Behold The Plots To The Wedding Planner 2 And 3, The JLo Film Franchise We’ll Never Get To See

It's not too late!

Jennifer Lopez has blessed us by starring in a plentiful stash of romantic comedies and dramas. From Maid in Manhattan to Jersey Girl, she’s up there with Katherine Heigl and Julia Roberts as a queen of the genre.

But upon learning that there was an entire franchise worth of plot planned for the 2001 classic The Wedding Planner that never came to be, no amount of Monster-in-Law or Shall We Dance? can soothe this pain.

The Wedding Planner was a romantic comedy masterpiece starring JLo and Matthew McConaughey that had everything from forbidden love to slow dancing.

If you want to brush up, this trailer is quite literally the entire plot of the movie, beginning to end. It is The Wedding Planner condensed into a minute and a half.

Obviously, because it’s a 2001 romcom, JLo and McConaughey end up together. That’s where the story ends, but it turns out there was a plot for a sequel, threequel, and a TV series planned out for The Wedding Planner. 

Screenwriter Michael Ellis spilled all the details of the Wedding Planner sequels that never were to Entertainment Weeklyand we’ll just have to use our imaginations to bring those films to life.

The sequel would pick up with Mary (JLo), focusing her wedding planning skills to her own nuptials with Steve (McConaughey), with the help of her best friend Penny (Judy Greer).

“She’d become a bridezilla,” and it would “destroy” her friendship with Penny, Ellis told EW.

While the Mary we know from the original film wanted a chill, seaside wedding, that idea apparently would have transformed as she got caught up and carried away in the excitement of her own wedding.

“When it came to her own wedding she’d be like, I want my big day,” Ellis explains. “When we were doing the research for the movie, all the wedding planners we interviewed were pretty cynical about the brides they were working for; When it comes to this is going to be my wedding, they just went crazy”

“When Mary gets to have her own big day, [she doesn’t] want it to just be on a beach, she wants her day in the spotlight. The drama of it is she’s become exactly the kind of thing she hated, and she takes a step back and figures out what’s important to her.” He said.

The sequel also potentially would have seen Jennifer Lopez’s character fall unexpectedly pregnant while planning the wedding.

“Which would lead to the third movie: Mary planning her daughter’s wedding!” Ellis explained.

The only thing that is low-key devastating is that by the time the third movie’s timeline begins, Mary and Steve would have apparently separated. But the act of planning their daughter’s wedding together would be used to bring them back together.

“The idea of what she’d want for her daughter and what her daughter wants would come into play,” Ellis said. “And whatever her journey was in the second movie, in the third movie she’d learn a lesson and try to teach her daughter what she’s learned and probably try to talk her out of the grand spectacle of it all because it doesn’t mean anything. What’s important is the person you’re going to be with, and she’d try to teach her daughter that lesson.”

On top of the films, there was a vision for the Wedding Planner TV show, and ABC even bought the pilot. The show would see Mary facilitate a new wedding every episode, and she would be back on the market after splitting with Steve.

“[But] Steve came back at the end of season 1,” Ellis noted, “Like her version of [Sex and the City’s] Mr. Big.” 

The ABC ended up passing on the TV show, and obviously the movies never came to fruition. But there’s no reason why, in the age of revivals and reboots, we couldn’t get The Wedding Planner franchise we deserve.

We Must Figure Out The Fourth Classic Chick Flick Ariana Grande Is Cosplaying In Her Thank U Next Music Video

One taught me impatience.

Ariana Grande is the queen of teasing content. Right now she’s going in hard with the teasers for her upcoming music video for ‘thank u, next’, and it’s causing a lot of hype mixed with some serious distress.

On one hand, Ari is a generous queen and revealed that the music video will recreate iconic chick flicks that we all know and love: Legally Blonde, Mean Girls and Suddenly 30. On the other hand, she’s left the last movie up to our imagination.

She’s confirmed that Legally Blonde: Ariana Edition will definitely be happening with a whole lot of hype posts.

Our girl’s attention to detail is a recipe for some absolutely dope content.

She even posted a picture from behind the scenes with Legally Blonde alumni Jennifer Coolidge, so this is clearly going to be epic.

Then she’s got her besties on board to play the plastics of Mean Girls. 

Then we’ve got this short hair aesthetic, presumably for cosplaying Jennifer Garner in Suddenly 30.

But we’ve got one more movie to go and though Ariana won’t give us any more hints, she’s already confirmed it’s not Clueless.

So just spitballing here, there’s a few potential options that could be another Ariana favourite making an appearance as the final 25% of the ‘thank u, next’ video…

The Notebook? 10 Things I Hate About You? Bring It On? Princess Diaries? Moulin Rouge? Dirty Dancing? Never Been Kissed? Grease???? Grease 2???? Pretty In Pink? Romy And Michelle’s High School Reunion? Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Bend It Like Beckham? Miss Congeniality? Coyote Ugly?

OK I need to sit down. Ariana please tell your people to edit that ‘thank u, next’ music video quick smart and dish up the goods ASAP.

Vanessa Hudgens Is Going Full Princess-Parent Trap In The Christmas Romcom To Win The Holiday Season

Is this a combination of movies we have all seen before? Yes. Is that the way to our hearts? YES.

It is that time of year again – time for the onslaught of cliché Christmas romcoms to hit our screens. AKA, my favourite time of year.

Bring it on.

But never did I expect to be gifted with a Christmas romcom that looks so astoundingly perfect as The Princess Switch. 

The Princess Switch is a Netflix original that features our favourite High School Musical star turned Spring Breakers star as not one, but TWO main characters. This movie is like the love child of iconic Lindsay Lohan hit Parent Trap and Selena Gomez’s less-iconic-but-still-enjoyable Monte Carlo.

And this love child is both festive AND royal. All praise the Christmas spirit for bringing us this masterpiece.

One of the many great things about switching places story-lines is that we can guarantee multiple romantic plots to indulge in. And that means multiple hotties to froth over.

For one Vanessa Hudgens we have Prince Edward (Sam Palladio, Nashville):

And for the other Vanessa Hudgens we have what looks like a hot single dad, Kevin (Nick Sagar):

To sum up, I’m incredibly keen for this masterpiece and it’s dropping on Netflix on November 16 so get ready for some Christmas romantic comedy gold.

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