a different story.) So a lot of apologies actually make people angrier or sadder about the initial mistake, because they’re all “Sorry you feel that way about the thing but here’s why you’re wrong about me” instead of “Sorry I did/said this thing, and here’s why I was wrong.”

While McKellen didn’t address a tasteless joke he made about hypothetical people from his past accusing him of sexual misconduct, the apology is pretty clear-cut. The next famous person who needs to issue one could take a lesson from it.

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